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Washington takes to the (gulp!) road, headed to Strawberry Canyon in Berkeley to take on the fledgling California Golden Bears on Friday evening in front of a national ESPN audience. Here is what the staff thinks will happen.

Patrick Thrapp – numbers guru:

I hate to be the pessimist amongst us, but until this team can win on the road. I can't see them (nor predict them) winning on the road. I think they are very capable of beating California, but away from home they just don't get it done. Not yet. I do think we can keep it close. Our defense is better. It is whether our offense can get untracked and score in bunches. Just for once, and on the road. Then I might become a believer. Washington 23 at California 27

Prediction: California 27, Washington 23
Andrew Dore – Dawgman.com intern:

The Huskies, coming off a big home win against Oregon State are looking for their first road win of the season. Last game, the offense got in a rhythm repeatedly attacking with Bishop Sankey on the ground. Keith Price still isn't playing at a level he is capable but I think even on the road that he will show further progress. The defense has had a really tough time playing on the road giving up over 40 points each contest. Granted this California offense is not on the same level as LSU, Oregon, or Arizona, the Husky defense needs to play as if they are playing at home. Even with all the road troubles the Huskies have had under Sarkisian, I think they find a way to pull this game out.

Prediction: Washington 24, California 17
Molly Waldron - Dawgman.com Intern Emeritus:

The Huskies head to Berkley still seeking that elusive first road win of the season. Riding off the momentum of last week's win against Oregon State, this may be their best chance yet to get it. The Husky coaching staff will need a game plan that focuses heavily on managing the clock and limiting Cal's running game. Keith Price and the Husky offense will have to put some numbers up quickly to keep their confidence levels high and keep that endurance solid throughout all four quarters.

Prediction: Washington 24, California 21
Jay Torrell – Scout.com Creative Print Director:

Western Carolina, Tulsa, Alabama A&M, Jacksonville State, Georgia Southern, Samford, Towson, Middle Tennessee, Syracuse, Tulane, Wofford, Troy...those are the teams that SEC schedules to play instead of an extra conference game. And that is why I hate the Cal game this week. Where the SEC gets a tap in putt from 2 inches, the Pac-12 has a 10 foot side hill roller. Where SEC teams are playing 5th year walk-on seniors, we're travelling to a Pac-12 opponent who on any given Saturday (or Friday) can beat anyone else in the conference. Where they play Samford, we play Cal. A Cal team that could have beat Ohio State in Columbus, a Cal team that put the hurt on a good UCLA team, a Cal team that has the talent to beat Washington at home on Friday while trying to salvage a season and a coach. Last year, this same game was at Oregon State and we know what happened there. I'm hoping lessons have been learned, confidence has been gained and the battles of the first-half will leave us more prepared than rattled for the remaining games. Dawgs need to jump on Cal early, kill their spirit, make them say to themselves "here we go again" and hang on for a hard fought but well-earned victory.

Prediction: Washington 31, California 23
Scott Eklund – Dawgman.com Recruiting guru:

UW got a big win last week to get back to .500 on the season and I believe this team is starting to figure some things out, however, until they prove they can get it done on the road, I will still be skeptical. Zach Maynard isn't a very good QB and Keenan Allen doesn't get the ball enough. Brandon Bigelow is a game-breaker, but hasn't been getting many carries. It's hard to figure which Cal team shows up for this game. Unfortunately for the Dawgs, the Berkeley crew will be extra motivated since they will be taking on Tosh Lupoi and his group. I expect this one to be ugly and in the end, the Golden Bears will come out with the win.

Prediction: California 24, Washington 20
Chris Fetters: Dawgman.com Editor-In-Chief:

Last week was a 'show me' game to see if they had the resiliency to bounce back from a rough Arizona game - and Washington showed me everything I needed to know about their heart and toughness. Friday is another 'show me' game in the sense that UW is 0-3 in road games, getting outscored 145-41 along the way. But that was against two teams ranked No. 2 at the times they played them, and Arizona - who has turned out to be pretty dang good. So can UW capitalize on their momentum while Cal continues another late-season slide under Jeff Tedford? I was all set to predict a close Cal win because I'm just not 100 percent convinced the Huskies have gotten over their road woes, but with the news that Keenan Allen will not play in this game - my mind has changed. It's not very often one player that's not a quarterback can change things so suddenly, but Allen is a rare talent. And more importantly, that only leaves freshmen available for Zach Maynard, which is never a good thing. I think Sark follows the blueprint that has gotten the Huskies wins over two top-10 teams and squeaks out another nail-biter like they did in 2010.

Prediction: Washington 17, California 10
Kim Grinolds: Dawgman.com Business Operations:

Yep. New stadium, and Jeff Tedford rests firmly on the hot seat. That was just a terrible loss to Utah last week........Is this another circle the wagons game like the UCLA game? You think it would be. With a QB who has struggled, losing Keenan Allen could be the death blow for Cal this year. Look for UW to step on their throats Friday night on ESPN and the Huskies roll with a two-game winning streak.

Prediction: Washington 31, California 17
David R. Samek – Dawgman:

Ugh. This one is difficult to predict because in most years, Washington takes this one without a lot of fuss. A crappy quarterback, missing their top receiver and playmaker, Cal is ripe for a beating. Can the Huskies administer it, given they are playing outside of the friendly confines of Seattle? They have yet to show me anything resembling confidence on the road. I HAVE, H-A-V-E to believe that Sark won't let his kids come out and produce yet another road tank job. If ever there was a game that his kids should believe in him to lead them to victory, this is it. And this game will tell us a lot. As for my prediction? I think Sark finally gets the road corner turned and buries the Arizona septic effort once and for all. Bishop Sankey carries the load again, banging the Bears for 25 more carries and Price is limited to just one turnover again as a result. Dawgs win ugly, but they do it on the road, which makes it sweet.

Prediction: Washington 24, California 21

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