Steve Sarkisian Post-Game Quotes - Cal

BERKELEY, Calif. - Here are the post-game quotes from Washington Head Coach Steve Sarkisian after the Washington Huskies defeated California 21-13 in front of 42,226 fans at Memorial Stadium.

Ugly victory - "All wins are awesome. Just because I know what these guys do every week and how hard they work and the time and the effort and the ability to continue to battle and compete and again, we showed a great deal of resiliency as a group, but also from some individuals - that was pretty cool to see. For Bishop, to have the first half that he had and then fumbling a couple times and then to come back down in the stretch and put the game away was really cool. That was a physical game. We obviously have got a lot of guy that we need to get extensive looks at tomorrow for a variety of things…but at the end of the day it's good to find a way to win. That's a sign of a good football team; that you can find a way to win a football game that was ugly. The ball was just going back and forth and one play to the next to the next…I thought Cal played hard. I thought their receivers made some tremendous catches in some one of one settings - but at the end of the day our defense was good once again. It's unfortunate we gave up the long run on third and forever - but outside of that I thought our defensive guys did a nice job creating turnovers, pressuring the quarterback, playing the football down the field - the end result? We've won two in a row. As I've said before, when it comes to losing it can be contagious, but so is winning. Winning is pretty contagious. That's 2-0 and go back to the drawing board to try to stop shooting ourselves in the foot so we can start playing a cleaner football game."

On the ASJ passes - "They were designed as one-on-one plays. Austin and Kasen are obviously excellent in one-on-one settings. Kasen had another long one there at the end of the first half. We just felt like that was a decent matchup out there on the outside with those two guys, and Keith allowed them to make their plays."

On turnovers on both sides and the emotional swings on the sidelines - "Yeah, it's hard. It's hard because you want to play off the emotion when it's in your favor and you want it to go your way and capitalize on the opportunities that you get. But you also want to find some rhythm in your offense too. We just hit a stretch there where we couldn't find any rhythm. We'd run it and lose two, we'd throw it and it was just hard. It was ugly, but we found some runs there late to punch the thing in the end zone."

On red zone defense - "Our red zone defense was tremendous tonight…not only early in the game creating a couple of turnovers, but forcing the field goals. Obviously the bend-but-don't-break mentality was going on there for a while. A lot of guys had to play. We had guys playing for the first time they played in their careers up front in Jarett Finau and Tani Tupou. Obviously with Tru being out there extensively some other guys stepped in - Greg Ducre and Tre Watson getting back in the fold. That part was encouraging that guys were able to step in while other guys were banged up and nicked up and still able to play the scheme and ultimately able to make the plays - especially in the red zone."

On the last drive and running the ball - "I was hopeful we could do that. We were sitting - I believe - it was about a second-and-six there with the ball about in the middle of the field, and we called a run on the second down. I was hopeful we could get into a third-and-short or convert into a first down and sure enough - Bishop hits the run that gets us down to about the six-inch line that made it really easy to run it again. The tough call would have been third-and-four, third-and-five…what do you do there? Three was big to go up by four, but the touchdown is real big. I was hopeful we could hit a decent run to make it really a third-and-short or convert to a first down - which is what we were able to do."

On the two fourth-down attempts and going to the same side - "The first one - I don't know…they kind of got off better than we got off it looked like to me. They got into us and knocked us back a little bit…good job by them. The second one, I thought we had a chance to get the ball out on the perimeter a little easier. I think Bishop maybe thought, it's fourth-and-one so I need to stuff it up inside. If he could do it all over again he would have stayed outside and we had a chance to get something out on the perimeter. But they play too and they did a nice job on the fourth downs. We were just in a spot on the field…the one would have been a 52-yard field goal and I'm not exactly sure how long the other one would have been…it just felt like the right thing to do was to go for it."

On the Sankey run to get to the six-inch line on UW's final drive - "I was actually really impressed with the run because it was designed to really go to the perimeter. On the motion when Evan Hudson comes over, their outside 'backer - I believe it was (Chris) McCain - did a nice job of setting the edge and forcing the ball back inside. It was a good adjustment by Bishop to take it inside and then bounce it back to the outside to get it down to the six-inch line…an impressive run by a guy who obviously had a very impressive day."

On if Trufant's injury was serious - "I don't think so. It doesn't sound like it. He went back into the game again, but he just didn't look right to me or the trainers, so we pulled him back off the field. We're going to need him. Hopefully with the one extra day by playing on a Friday night that can help him get back to next Saturday versus Utah."

On more personal foul calls - "They were hard. You have to assess the penalties, you know? I feel like we're getting different types of penalties every week. If it's not one thing it's another. But here's another 12 penalty game. We're going to continue to address it and it's not just with our words, it'll be in practice. They won't go unnoticed. That's not acceptable. It's too much. It's too hard to win; not only is it hard to win when you have 12 penalties, but I think when you turn the ball over four times that's hard. For us to overcome all of that and still win this game is pretty cool."

On first road win in 13 months - "It's huge. It's huge for us. For these guys - knowing we have two more road games this season - I think it's big from a psyche standpoint that we can get on the plane and have success and feel good about winning a ball game instead of woe is us, woe is me. That stuff takes its toll. I don't know if it's because we wore suits and ties - I don't know what it was, but at the end of the day we found a way to win. We won another tight ball game in the fourth quarter that we're starting to get pretty accustomed to doing. And that's a cool thing because on our sideline there's a great deal of belief…it's a tight game, these are the games we're accustomed to being in, we know how to win these games, stick to the plan…that's what the guys did tonight."

On suits and ties something new? - "Yeah, it was."

On the hat? 3-0 with the black hat - "I don't know. I'm a visor guy."

On Cody Bruns' return and showing an extra gear - "Yeah, he really did. We had a wall return going and we got the ball up the sidelines and he almost really stepped out of that thing for a real big one. Cody had a nice game again…some of the stuff Cody does kind of goes unnoticed. You don't see everything he does. He has a big catch down there in the red zone on the slant route that gets us inside the five…the punt return…the blocking…the holding on the field goals. He does so many of the little things that go unnoticed but we obviously appreciate everything that he does."

On Shaq getting a pick at Cal - "That was pretty cool. I said it to the team that he was going to get a big pick for us tonight. I'm just happy that what I say comes true every once in a while, so that was cool. I know it was a big night for Shaq; I know Marcus Peters it meant a lot for him coming home, DiAndre Campbell, Travis Feeney - we've got quite a few kids from the Bay, so for them to come home and play in front of their friends and family and get a win is pretty neat for those guys."

On the passing game and if that's what it's going to be going forward - "There's more there. There's more there and that's the frustrating part for us. There's more there. We trip and fall down when we're dropping back to pass and we have guys open…we drop a touchdown there on a big third down play. Hopefully one of these games we're going to put it all together and get out of our own way in the passing game because our running game is really coming. I think we found some things with Bishop. I think our offensive line continuity is coming together; it was unfortunate that we had a couple holding calls with Schaefer, but at the end of it all - it's a good win for us, you know? It's a good win.

On Keith's play - "I thought Keith was there. He was going good and I think the play at the end of the first half on the interception kind of set him back a little bit. It was a heck of a play by their kid tipping the ball to himself and intercepting it. And then we struggled to get our rhythm back going in the passing game - we relied on Austin there for a couple big plays. The sack in the red zone was pretty disappointing because they played a cover-two. They had nice coverage and we thought we might have a shot down the middle that wasn't there. It goes back to the courage to throw the ball away. We're back to harping on it again. We can't have that sack and fumble in that situation, especially in the red zone. Back to emphasizing throwing the ball away and having the courage to throw the ball away."

On if it was planned to come out and run the ball that much early - "Just the plan. When you get into the script of the game and you hunt and peck and you're looking for the things that have a chance to be good in a game, sometimes those work really well and other times they don't go great. Then you start to lean on the things that do look good for you. I thought our inside zone game was really effective for us tonight; I thought our power game was pretty effective for us tonight. We weren't nearly on the perimeter as much as we had been earlier in the season…this was more an in-between the tackles game, and Bishop ran well in there and we blocked things well for him in there." Top Stories