Muhammad is mulling things over

As one of the fastest players in the entire country, Notre Dame (Sherman Oaks, Ca.) RB Khalfani Muhammad has no shortage of options and recently he told that Washington continues to be a school in the mix for his services, but that at this point in time he's totally focused on the playoffs and getting his team a state title...

"We've got the playoffs going right now, so I haven't really done that much with recruiting," Muhammad told "I mean, I still talk to coaches and still watch games and see what teams have going on, but right now, I've really got to be focused on my team and helping us get a championship."

Muhammad is one of the most explosive players on the West Coast, using his legit 10.5 100 meter time to rush for nearly 1,400 yards and 18 touchdowns including a 90-yard, two touchdown effort in Notre Dame's 28-27 win over Oaks Christian.

"We're rolling right now, but our next game is just going to be harder," Muhammad said. "We have St. John Bosco, so we have to come in focused and ready for a big battle."

On the recruiting front, Muhammad has offers from the likes of Arkansas, California, Cincinnati, Duke, Houston, Notre Dame, Oregon State, San Diego State, UCLA, Utah and Washington and he's expecting to take visits to two schools after his season is over.

"I've already visited Notre Dame (9/21) and that was a real good trip," Muhammad said. "I really liked the atmosphere there and their offense is really rolling along right now. They have a great staff and I really enjoyed my time there.

"I've visited Cal unofficially and I'm planning to visit Washington and Oregon State, but until my season is over, those visits are going to be hold for a little while, hopefully for a long while."

One staff that Muhammad said that he speaks with on a pretty regular basis is Washington and he said he's seen most of their games.

"They have a great running game and they are being really productive right now," Muhammad said. "I talk to the coaches there pretty regularly and we just talk about my season and their season and how things are coming along.

"I have a great relationship with them and I'm looking forward to getting back up there to see the campus again and to see the progress of how their stadium is coming along. I know they played at the (Seattle) Seahawks' stadium and stuff, but their stadium is going to be sick when it's all done and I saw it this past spring, so it will be cool to see it again."

We will continue to keep track of Muhammad as he continues on during his senior season and will update things when he starts to firm up his visit dates.

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