Trip Report - Austin Hooper

We didn't find out until very late in the week that De La Salle (Concord, Ca.) DE Austin Hooper was headed north for an official visit, so we had couple of things we wanted to touch on with him when he returned home. He was very excited about his official visit to Montlake and said getting to see a stadium full of people was something that definitely left an impression on him...

"Oh man, it was a really great visit," Hooper told Sunday evening. "I mean, seeing a game in Century Link, where the Seattle Seahawks play, that was just awesome. I'd say that was probably the biggest highlight of my visit.

"It was also nice to see a stadium with 60,000 people in it because being down here and going to games at colleges down here, you see like 15 or 20 thousand, so that was really cool.

"You could really see how the school and the city really support the program there and that's really something that I'm looking for."

Hooper's host on his visit was Erik Kohler, along with Cooper Pelluer, and he said they just helped him get a feel for what it was like to be a Husky.

"They talked about what they do and the coaches and how they coach," Hooper said. "It was cool just getting to know them and hang out and spent time getting to know the rest of the guys too."

Hooper said the Huskies told him they envision him playing the same role as Talia Crichton if he were to sign with Washington and that's something he loved.

"I watched a lot of his film and how they used him," Hooper said. "They kept telling me that he's a senior, so they need someone to come in and play and that I wouldn't have to wait until I was a junior to contribute and that was pretty cool too."

Hooper has offers from nearly 20 schools and when asked if he plans to take any more trips, he was non-committal.

"I would definitely like to take all of my trips before I make a decision, but I just am not sure right now," Hooper said. "I still have playoffs with my team and then I can start to really think about where I want to visit or what I want to do, so we'll see what happens."

We will continue to keep tabs on Hooper as he continues to work his way through the recruiting process and we will update news as it happens with him.

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