Trip Report - Caleb Tucker

After making a trip to Seattle this past weekend to watch Washington play host to USC, Ouachita Parish (Monroe, La.) LB/DE Caleb Tucker told he is sold more than ever on being a Husky...

"It was a great time and a great visit for me," Tucker told "I loved every minute of my time there. We had a great time at the game. They lost which is not how we wanted it to turn out, but the atmosphere there was great and I know it will be even better at the new Husky Stadium when it's finished.

"I also spent a lot of time with Troy (Williams) and Danny Mattingly and Elijah (Qualls). We all sorta bonded and got along and we were selling the guys who haven't committed on why we wanted to be Dawgs and why we hoped they joined us.

"I know that Danny is committed to Notre Dame and Myles Jack is committed to UCLA, but I think Washington has a great chance of getting them by signing day."

Tucker's hosts were Deontae Cooper and Shaquille Thompson and he said he talked with both of them about what it was like to be a Husky football player.

"We talked a little about stuff like what the coaches expect and how intense it is in practices and how you always have to be focused on school and stuff, so that was good," Tucker said. "We also talked a lot about music, what they liked and what I liked, we ate a lot of food and I really liked the time I spent with the coaches too."

Tucker said the game atmosphere reminded him of an NFL game and said he can't imagine it being more crazy at a new and improved Husky Stadium.

"I've been to a lot of big-time NFL games," Tucker said. "That was a lot like that. That crowd was into it. I know that they thought U-Dub was going to win and really, I think we all thought they were going to, but in the end it didn't happen.

"As loud as it was in there, I was shocked to hear Husky Stadium is going to be louder and that the field is going to be like 10 feet lower or something like that. All of that sound will be right down on you and as a player, that just gets you hyped. I seriously can't wait."

Tucker still plans to graduate and enroll early and said he also got some clerical work out of the way while he was on campus.

"I'm all set to start classes there on January 7th and it's getting close," Tucker said. "I'm so ready to be there and be part of that program. I loved every moment of my time there and it got me even more excited to be there.

"I'm going to miss my family and friends, but I have friends there and (the UW football program) is my family now too. We're ready to get this thing going and I think they are going to finish strong this year. They have played a bunch of tough teams and now they have six games to get to a bowl and you just keep building off of that.'

Tucker, who has 48 tackles and 10 sacks so far this season, and his teammates take on Natchitoches Central this Friday.

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