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Washington laid a real egg in the desert a week ago, looking anemic in all three phases of the game. Now No. 7 Oregon State comes to town and they are looking to stay undefeated. Can the Huskies find some of the same CenturyLink mojo that helped them to defeat Stanford earlier this season? Here is what the staff thinks.

Patrick Thrapp – numbers guru:

I hope Sark has found the boys that suited up for the Stanford game. Then we might have a fighting chance with that team. Otherwise it will be a long arduos evening for Husky fans Saturday night. What I would like to see is Keith taking off when the opportunity presents itself. Last week there were times when he could have run, and gotten the 1st down. To me he seems to try too hard to make the play happen. When it really isn't there. This team needs to show me that they can compete again with top 20 teams. Until that happens. I will consider Stanford a fluke.

Prediction: Oregon State 25-17
Andrew Dore – Dawgman.com intern:

The Huskies are looking to bounce back after a tough road loss. An undefeated Oregon State team is coming into Seattle with the likely return of Sean Mannion. The Beavers defense is allowing less than 17 points per game. This doesn't bode well for Keith Price if we are going to see the same Keith Price as we have all season. I'm waiting for Keith to turn the corner and be the star Husky Nation wants him to be. I just don't think we are going to see it this week. I'm optimistic that the Husky defense will have a strong performance bolstered by the amped up crowd but I'm still not confident in the offense to get the job done.

Prediction: Oregon State 24-13
Jay Torrell – Scout.com Creative Print Director:

Young coach, young staff, young players... I'm beginning to think that youth in every phase of Husky football is contributing to our current demise. Is Sark unable to balance the new school best-bud approach to recruiting with the need to be the hard line parent on game day? I wonder if the players start to see the coaches as peers as opposed to been-there-done-that-know-it-all parents. I think USC overcomes that same problem because they've got nothing but 4 and 5 star recruits at every position. Not sure what the answers are but Sark needs to right the ship in a hurry because a loss on Saturday would put him on a lot of hot-seat watch lists entering next year. Loud, die-hard crowd energizes the defense, Price limits the brain-rattle that has plagued him all season and the offense finally get some points on the board. Dawgs start the Beavers back to reality tour.

Prediction: Washington 27-24
Scott Eklund – Dawgman.com Recruiting guru:

Washington needs a win...badly. Keith Price needs some confidence...badly. The fanbase is on "full tilt" right now and they need to see some progress back in the right direction. Can the junior signal-caller "get right" and can the defense rebound from a lackluster performance against Arizona that saw them shredded most of the night? Can Steve Sarkisian call a better game and get this team to believe in itself again? A lot of questions will be answered this weekend when they take on a very good and very tough Oregon State squad. The experts and logic say that this one won't be close, but I think the Dawgs get their act together and make enough plays to knock off the 7th-ranked Beavers.

Prediction: Washington 27-21
Chris Fetters: Dawgman.com Editor-In-Chief:

This is a game of two teams going in opposite directions. Oregon State is flying while Washington is grounded. The Beavers are winning for two main reasons: Execution and Discipline. They aren't beating themselves up with costly turnovers and silly penalties. Conversely UW is finding every way imaginable to kill themselves in the foot in all three phases of the game ($1 to the new Idaho Head Coach). I know fans are looking for a bounce-back at home, but Saturday's game won't be that close. It's becoming clearer and clearer that the Stanford win was the decided exception to the rule so far this season, and OSU will win a relatively low-scoring, ugly affair at CenturyLink, one that will force Steve Sarkisian and his staff to again look long and hard at what needs to get fixed and what solutions are at hand, if there are any.

Prediction: Oregon State 28-10
Kim Grinolds: Dawgman.com Business Operations:

In a circle the wagon, backs up against the wall game, Oregon State better not take this game lightly. They better not expect the same Washington team to show up that Arizona played. That's not going to happen. Ground Sark returns as does Teeth Price.

Prediction: Washington 23-17
David R. Samek – Dawgman:

Washington is much better at home than the road. However OSU is very good this year. They are well coached and Sean Mannion is ready to lead the Beavers to a road win. Washington's affair with the pass will continue to plague the offense. I see an uncomfortable next few days for Sark, who will officially become embattled.

Prediction: Oregon State 27-23

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