Trip Report - Max Redfield

Washington hosted a number of recruits on official visits this past weekend, and arguably one of the most important ones was Max Redfield, a 6-foot-2, 195-pound safety prospect from Mission Viejo, Calif. With Justin Glenn graduating, there's a need for an impact safety to play alongside guys like Sean Parker and Will Shamburger. Could Redfield be the next guy in line?

"I've always had interest in Washington," Redfield told when asked about the reasons behind taking an official visit to UW this past weekend. "I've been talking to their coaches for a long time and they are all really nice guys. I've heard a lot of great things about the campus and seeing the team do really good things as well. I wanted to get there and experience it and see what the hype is all about.

"I follow college football pretty closely and I watch a bunch of games on the weekends. I've seen a few games from Washington and they've been doing pretty well this season - a turnaround season from last year."

Washington assistant coaches Tosh Lupoi and Keith Heyward have been the Huskies' main points of contact for Redfield. "They've told me that they are really thin at the safety spot, which is where they want me to come in and play," he said. "They pretty much told me how it's a great school with great academics and a really nice campus and a football team that is up and coming."

Redfield got into town Saturday morning and was immediately thrown into all things purple and gold for the following 48 hours. "It was an all-around great visit. I had a lot of fun with the other recruits and the coaches," he said. Anything stand out? "Anything about the new stadium that's being built," Redfield added. "It looks like it's going to be incredible. It's not finished, obviously - but we got to see a layout and got to go in there when it's under construction. It was really cool."

Redfield joined the other recruits that night at CenturyLink Field to watch the Huskies defeat Utah 34-15. "I was watching how many different things their safeties do - blitz-wise and coverage-wise," he said. "They use 'em in a lot of different ways, and that was really cool. I could see myself doing that."

Redfield's Washington player-host was another top-rated safety in his own right - Shaq Thompson. What did the two talk about? "Pretty much (Shaq) was telling me the coaches were the same from when they were recruiting him to when he got there," Redfield said. They are great coaches and they really care about the players. It's a great program to be in and he's having a lot of fun being there."

Overall, Redfield gave the trip a '7 or 8' out of 10. "It was really fun," he said. Was there anything that could have bumped that number to 10? "They had a great energy and everything," Redfield added. "I got to see a lot of stuff, but if maybe I had more time there and maybe seen more of the campus, maybe…"

Redfield added that he probably won't be able to come back unofficially before making his final decision. "If I could I probably would," he said.

After hosting Long Beach Poly Friday night, Redfield travels north again, this time to Eugene to see Oregon and Stanford play. USC and Ohio State are still possibilities for official visits.

When asked if there was one school that stands out, Redfield was quick to respond: Notre Dame. "Obviously they have a great tradition and great academics and a great team this year," he said. "When I went there I became pretty close to the coaches and in talking to them they made a real impact on what life is like after college and all that kind of stuff. Notre Dame has an incredible degree. They just caught my eye, everything about it. It was all-around a great experience. I don't know if that's just because it was an official visit or anything like that - so that's why I'm going to take more unofficials and make sure I'm feeling the way that I'm feel right now."

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