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SEATTLE - The media met with UW Head Coach Steve Sarkisian Thursday as Sark was about to head out on a recruiting trip. He spoke about the importance of recruiting this time of year, maintaining commitments - as well as their upcoming opponent Stanford and what they did this week in preparation for their nationally-televised showdown with the Cardinal a week from now at CenturyLink Field.

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Steve Sarkisian

On recruiting starting to pick up with UW beginning conference play next week: "For us, from a recruiting standpoint is maximizing your opportunities. We don't have a traditional bye week this season, when we have these days like we have, today and tomorrow and then following the Stanford game next week is just making sure that we're utilizing our days because we don't have the traditional bye week on the road so it's just a matter of being efficient with our time."

On sending his staff out recruiting during this bye weekend: "You get one weekend basically where you can send your entire staff so that's what we have here for two days, our entire staff will be on the road recruiting so again, we're just trying to maximize our time that we get to be out and spread our wings and get to the places that are necessary to get to."

On the balance of going out and seeing uncommitted players and seeing UW commits: "It's both, it's both. Obviously that's the fine line and that's why we have to be so well organized in our time spent, and where we're spending it and when we're seeing them. But you are exactly right, our ability to get to the guys that are committed, but also get to some of the players we're still evaluating and then also getting the players we know we'd like to have on our roster and haven't made a decision yet."

On the recruiting whirlwind and knowing where he is at all times: "(Laughs) There is a lot of meat on the bone here for two days with what we're going to be doing recruiting but I love it, this is our livelihood. I love being out, I don't get to out in Spring to recruit so when we get these times now, I want to hit it as hard and fast as we can, and so that's why we're on a plane here real quickly."

On the feedback of the Washington brand: "It's been great, I think people have really responded to what we've done the previous few seasons as a team, I think they've really responded to our coaching staff and the style of play and how we do things, I think they've responded to some of our players on the current rosters and that's been great too, the kids from whatever area they've come from and the contributions they've made to our football team, has had a real direct impact on recruiting for us."

On where he is going to recruit on this visit: "No, that's not a secret, myself, I'll be in Southern California, but we'll be all over. In this day and age, there aren't any real secrets of where guys go anymore and we're going to have guys all over from San Diego all the way through to Washington up and down the West Coast and into Arizona and some guys in Texas so we've got guys all over the place."

On fitting in family time during the Southern California trip: "No, my mom would probably like me to but this is a business trip."

On the last couple of days of practice: "Yeah, I thought it was good, I thought we got some good early gameplan stuff for Stanford, I thought we addressed some issues that needed to be addressed, we did some good situational work especially today, we even repped the last second field goal and iced the kicker and Coons made a 42 yarder which was great and the guys all celebrated, so got a lot of that kind of stuff done these types of week can be. Tinkered with a couple different position things with guys bouncing around so that was good too. At the end of the day, our health was good, we got guys back and didn't lose anybody more and I'm expecting us when we come back Saturday afternoon to have a really energetic upbeat team and one that is ready to start PAC 12 play."

On his confidence with the offensive line: "It's a great task going against Stanford, I'll feel better probably going into next week, the challenge is from going from a 4-3 team to a 3-4 team, it took a few days for us to get back to the fundamentals of playing that style of defense, a 2 gapping defense, the zone blitz stuff out of that. We taxed them really pretty good here this week on that stuff mentally so they can come back Saturday, Sunday, Monday where they can be more confident with the looks they are getting."

On the difference between Stanford and LSU: "Oh much different, I think that where LSU is a bit more traditional and there personnel groupings on offense, Stanford really believes in playing their big guys whether in their Jumbo sets or splitting out tightends and using them as wide receivers. The team speed LSU possessed was a bit different than probably anybody we'll see here outside of Oregon and USC that way it's the amount of speed they had on the field. And then LSU's uniqueness to play four tailbacks whereas Stanford relies on Stephan Taylor. Probably from a belief is similar and their belief in running the football and playing defense is there way of winning, but the style of which they do it is much different."

On Stanford's offense getting a lot of pub because of Luck and the kind of offense they run but their defense being something to be reckoned with too: "I would classify them right now as a defensive football team and there's nothing wrong with that, in our conference I think that's how you win, and that's what our commitment to the defense right now is what it is. You look at the first ballgame against San Jose, they get after Duke pretty good and then beat SC 21-14, they're playing good defensive football, they are taking care of the ball on offense, they're running the ball and then making plays when they need to, the long run against SC, the long pass in the 4th quarter to Ertz for the TD. I think for right now it's starting on defense and that's a great way to play."

On finding the 3rd receiver and who it could be: "Well I think for right now it's going to be a 3rd guy by committee, we saw Kevin Smith with a couple big plays for us, last week saw DiAndre Campbell do his thing with a couple catches there, Jaydon Mickens had a big play called back for a holding penalty, I think we'll see more of Cody Bruns and more of Marvin Hall. We've got guys there where there will be games where one has for or five catches and then the next week somebody different, but I like the group of guys we have available to us now."

On the seriousness of the Monday meeting carrying over through this week: "It really has, sometimes you get into these bye weeks, guys might not understand the importance of these practices and just kind of letting the week go by and letting younger guys get opportunities, these guys wanted their reps, wanted their reps, wanted the service periods in preparation of Stanford, that has changed, and they wanted to change things within their own game to make them better, so I was pleased with that for sure."

On Travell Dixon's first day in pads: "Yeah got in there in some 7 on 7 stuff and you see the natural ability, obviously doesn't know the defense enough to compete to where he is ultimately comfortable but I think you see the skill set that enables him to be a good player."
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