Player Post-Game Quotes: Arizona

TUCSON - Here are UW player quotes from Bishop Sankey, Travis Feeney, Keith Price, Kasen Williams, Austin Seferian-Jenkins and Desmond Trufant after the Huskies lost to Arizona 52-17 in front of an announced crowd of 50,148 at Arizona Stadium.

Bishop Sankey:
Thoughts on why the offense is struggling: "I feel like the biggest thing is we need to start winning our one-on-one battles as coach Sark was saying. I feel like we need to step up our competitive edge like coach Sark addressed us after the game and pretty much just maintain our competitive edge throughout the game."

Why wasn't that competitive edge there?: "I know we have it in us. We've played at a high level before, but unfortunately if you don't bring it on gameday then it doesn't really matter that much."

On the feeling in the locker room at halftime: "We felt confident. We finally got things going in the first half and we felt confident going into that second half."

Travis Feeney:
On tackling being a problem: "We just didn't do what we were supposed to do. We didn't tackle well as a team, including myself, I missed a lot of tackles myself."

On dealing with the speed of how they run their offense: "It was just like playing Oregon again. It was just another fast offensive team that just keeps going and going and going right off the bat. It didn't catch us by surprise. We were prepared for it, but we just didn't do our assignments and do what we were supposed to do."

On the interception: "Teammates deflected it, I saw the ball, timed it right, and just tried to run it in for the touchdown, got caught by the quarterback, but my offense picked me up and got a touchdown so that was good."

On the confidence after that play: "I never thought we were out of the game at any point whatsoever. It was a real turnaround point in the game. The score tells it all."

On being surprised by the score: "Oh definitely surprised by the score, but we'll fix it and we'll get it worked out and we'll do better next week."

On getting right for next week: "We forget about it, we go back to the drawing board and we just play the next game and play harder."

Keith Price:
On his struggles: "There were a couple of times I got out of the pocket when I had time to deliver a ball. I just have to trust what I see and trust my preparation. I prepare so hard, it's just unfortunate."

On him not trusting things: "That's one of the thing coach Sark said ‘I'll never put you in a position to make a bad play'. I thought I had seen something and I didn't and he just told me ‘you can't be playing against ghosts' and ‘just stick to your rules, stick to your reads' and ‘just play football'."

On if it's trust or if it is confidence: " I think it's a little bit of both. Obviously I trust my preparation, but there were a couple of times tonight where I didn't see the looks they were giving me. I'm at a loss for words man. I agree with Sark. I definitely need to trust in him and the system and believe that the system is going to work for me. There were a couple of times I didn't truly believe."

On him being the leader: "I guess I need to be more vocal now. This is the time when my team needs me most. I can be (more vocal), but it's not in my character, but anything for this team to win, I'm willing to do anything at this point. If that means I need to step up and take on that role, then that's just what I'm going to have to do."

On the first play of the second half: "I should have read the MIKE, so we could have picked up the pressure. They caught me late in the pressure and I felt the guy on my back so I spinned out, but I should have just thrown the ball away, but I saw Kasen rolling up the sideline so I thought maybe I'd give him a chance and the guy came, I felt the guy, and I should have just thrown the ball away. That was a horrible play by me."

On how he needs to lead: "I think it's more in the locker room – just me being more vocal. I don't think I need to go and grab somebody by the facemask. My guys need me. This was definitely one of those games we feel we should have won and they came out and completely blew us out of the water. I take responsibility in that, our defense played hard and gave us a chance right there in the third quarter, to win the game, to try come back at least, and I turned it over the very next play and I think that kinda took the air out of our team there a little bit."

On the pick at the goal line: "I just missed a throw. We got the right coverage and I threw the ball behind him and those are the ones that get tipped up and I just threw it behind him when I should have put it on his numbers."

Kasen Williams:
On where the team goes from here: "Coaches made a message in the meeting at the end of the game is that we just got to link arms and continue to fight. Tonight just wasn't our night, we just got to play harder, bottom line. We came out flat and just didn't play as hard as we could have."

On what he can do as a teammate for his quarterback right now: "Just continue to get open, when the ball is thrown your way, continue to make your plays. I felt like tonight was one of those nights where we tried to capitalize on all the opportunities we were given. Our o-line really stepped up, he had a lot more time in the pocket to throw the ball and as receivers we just got to do our job, we got to make plays for him, we got to connect, we got to run the right routes, catch the ball, making plays, blocking, running the ball, all of that stuff."

On the slow starts on offense making them fall behind the last couple of weeks: "To be honest, I don't know, we have our energy at the beginning of the game, I feel like we are playing hard, just I honestly don't even have an answer for that one."

On it being hard offensively as Arizona is scoring the ball so consistently: "Not really, I mean we continue to play our game, we were moving the ball the entire game, we just have to finish drives and play harder like that, that's the main thing you can take from this game is play harder."

Austin Seferian-Jenkins:
On being involved early in the game plan tonight: "No, I don't know, plays just came that way, I just happened to make them, it was good balls by Keith, good play calls, nothing out of the ordinary."

On getting yards but not putting points on the board: "I really don't know, you have to ask coach that, I don't know all the schematics and all that. I know that you catch the ball, you do what you can with it, you try an push and try to get a touchdown, it doesn't work out sometimes, everyone is working hard to get that, it just doesn't happen sometimes."

On the two personal fouls sequence: "He hit me hard but not that hard, I got right back up, pass interference on it too because he knew he can't guard me, that's pretty much all I knew about that, I got right back up in face, told him you got to hit me a lot harder than that because that isn't hard enough."

On how where the team is going from here: "Obviously you come down here to Arizona, 52 to 17, it's going to be pretty tough, we're a pretty tough group, we got to link arms like Coach Sark said, that's the only way we are going to be able to get ourselves out of this hole, honestly we lost the game, but got a great Oregon State team coming up next week and we got to prepare for them. We have 24 hours to think about this loss and think about what went wrong and get right for next week because the schedule isn't getting easier when you play in the Pac 12."

Desmond Trufant:
On the frustration of this loss: "It's frustrating you know, we didn't play good, every phase we have to play better to compete."

On the blown coverages: "We just didn't play good, we played terrible pretty much, that's what I can say, we can't play like that if we want to compete at a high level."

On their speed of play: "I don't think that's a big problem, they won more battles than we did, you saw the score, that's what happens when you don't win."

On what was the errors with players getting open: "It could have been that, I'll have to see the film, they won more one on one battles than we did, eventually those add up and you end up losing like we did."

On confidence has changed since beating Stanford, now to this: "No, I mean we know what we can do, we've competed at a high level before so we know what we expect out of each other, like I said, you have to put it out on the field, you can't just hope, you have to go out there and produce."

On the mood in the locker room right now: "We're disappointed because we know how good we can be, like I said, you can hope and you can dream but at the end of the day, you have to go out there on the field and prove it." Top Stories