Trip Report - Sean Harlow

One of the big recruiting coups that Washington pulled off before the start of the season was getting San Clemete (Ca.) OL Sean Harlow to jump on board. Since that time though, they've had to keep pouring on the love as he has had many suitors continuing to come after him. That being said, he admitted to that he's unsure if he will any more visits after visiting UW this weekend...

"It was a really good trip," Harlow told as he waited at the airport to head back home from his official visit. "It was just an overall great experience. I couldn't really give you one part that stood out.

"Obviously the game was good, it was nice to see them win. I really just had a great overall experience with everything I did."

Harlow's host was injured OL Erik Kohler and the two spent a lot of time together as well as with the other players and recruits.

"I just got the overall college experience when I was there," Harlow said. "I just wanted to hang out and see how I bonded with the guys and I felt like I fit in pretty well. I also spent a lot of time with the other kids (recruits) that were visiting.

"I didn't see much of Kylie (Fitts), but I play in the same league as Max Redfield and I've gotten to know Austin Cooper through camps and I've known Pierre (Cormier) too, so it was cool just to hang with them too."

Harlow has already visited Wisconsin and had visits to Boise State and Oregon State planned over the next two weeks, however, it sounds like he is re-thinking whether he will take those trips.

"I'm not really sure now, after this weekend," Harlow admitted. "I've got something to think about. This made me really want to be done, but I need to get back home and talk to my family about it and just think about things a little.

"I just had a great time and I really like what they have going there. I think it's a great place and so, I might be firming things up with them, I've got to get home and just think about it a little before I decide to do anything."

We will continue to keep tabs on Harlow and will update news as it happens with him.

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