Turman to walk-on at UW

Ryan Turman didn't know much about recruiting at all until he met Myles Jack. Jack, the coveted athlete from Bellevue, had become friends with Turman even though Ryan wasn't a teammate. The 5-foot-10, 195-pound Turman went to Interlake High School, but that didn't stop the two from becoming friends.

While Jack's verbal commitment to UCLA has made all the headlines, Turman made a decision Tuesday that will determine his immediate future as well, accepting a preferred walk-on offer with the Washington Huskies

"I woke up Sunday morning and got a message from (Washington) coach (Peter) Sirmon to call," Turman told Dawgman.com Wednesday. "I called them and he said that they have a walk-on offer spot. I committed yesterday. Now I just have to do the application and send it to them. They'll follow through. I'm pretty sure I go in on July 5th, that's when it all starts."

And with that, Turman follows a long line of players that have decided to walk on in the hopes of one day earning a scholarship at UW. Last year it was Michael Kneip. "He said he doesn't regret his decision one bit," Turman said of the talks he's had with the former Bellevue offensive lineman. "I trust him. I think I'm not going to regret it at all."

The year before that it was Tre Watson, who has since earned his ride as a backup cornerback.

"Taylor Barton told me about Tre Watson and how he walked on but then got a scholarship - so that's what I'm going to try to do, just ball out this summer," Turman said.

So when did the wheels of industry started turning toward Turman's direction? Again, Jack figures prominently, according to Ryan. "I started talking to Myles when came back from Georgia and that's when we got a good friendship going," he said. "He introduced me to the recruiting game and that's how it all started for me, was with him. We were eating at Jack in the Box one day and he started getting some Facebook messages from coaches, and that's where I saw it. He put my name out there a little bit and it all got going from there."

That's when the Huskies came into the picture. "It started probably in March during track season," Turman said of UW's interest in him. "Me and Myles (Jack) went to visit together and I met most of the coaches and I've loved them ever since, especially coach Sirmon and coach (Jimmie) Dougherty - they are just great people. They've always been interested. We've been talking for a few months and I've have tickets for the games, so every game in the locker room I talk to them every time. We have a good relationship."

Playing cornerback and receiver for the Saints, Turman has been on the verge of getting Pac-12, WAC and SEC offers. "Utah…the coach that's recruiting me wants to give an offer, but they have an o-lineman situation," Ryan said. "But they gave me a preferred walk-on offer, a guaranteed spot. And Idaho messaged me yesterday right before I committed. They told me that since they are having all the trouble with the coaches they want to wait a little bit - but I think that's going to be an offer. And Mississippi State said they have no more offers available but I have a guaranteed spot there."

But the UW walk-on offer was too much to ignore. In the family - "Watching games when I was five years old and thinking, 'I wish I could play for them', and now that it's come true - it's unreal," Turman said. "They are the first ones that came in with an official walk-on offer. I had some other ones to Mississippi State and Purdue and Utah, but they made it very clear on the phone, so…U-Dub. That's just a dream come true for me."

The coaches are getting a quality walk-on in Turman, a player obviously willing to sacrifice dollars in exchange for what he sees as an ideal situation for him. "They said they just like me as a player and as a person," Turman said of UW. "I've been going around there a lot, so they know I'm a true Husky. Both my parents went there, so there's no other place."

It doesn't hurt that the Huskies have a current player on their roster that Turman has admired for a while now in fellow wideout Kasen Williams. "He's been my role model since I don't know when…watching him play at Skyline and him being from Washington - I've hung out with him a couple of times and I can't wait to be able to play with him," Turman said of Williams.

With Turman, will Husky fans see the same type of spectacular seven-foot high-jump hijinx that Williams has become known for? Probably not, but it sounds like he has plenty in common with other UW wideouts. "You'd definitely see hard routes," he said. "I always run my routes hard, I'm blocking every play no matter what. I don't care if I'm getting the ball. I just the team to win overall. That's what matters."

As a preferred walk-on, Turman will be able to apply at Washington using the NCAA minimums instead of as a regular student. "They said I have to maintain above a 2.5 - I have a 3.2 right now, so I'm not worried," Turman said. "I have all A's and B's right now."

Turman has also taken the SAT, where he scored a reported 1500. "I'm retaking it because I know I can do better than that," he added.

Official visits are probably going to be taken in December, and Washington isn't the only place he's planning on checking out. "Mississippi State said they could get me an official in December and I think Utah is going to let me take one as well," he said.

Is there a chance those visits could potentially sway him away from this week's decision? "That's going to be a decision I have to make, but if I had to think about it right now - I don't think anyone is going to pull me away," Turman said.

And we wind our way back to Jack. Now that Turman has made up his mind, is he going to turn recruiter for Washington in an attempt to push Myles off his verbal commitment to UCLA in favor of staying closer to home? "For sure," Turman said, matter-of-factly. "Me and Myles talk about it all the time. I'm not the type of person that's going to force him to commit somewhere, but he knows that I really want to play with him - so I'm going to try as hard as I can."

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