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SEATTLE - Many, many UW fans have circled the Stanford game as the crossroads game of the Huskies' season. At 2-1 and a gauntlet of games against ranked teams scheduled for the next month, the Cardinal come to town to show their win over USC was no fluke. And Washington? A win Thursday night in front of a national TV audience would send them flying to Eugene with confidence.

12:17 pm 9/25

Steve Sarkisian Tuesday Full Video

Again, courtesy of Bob Condotta, who was the only media member there due to a scheduling mixup.

12:07 pm 9/25

Steve Sarkisian Tuesday Full Quotes

Because of a scheduling mixup, Bob Condotta was the only media member available when Sark met with the media Tuesday morning.  Here's the quotes, with the biggest news being that Travis Coons will punt Thursday against Stanford.

On getting done what they wanted during the bye week of practice: "I think so. Just talking to the guys about this, I think in the span that we've had with the week-and-a-half to get ready for this game, we got better as a team. And we got better in individual spots, but just the way we practiced, the sense of purpose and urgency that we practiced with. Learning from some of our mistakes has been very encouraging in the last week and a half.''

On the theme of not focusing on Stanford: "I think at the end of the day we want to be 1-0 in Pac-12 play, that's been the goal now for two weeks, a week-and-a-half, and that's the goal Thursday is whatever it is going to take to get to 1-0. Obviously we have to beat Stanford to make that happen, and so it's not that we have neglected Stanford from a scheme standpoint, but emotionally, mentally, our focus and our attention to detail, to beat Stanford we have to execute and we have to play a brand of football in which we don't have penalties and we play hard and physical, we've got good pad level, we throw and catch the ball, we tackle really well. And so not to take anything away from Stanford, but to win that's what has to happen.''

On what he wants to see early in the game to show that the team is on the right track to matching Stanford's physicality: The same stuff I talked about. I want to see our pad level right. I want to see us tackling well with the proper technique and form. I want to see a sense of urgency on offense in executing the things we are trying to get done --- that's what I'd like to see at the start of the game and not wait until the second or third quarter, but really come out and start fast the way we are capable of doing.''

On if there are any personnel updates and Fellner and Kearse returning: "I think they will be back. To how much we will have them a little bit remains to be seen. They have to play football and we have to assess that more. But so far so good with those guys.''

On their roles being similar to what they were before they got hurt: "Yeah, it will be relatively similar.''

On the punting competition: "Potentially both guys could punt in this game depending on some of the situations that we are in. The first time we go punt the ball, Travis Coons is going to go punt the ball.''

On how Stanford's corners played against USC and the challenge that presents for UW: "It looked like their corners played with a great deal of confidence. I thought their entire secondary had a nice game. USC is a difficult team to cover --- they attack you down the field in a variety of ways. And I thought their secondary gained in confidence, especially after the first couple of series of the game and as they started to make some plays their confidence grew and grew and grew and so I expect them to come out and be confident against us.''
12:01 pm 9/25

Steve Sarkisian Pac-12 Teleconference Notes

On what sticks out about Stanford's defense - First thing is their discipline. Great understanding of their scheme. Other thing is the length of their defense, from the front all the way to the back - and the way they use their hands.

On injuries to the OL and has it affected Price - It's been a great challenge for us. Great test to see our young players step in and play. Not sure it's affected Price. Wanted to play better at LSU, but they are a great team at home. Once our guys get more experience, Keith's comfort level will increase. Pride on not having a woe-is-me attitude toward injuries and are excited about the players that are playing. Also think Keith has shared that mentality.

On Price's development and improvement this year - From a leadership standpoint - with maturity and success comes more leadership opportunities. Some embrace it and some think they are, but he's really done a great job with it. We are a young team - only starting one senior on the offense right now. Those younger players look to Keith. Proud of how he has embraced opportunity and how he's conducted himself.

On the challenges of not being able to play at Husky Stadium - CLink is a tremendous venue - saw that last night with the Seahawks. Not far away, so still pumped to play there. But with the rich history and tradition of HS, it's hard to replicate that, but still thrilled to play at the CLink. Fortunate to play in CLink, but can't wait to get back to HS.
10:55 am 9/25

David Shaw Pac-12 Teleconference Notes

On trying to defend an athletic QB - We make sure we account for him by being disciplined in our rush lanes. Don't want to give lanes to escape, because if he can extend plays it makes it tough for everybody.

On having Shayne Skov and what he brings - That game-day energy and fire he brings is huge. When he steps in a room, everyone feels his presence. That's what he does for us.

On Nunes and starting his first road game - Haven't made a big deal about it. It's about execution and handling the noise. Aren't asking him to do more than he has done - which is orchestrate the offense and find the open receiver.

On assessing the first three weeks for Nunes - Steady improvement in each game. Very conservative in the first game, second game there was more opportunities to throw downfield and he did that well. Third game there was some early adversity, but he bounced back well in the second half. Looking for a consistent, full game performance from him. Didn't have questions about nerves or the stage being too big. He's a pretty even-keeled kid.

On the BYE week - It was a positive. Came at a good time because school is starting and were able to rest guys banged up from the USC game.

On not allowing sacks on offense - One of our big mottos since we've been here is no negative plays. Job of the QB is to get rid of the ball. Not having negative runs and not taking sacks is a big part of what we do.

On the coaching turnover in the league and sticking to what you do - You have to have an identity in all three phases but each weeks you have to augment what you do based on who you are playing. But you still have to have that basic identity. Every game something will be thrown at you, so you have to rely on what you're good at and what you're comfortable doing.

On the emphasis of building big offensive lines and when that began - It started when Harbaugh got the job. Knew we were going to run and wanted to be physical, so we recruited to those ends. We need them to be big and physical, but athletic. Don't want fat guys - want them to be athletic, so when game is in the fourth quarter they aren't gassed. So you see big guys, but not big bellies.

On rotating guys in the OL - The last game we played eight. Last two games before that played nine. Keeps guys fresh, and it also presents different looks and issues to defense. Want to give younger guys looks too so they are ready to take over down the line.

On the frosh OL not redshirting - From beginning of training camp, you could tell they were ready. And we had specific roles that needed to be filled, and they have filled those roles perfectly.
5:30 pm 9/24

Full Sark Show Notes - Stanford

Of particular note here is that Sark said during the show that Nate Fellner, Jamaal Kearse and Kevin Smith should all be available for the game on Thursday. On to the notes...

Gas brings this week's show in talking about the Monday Night Football game between the Seahawks and Packers.  Sark said he's pumped for Pete and the team and the football community.  Said TV games for today and Thursday will mean the next couple big national TV games will be held in Seattle - great for the town.

Gas said it has to help in recruiting to have the Hawks in town.  Sark said better than that is the relationship UW has with the Hawks.  With the CBA and them limited on when they can be there, Hawk players work out more with UW guys - like Price and Russell Wilson throwing over the summer.  And you add in the Trufants and other links between UW/Hawks, it's been a mutual admiration society.

Bob asked if Sark was going to the game, but Sark said while he would love to they have work to do tonight. 

Bob talked about the Thursday game.  The BYE week wasn't quite a bye - didn't get the true week off.  Sark said they tweaked some things they needed to work on, game plan against Stanford and then also give guys some rest.  Today was an actual Wednesday workout and it was also the first day of the new quarter.  Lots going on.

Bob said how the first day of school is a big deal, especially for the frosh.  Sark said as much as it is them getting to class, it's also getting in their dorms, figuring out where they need to be, etc...that's why practicing in the AM has worked well.  It was great in the spring and the team voted to do it in the fall too.  Hopefully see the benefits for that.

Bob asked if Sark is a AM guy - he said he is.  By nature he is, likes getting up and getting 'ahead in the game of life'.  Been that way since he was a kid.  

Gas - where did practicing in the AM come from?  Sark said he wasn't 100 percent sure - Dick Tomey did it some at UH, Kentucky under Rich Brooks started doing it too.  But UH is where it might have started.  Great for UW, kids have really responded.  Forces the kids to get to sleep earlier - which is also important. 

Gas - Means there should also be more progress in the classroom, and Sark agreed.  Alert, getting ready to go and even though they've already seen improvement he expects even better work with regard to school. 

Gas brings the show back talking about Thursday Night Football - Stanford.  Twitter - how big will the impact be with the students back at CenturyLink?  Sark said it's going to be huge.  With the Black Out theme and the students back, on national TV - it should be a great game.

Gas asked about the health of the game - Sark said it went both ways.  Tanigawa out for the season, so the OL feels like it's getting thinner by the day.  Sark added that to help with that front it might help to give individual work time in the off-season for conditioning.

Bob mentioned seven OR's on the depth chart - Sark said it could be for game planning, it could also be for morale.  Said he believes it's pretty common.

Bob talked about the OL and new starters - Dexter Charles.  Brostek played a lot.  Sark said Charles brought a lot with nasty and physical presence.  Brostek wasn't bad for a first game.  Bright future ahead of him.  Atoe at tackle wasn't bad either.  Have 7 guys that have played college football, so we have to mix and match.  That is also why there are some 'OR's' on the depth chart.

Bob talked about how nasty you have to be against Stanford.  Sark said if you asked last year about Stanford, you talk about Luck, DeCastro, Martin, Fleener.  This year, you talk about their front seven on defense, arguably the best front in the Pac-12.  Then you talk about Taylor and Ertz on offense.  They haven't changed who they are - they are going to run a lot, but who they are on defense is taking over a bit of their personality.

Bob talked about how impressive Stanford was on USC.  Sark said it wasn't SC's best performance and they know it too.  Stanford gets a lot of credit for that.  SC didn't take advantage and momentum started to shift.  Sometimes that's all you need to win - momentum and belief.

Bob said SC gave up four sacks and 12 TFL.  Trojans gave up only 8 sacks in 2011.  Sark said the center had a tough game, and also late in the game where SC was desperate to move the ball, that's where a couple of those sacks came from.  Stanford did a nice job of featuring Taylor to run and catch the ball and Nunes made key runs to extend drives.

Gas brings the show back talking about the Stanford/USC game and how topsy-turvy the league is right now.  Sark said when you look at the games, the red zone had a big thing to do with the outcomes.  The teams that made their opportunities count in the red zone won the games.  Cal only had six points in nine trips to the red zone.  UA had trips their first three series, came up empty.  

Gas talked about Arizona - takes a toll on you when you can't take advantage.  Sark said UA defense playing about as good as anyone has against UO early - but when you get zero points it can be demoralizing.  

Bob said going into last year's Stanford game, they were 31-31 in the red zone.  Are they the same team without Luck?  Sark said they have a real plan when they are in the red zone and believe in it.  Said they'll try to create matchup issues with their tight ends.  In self-analyzing what UW does, they've also been very good in the red zone, especially after last year - but still need to be better.  In watching the games this last weekend, it's become an even bigger emphasis.

Bob asked about UW losing to Stanford and whether or not it becomes psychological. Sark said they've gotten too caught up in the past about external stuff, so now it's all about who they are and not so much about who they are playing.  With five new defensive coaches and a team that is practicing with a little more of an edge - it's not going to matter what's happened up to this point.  Like the approach the team is taking, so not as concerned about what has taken place in the past.

Bob asked about comparisons to LSU and Stanford, and Sark said Stanford is very long, whereas LSU are big and explosive.  They are built differently.  LSU runs using zone and stretch philosophies, where Stanford likes the power and the counter and they are also big and attacking in their 34 defense.

Bob brought in a sound bite from David Shaw - talking about how they became a physical, dominant team.  Bob said USC was famous for their practices, noting that if you could get through practice the game is easy.  Sark said they have turned things up a notch that way and you can do that when your depth is right.  That's how it was at SC.  Starting to reap similar benefits.

Bob talked about how Stanford runs an NFL style in all three phases of the game...5th or 6th in total wins the last few years.  It's an overall commitment to a certain style of play.  Sark said it's not only unique to the college game, but also unique to the NFL now - just look at RGIII and Cam Newton.  Stanford's commitment to the run and how they do it is very unique. 

Gas brings the show back in talking Pac-12.  Any results jump out to Sark?  Oregon State?  Sark said the biggest eye-opener was the ASU game.  They just jumped all over Utah.  Coach Graham has it going.  Playing great defense.

Oregon State over UCLA?  Gas said he finds Riley's career in Corvallis is really interesting.  People may forget how bad OSU was by the time he first went back there to coach his alma mater.  Sark said what's great about Riley's time there is that he's never panicked.  He's stayed true to what he's always done - regardless of the results.  They've kept their hard-nosed mentality and have a couple great wins to start the season.

Bob said their mentality is not all that dissimilar to Stanford.  How do you match Stanford's physicality?  They've lost three games the last three years?  Oregon, Oregon and Oklahoma State. Sark said if they had their way, they want to play in a telephone booth and slug it out.  A mistake teams might make is to try and do more than what they are capable of doing.  UW is capable of doing multiple things, but at the same time you have to be calculated and call plays at the right time to counteract what they do.  And on defense it's easy to say just match size with size, but then they spread you out - so you have to have balance.

Bob talked about that balance.  Stanford leading the country in rush defense.  Sark said the sack numbers come out in the rush defense, so that helps them.  Key to establish a running game and also take care of the quarterback (max protect, roll out, etc...)

Bob brought up the LSU experience again - can you apply anything to Stanford?  Sark said you can - based on what they did against LSU you can do certain things with a younger OL to help protect Price, and also on where they can take their chances with the big play - as opposed to holding back a bit but still being effective.

Gas brings the show in talking about UW's self-analysis and what they are doing well - Sark said their special teams has been very good.  Likes where they are headed in the return game.  Likes what Coons has been doing.  Able to use a fake last week successfully.  

On offense, what they are getting from Kasen and ASJ is about what they expected.  Getting some production from Campbell is good, and also mentioned Hatchie and Schaefer on the OL.

Defensively, plus-3 on TO ratio, where they want to be.  Coverage has been good.

Things to work on - defensive pass rush and also running the ball.  

Sark said they've addressed a lot of the things with the team and the seriousness of the team has impressed him because of how they've taken the info and applied it.

Bob talked about defensive pressures, and Sark said its a great chance to see where they are at.  Said the defense is a 'physical defense', and he feels like they've addressed some things to allow the defense to 'really cut loose'.  They have to get Stanford in down-and-distance situations to really put the heat on.

Gas asked if it's just scheme or do you have to gamble more?  Sark said 'gamble' may not be the best word, but they do have to take their shots.  Have to understand their tendencies to put themselves in good rush situations, but winning first and 10 is absolutely crucial.

Bob talked about Stepfan Taylor - had a 70-yard career long run against UW last year.  Sark; he's a complete back, is leading them in pass catching too.  He's a guy that's essentially getting every carry for them and is doing really well with that.

Bob talked about how Taylor is helping Josh Nunes out.  Sark said you can see things in Nunes' mannerisms - you can tell he was being helped by Andrew Luck.  He's a young guy with a bright future and he's done a nice job of utilizing his strengths within their system.

Gas brought the end of the show in talking about how there's a lot going on this week - Thursday game, start of school, etc... Is is worth is to get the Thursday TV slot?  Sark said with the BYE it worked out great, wouldn't have been good if they had to play the previous Saturday.  Biggest thing is that it's the start of conference play, can get to 1-0 in Pac-12.

Bob talks about the gaunlet - Stanford, at Oregon, USC, at Arizona, etc... Does the Stanford game mean it can be a measuring stick game?  Sark said it's just about right now.  Nothing more than that.  The young guys that have been playing now, they are growing.  There's nothing more than Thursday night and getting to 1-0.  To compare it to LSU, have to seize opportunities.  Have to capitalize, and when you don't that gives them a boost.  

Sark said they are going to get their chances - and they have to take advantage.

Bob wishes them good luck.

End of Show.
4:20 pm 9/24

Monday Player Quotes

Thanks to Andrew Dore for transcription.

Keith Price:
On Stanford's strengths: "They have a good front seven, that's what stands out to me the most. Their secondary also is good but their front seven is really good."

On the locker room atmosphere after the game last year: "It was awful, I didn't play my best game. I'm sure a lot of guys felt that same way. We just have to be ready this time."

On the thing that Stanford does to confuse the other team: "They line up and play. They do some things schematically to confuse you up front but they're good, they are very talented, very strong, and they are disciplined."

On his comfort level with the younger receivers on the time: "Oh yeah, definitely, DiAndre Campbell, he's amazing, he's been having good practices, performed well against Portland State, I'm just anxious to have him."

On this game maybe being different due to the buzz surrounding this game with the blackout: "No, not really to be honest with you, I mean we had a couple blackout games so I'm not too worried about it. I know we have a big task ahead of us and we just need to focus on Stanford and not get caught up into everything that doesn't really matter."

On DiAndre Campbell's improvement: "His attention to detail, he's one of our smartest receivers, he understands the game, he's not our fastest receiver but he knows how to get open. That's what we've been missing in the past couple weeks is guys running routes to get open and not just running routes. He's so hungry and that's just DiAndre, he wants to be the best receiver and he feels like he's the best receiver. I think that's what you should feel when you are on the football field that you are the best. It's always good to have a guy who is like that and just willing to take the extra step."

On the younger guys' ability to focus going into this game against Stanford: "They've been through it already so they know what to expect. They know it's not easy to go and beat solid teams. We were embarrassed last time on ESPN and they know the attention to detail it takes in order to play at this level."

On the team being sick of hearing about recent games against Stanford: "The one thing is we focus on ourselves now and I feel so much better. We got the bad taste out of our mouth last week and now we have another opportunity to show people what we are about."

On the things they need to do in order to win the game: "Protect and stop their run, and execute on offense. We need to convert on first down and convert on third down."

On the chemistry between him and the freshmen receivers: "They are performing good. You guys saw Marvin's speed a couple weeks ago, and Jaydon's getting better, Jaydon is still working it and he has a certain amount of plays that he gets to keep the thinking off of him so that he can play fast so I'm just anxious for Thursday night."

On keeping the game simple so the younger players can play fast: "Definitely, they came in and had a lot of stuff thrown at them, so now we got some veteran guys like DiAndre Campbell to take some work off their shoulders."

On DiAndre getting the starting nod: "Oh yeah I'm very excited for DiAndre, he's worked so hard all summer, the extra throwing sessions and staying up here during his break to work out with me. He deserves this opportunity, it wasn't given to him and he earned it."

DiAndre Campbell:
On increased confidence on the field and what it has allowed him to do: "What really allows me to play faster is knowing the gameplan and that was pretty much was helping me out, knowing what the defense was giving me and attacking it."

On being able to step up and be the 3rd wide receiver: "I feel like I could. Right now I'm just doing whatever the coaches ask me to do and take it from there."

On what he did last season to improve for this season: "It was probably the mental aspect of the game. The adverse times, obviously not getting as much playing time, it can give you a hard time mentally but it made me a stronger man, stronger wide receiver, stronger football player, period."

On what gave him the ability to be better: "Just my work ethic, keep working day in and day out and not let certain circumstances determine who I am as a person and who I am as a player."

Kasen Williams:
On being better prepared coming off of the bye week: "Yeah, most definitely, it's the one time this year we have that bye week and took full advantage of it."

On playing on a national stage on Thursday night: "It's just the fact that it's a little different. Thursday night, we're starting to get the days confused, now we're like "oh no, today is Saturday, I forgot today's Sunday," besides that, we're taking it like any other week, it's just another game, get ready to get back on ESPN, national television and make a statement."

On what is being said among teammates about being on that national stage this Thursday: "We're not really that concerned at all about that. We're just trying to play another game. It's our first game in the PAC 12 conference so you know we're ready and we're excited."

On what Stanford did to slow down USC's passing attack: "They switched up their coverages a lot. They made it hard because they knew what the USC receivers were going to do. They are a real fundamental team and it definitely showed during that game."

On the Stanford game last year: "Man, I don't even really know. I just feel like we weren't really in it. CP broke both of those long runs, after that we didn't really have any momentum, nothing going for us that game. But I think this year is going to be a different story."

On being motivated by last year's game: "Yeah, you never want to get embarrassed like that, you still have that bad taste from years past, you want to get back at some point, some how, we had a whole year to do it."

On doing the blackout for this game: "I think it's definitely getting the crowd more hyped, it gets us more hyped and all that stuff so it'll be a good one."
2:20 pm 9/24

Steve Sarkisian Monday Full Quotes

Opening Statement - "Game week…you always…the byes are unique in that there's a lot of self-reflection and there's also a lot of preparation of your opponent, so there's a lot of multi-tasking, doing two things at once. The uniqueness of this week being a Thursday night game, this game comes much quicker. So normally I'm here talking to you guys about the last ball game and what the week should look like - we've got a lot of work in already and there's not a lot of time left until the ball game.

"So that being said, I think it was a good bye week. We addressed things internally that I thought needed to be addressed that will help us Thursday night when we take the field. We've had a nice preparation for Stanford, a very good football team…extremely well-coached, and excited for the game.

"This is the first day of school today…I'm fired up for the atmosphere Thursday night at CenturyLink Field with the Black Out, the Dawg Pack in full effect…should make for a great atmosphere on national television. I know our kids are looking forward to the challenge and can't wait to get started."

Why is it so hard to run against Stanford? - "They are good. Like all good run defenses, they are disciplined one, they've got good personnel up front, they have great length that allows their guys to utilize the two-gap scheme they like to play in their 3-4 defense. And they tackle. I think those are pretty common ingredients to stopping the run. They aren't doing anything earth-shattering schematically. They are disciplined in what they do, they are sound in what they do, they have the personnel to fit what they do - and then ultimately they make their plays.

How were they able to get Polk loose a couple times against Stanford, yet still struggle? - "I'd like to think we designed a couple pretty good plays that allowed us to get some space against that defense, which is hard to do. I would like to think if the score hadn't been what it was and the game didn't get out of hand that maybe we could have ran the ball more than we were able to. When you're trying to come back and the way the score went in that game, I think we had some other stuff there for ourselves. But unfortunately you're trying to play catch-up and trying to get back in the game and we weren't able to do that. So I would like to think that maybe we had some other runs there for us, but as those games go you have to try to catch up."

On looking at programs like Stanford and being envious of the upperclassmen in their depth - "We'll be there. We'll be there some day. We're not that far away from that. We're just…where they restructured their program and where we restructured our program, they are a couple years ahead of us. When coach Harbaugh came in and really turned that thing over and had a plan for what they wanted to get done, and then coach Shaw picked up right where coach Harbaugh left off and has done a great job…they are a couple years ahead of us. In two years from now, we'll be a pretty veteran group as well. As of right now, we're a young, talented team, and that's how we play."

How much do you look at the last few years' Stanford game films? - "We look at it from a schematic standpoint. They've obviously got systems in place on offense and defense and special teams. We do offensively and special teams. Obviously we're a bit different defensively. When you look at the film from a schematic standpoint maybe from a personnel standpoint. But this is a different team. We are a different team. We shouldn't have to use those sorts of things to motivate our guys. We should be pretty well motivated internally."

What changes does first day of classes bring to how you coach these guys? - "You know, we've been so wired into the morning practice schedule, even though when we've been going in training camp and things we've had really early AM walkthroughs to get our guys accustomed to it, then came back and practiced later in the morning. But I'm hopeful the challenges aren't nearly as big as they have been in the past. This is part of the reason why we went to the AM practice format, so that our guys could be fresh and energized at the start of the morning really focused on football, then have the rest of the day to get their classwork done. I don't exactly yet. That will probably be a better answer three or four weeks down the road to see how our guys respond to it. But I know our guys did a nice job responding to it in spring football when we went to the morning practice schedule. And I don't think there was a kid on our team that wanted to go back to the afternoon practices. They love the AM practices, so that's why we stuck with them here for the fall."

Watching USC-Stanford, was it the Cardinal run game or the pass game that derailed the Trojans? "I thought it was a combination of both. Stanford did a nice job, I don't want to say double coverages, but did a really nice job rolling coverages over the top of Lee and Woods. And to do that, you have to be stout up front. If you are going to play a two-high safety look and play over the top of receivers in almost a double coverage-type setting, you have to be able to maintain the integrity of the defense in the box. They were able to do both, and I think that's what became really frustrating for SC in that sense. They were doubling those guys but they couldn't get anything generated in the middle of the field and in the run game. And once they got going, like any game when you are an underdog when you create some adversity for your opponent and feed off that emotion anything can happen, and I think that's what happened in that game."

What exactly looked different in Stanford from the SC game compared to the San Jose State game? - "San Jose State didn't score a whole lot of points either. I don't remember exactly what that final score was. I think it was a 24-21 or 23-20-type ball game. I think there were probably a couple of plays USC missed on that they would like to have back and different things that might have changed the complexion of that game and maybe got them to 24 or 21 points. So, similar. And I think San Jose State is a pretty good football team, we're coming to find out. So I don't know that that much changed. Their personnel haven't changed. They are playing the same guys. Their scheme is their scheme. Maybe one thing that changed was they were playing that much harder, because SC is SC and it's a rivalry-type game for them."

On Dwayne Washington getting into school - "It was a process that was a long one when you submit everything to the NCAA. We didn't think it would take this long. We brought Dwayne into our summer LEAP program. He was here all summer working out with our guys, took a class this summer, but he wasn't cleared and so we didn't think at that point if they didn't get it cleared we were going to send him home and hopeful we could get him back in the winter time, in January. When they notified us that he had been cleared it's a real credit to our admissions process here in getting all the proper paperwork submitted to the NCAA and Dwayne and his mother and Gahr High School to make that happen. We are just in the infancy stages with him. I've seen him on the practice field now for three days and so I don't want to make that statement on him yet (whether he will redshirt) until I actually get to see him work a little bit. He's a great-looking kid, running fast, catching the ball. We'll see what happens.''

On what aspects of Stanford differ from David Shaw and Jim Harbaugh - "I think David is coaching that team to be his team and I don't have exactly internally what they  changed or what changed in the playbook or philosophically --- I don't have those things. What I do know is that they have moreso than ever dedicated themselves offensively to the big personnel groupings. It used to be interchangeable for them and they would sub in and out of it. But they have really dedicated themselves to it. Now I don't know what the 49ers are doing, I haven't had a chance to watch them if that's what they have done as well so I'm not sure. But I do know that they have dedicated themselves to it to where it's a lot of big guys all the time, even in some really obvious passing situations, their tight ends are remaining on the field and they are their pass catchers. So that part of it, moreso than they have ever been in the past, is something that is unique to David.''

On the young guys on the offensive line progressing this week and being more comfortable than against Portland State - "I'm hopeful of that. We've really challenged them not only mentally but physically and I think the bye week was good for them to assess their performance in the Portland State game and what they needed to work on. We've seen definite improvement there. But again time will  tell and we will find out Thursday. They've got a great task ahead of them, Stanford's front is tremendous.''

On Colin Tanigawa not  being on the depth chart - "Colin will be out the remainder of the season.''  

On Coons moving up the depth chart at punter - "I know Thursday night number 46 is going punt for us."

On if there is a strategy going into both players having No. 46 - "Not really. So many times with numbers guys are double numbered all over the place. They're hard to find numbers and I have a hard time when a punter or a kicker is wearing 98. It doesn't look right to me so get them in a decent number and we'll take it."

On fake possibilities and schools using double numbers - "There is so many things out there that surprise me every Saturday. I was watching Louisiana Monroe vs Baylor Friday night and they were playing with two quarterbacks at the same time. One was left handed and one was right handed. They were running zone read with pass routes down the field so nothing surprises me what guys do or don't do anymore especially in college football. Very innovative and especially offensively so everybody is looking for an edge to get another first down."

On wishing he did that with Jake - "No I think about recruiting left handed quarterback now because they had guys throwing righty and lefty. Depending on the hash they were on one guy would play quarterback and the other running back and they go the other hash they would switch it so it was pretty unique."

On Stanford QB Josh Nunes - "You see from him the some of the same mannerisms as Andrew Luck had. You can tell they do a very good job of coaching the position because the quarterback looks similar. The way he handles himself at the line of scrimmage, mechanically technically how he delivers the football. Something that jumps out at me if you notice in the game a couple quarterback scrambles on third down kind of remind me of Andrew Luck. The way Andrew would when things weren't there would pull the ball down and take off and run. So I'm seeing a lot of the same mannerisms come out of him. He's a guy who's made three career starts. He's made a couple big plays and big passes in that SC game probably his first big ball game that way so he's a good player."

On Stepfan Taylor importance like Chris Polk was to Washington - "Probably similar in that you look at the guy he's not only leading them in rushing but he's leading them in receiving. The screen game was a big part of what they do offensively. I thought was probably one of the bigger factors for them offensively against SC was their ability to hit some screen's to Taylor out of the backfield so I would imagine coach Shaw would say the same thing he's an intracule part to what they want to do."

You talked about pass rush this past week and working on it. Improvement? - "I think it's been good. I think we've address some things technically. I don't' know if this is the best week to get a real assessment of that when you're playing power-I football. But ideally if we can force them into some third and long situations and allow our guys to rush the passer I'm hopeful and I think it will show up that our pass rush will be there. But we have to get to that point and that's playing good on first and second down."

In the pregame eye test, really who is better - LSU or Stanford? - "Different, much different. Interesting stat, and I might be off here a couple of numbers ... Stanford has I believe 43 or 46 players 6-3 or taller on their roster. I think Oregon is at 36. I think ourselves and SC are at 22 or 23. So they have made it a real point to recruit taller players, longer players, so that is the thing that will jump at out you in pregame warmups is the height of their football team, the length of their football team. LSU is different that way. I don't know if they were necessarily that tall but how physically  gifted -- the size, the explosiveness -- their athletes was something in the eye test that jumped out at you."

Where does that height show up? - "It shows up up front especially on their defensive line, their linebackers they're taller, longer. Up front on offense, the tight end position. I would like to think we're getting closer to that number from where we were, from where we started to where we are headed but they definitely have recruited to their defense. They are a 3-4 defense and outside of their nose tackle up front just about every other guy is a long, tall defender and that helps them in the run game." 

When you decided to go to a 3-4 defense, did you look at Stanford's defensive front because they also utilize a 34 attack? - "Not as much. There are principles of 3-4 defense that carry over, whether it's the Pittsburgh Steelers or the Stanford cardinal or Oregon ducks for that matter. And then you have to take all those principles and what fits your personel groupings. I don't know if we necessarily looked just at Stanford, but the principles of 3-4 defense and then how you play it are going to hold true regardless of who you are watching. Right now our personel and the way we look and the way we play 3-4 is not the same as Stanford does it."
12:54 am 9/24

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11:18 am 9/24

Stanford's Depth Chart Versus UW Released
11:12 am 9/24

Keith Price Monday Video - WATCH HERE
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Eric Kiesau Monday Video - WATCH HERE
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UW Depth Chart for Stanford Released

5:00 pm 9/23

Danny Shelton Sunday Quotes

On playing Stanford last year - "After a year of experience, I feel like I'll be ready for this game and I definitely think our line will be ready to go up against their offensive line."

On using last year's game as fuel - "Really, we're not focusing on the past. We're worrying about what we have in front of us…focusing on our assignments, alignments…just preparing to play Thursday."

On if the game is all about physicality, or is it also about scheme? - "It's definitely going to be a physical game…whoever comes out the most physical in the trenches, I feel like that's where it's going to start. We'll see what happens in the end."
4:53 pm 9/23

Peter Sirmon Sunday Quotes

On what he wants to see on Thursday - "I want us to play hard from the first snap to the last snap. We have to do a great job of being physical and getting off blocks. It's the same emphasis; you have to get guys on the ground and you've got to play with an extremely physical mentality."

On raising their game to be more physical - "I sure hope so. We just have to keep getting better every week and understand that we haven't reached anywhere near our capability yet or what our expectations are."

On what Stanford does - "They use a lot of formations out of non-traditional personnel groups. They might have 22 personnel on the field, a bunch of big guys - but then they break it open and then there's three wide receivers. They do a lot of things with different personnel group, which makes it a challenge to personnel them."

On if they are still just as physical as a year ago - "They are still really physical up front. They can bring quite a few of those tight ends that make it a hard matchup with defensive ends. They do a great job of staying on their blocks and getting downhill."

On if this feels like a crossroads game for UW? - "I wouldn't say that at all. We approach it…they don't count any different at the end of the year. We need to approach every one like it's the same. For me and for our group on defense - I don't think that's coach-talk. I think every game is it's own separate entity and you have to approach it that way - good or bad, and move on."

On what Nunes does well - "I thought against SC he moved in the pocket, ran well and avoided a few tackles - not real elusive, but SC didn't tackle him. Guys were bouncing off him. I think as the game went on he got more control and did a good job of throwing the ball up to 86 and 11 and let them make plays."

On Stepfan Taylor and slowing him down - "We've got to be able to be able to tackle. They do a great job of getting him the ball on screens and he does a good job in the open field. So it's the same theme of tackling, getting the line to the different personnel groups."

On today being an added emphasis on physicality - "No. We're trying to do that every week and talk about…there's a time where you have to coach fundamentals and technique and tackling and other times you've just got to get them to the ground…and it's not about coaching them up. It's about them wanting to do it. And it's always an emphasis, but sometimes you've just gotta want to do it. And that's where we are right now."
3:32 pm 9/23

Justin Wilcox Sunday Quotes

On the energy level : "I thought the energy was good. Got some really good work done last week on ourselves. Then started sprinkling Stanford things. We had real good energy today and we'll have another one tomorrow."

On facing Stanford : "It's really been about us as much as anything. To be able to execute and focus. Obviously each team brings different challenges. Stanford is gonna bring a real physical brand of football. They are talented."

On the younger guys understanding the focus : "You're gonna always watch the other team and watch the video and see what they are doing. We need to know what we're doing and why we are doing it. In the end it's all about execution. In order to execute you need to play with great effort and great toughness. You need great fundamentals and those things have to happen in practice."

On the mechanics of a Sunday practice and reminding himself the Stanford week is a little different than the norm - "I know for us as coaches, that's how it works. This is a Tuesday for me…for everybody else they aren't working, but it's Tuesday for us. That's exactly how we see it. That's how we're preparing, that's how our players are preparing…because this Thursday is just like Saturday for us. We've been in this situation before, all the players have and the coaches have - so I don't think it's that big a deal."

On if it felt like a typical practice from a physicality standpoint - "Hopefully it doesn't matter who you are playing, that's the emphasis - and especially on a Tuesday practice. It's a physical day, it's a work day - a lot of the base run game is in and all of our base stuff is in in terms of run defense and play-actions, so it's going to be a physical day. I thought they had good energy today and executed fairly well, so now we've got to go look at the tape and clean anything up for tomorrow."

On learning anything from last year's Stanford game - "We watched a lot of Stanford tape - we watched all of last year and obviously this year's games. There's some things - they are obviously very well coached. There's a lot of carryover in scheme. There's some different players. On our side of it, some of our fronts may or may not be similar. I think we treated it like we've treated every other game; we're going to look at what Stanford does, we're going to look at what we do and what matches up best against it, what personnel for us matches up best against them, build our game plan - and then it's going to come down to executing the calls. That's been our focus all last week and this week as we prepare."

On if Stanford's offense is more than just three yards and a cloud of dust - "Maybe what you don't see is the way the passes compliment the runs and the formations they give you. They give you every shift, motion, formation and personnel grouping that's out there - whether it's extra tackles in the game, three tight ends, four tight ends - you name it. They've got it all. So those things you have to practice and I think they do a really good job of getting to the same plays, but they get to it a lot of different ways."

On if the Stanford game feels like a crossroads game to him - "I think for us it's gotta be the same every week. I know that's not exciting, but each week you've gotta prepare as if…it doesn't matter if you're playing the Super Bowl or the pre-season or a scrimmage…that's how you prepare. You prepare the absolute best you can to go out and execute the best you can so you can play well, whether that's Thursday night against Stanford or Sunday morning against one of the high schools. It doesn't matter. That's just how it works."
2:41 pm 9/23

Steve Sarkisian Sunday Quotes

Thanks to Tyler Rivers for the transcription

Steve Sarkisian
On what to be concerned about with Stanford : "Well there's a lot. Theyre a good team. They are very well coached and they execute extremely well. They're unique in their personal groupings as well. They keep multiple tight ends on the field just about every time. There's concerns on both sides. They have good players and coaches."

On Stanford's success on the offensive line and defensive line: "I'm gonna speak offensively first because they are good on both sides of the ball. I think philosophically they are unique with some of their shifts. They are committed to the running game in that they don't go out and run and get gains of 10 yards every time. They stick with it. They are able to stick with it because they play good defense. I think they have a cohesive approach to the game. Have the ability to run the ball offensively then get the play action pass. The challenge for everyone who plays them is to get them out of the cohesive game plan."

On the game plan for Stanford : "We'll have a good game plan. Every week is different and your opponents are different. From a game plan stand point things change from week to week. We're fortunate to have some guys who can play safety and linebacker."

On typically playing well after a bye week : "I think there is some merit to that. We really try to front load our work as coaches. We're on to the next opponent when we are facing some things with ourselves. Ultimately their comfort level with the game plan should increase as game time comes. We still have a few days to prepare this week."

On the rest of the Pac-12 : "This conference is crazy. You think something is gonna happen then something else occurs. There is a lot of parity in our conference. Much more than people realize. Watching a lot of games that could have easily gone the other way but there were teams that didn't score in the red zone. It's been interesting to watch."

On today's practice being more physical : "It felt that way. It sounded that way. Sometimes the best way you can tell is by how it sounds. I thought the last couple of days have been. Going back to the Portland State week, it wasn't so much about who we were going to play it was about us and our practice field. We practice with a purpose and then lay the way you practice. It feels good that way and I think we did it again today."

On Thursday being a black out game but still keeping the focus in-house: "Being able to play a nationally televised game and it being a black out game is awesome. That's the pageantry of college football that we should all embrace. To enjoy that experience, your preparation is critical and it's key. I think the messaging is being clear to the guys to understand that. We wanna enjoy Thursday night too. We want our fans rocking and century link rocking and to use it to our advantage as much as anybody. We're fired up to be playing in that game. But, that's Thursday we are slugging away at each other until then."

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