Junior to watch - Greyson Gunheim

Sebastopol (Calif.) Analy, and Gunheim is one of those NoCal players that comes out of the woodwork to impress college coaches and earn D1 scholarships. You would think 6-6 and 240 would just be too big to be a running back, but Greyson has the stats, both physically and on the field, that would prove otherwise.

Gunheim ran for 1300 yards, earning all-league on offense in 2002 and running back of the year in his league. He also claims a 4.3 40 and 505-pound squat.

"I'm pretty fast for our league and I still get low when I hit, so it's OK," Gunheim told TheInsiders.com about his running style, although he also admitted that he's being recruited more as a defensive end.

"They (coaches) say I'm quick and really agile for a guy my size. And I like hitting harder and tackling instead of getting hit."

With stats like those, it's no wonder Gunheim has offers from all the Pac-10 schools and Nebraska.

"I'm pretty sure I'm going to be visiting Washington, Nebraska and also USC and UCLA," Greyson said. Athleticism runs in the family, as he has a sister who played volyball at the University of San Francisco.

"Right now I'm totally wide open and just figuring things out."

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