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The Huskies go for their fourth straight win and second straight on the road when they travel to Boulder for a 11:30 MT kickoff in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Can Sark show that his team can win back-to-back games on the road? Here is what the staff thinks.

Patrick Thrapp – numbers guru:

This should be a road game the DAWGs win. I mean Colorado has given up a boat load of points this season. Half of the games they have played. The Buffalos have given up 50 or more points. It takes them on average 27 plays to score 7 points. Yet their opponents on average take just 10 plays to do the same. Time for the Huskies to go win big on the road. It is very doable. What I'd like to see is lots of offense and few penalties – please!

Prediction: Washington 35, Colorado 20

Andrew Dore – Dawgman.com intern:

I'll start off by saying that this game should not be close. The Huskies cannot overlook this game by getting distracted with upcoming rival, Washington State. The Huskies need to put this game away in the first half and they should be able to. Bishop Sankey is going to fill the stat sheet easily rushing for well 100 yards while getting 20+ carries against a porous Buffalo defense. Arizona's no huddle offense had the ball just over 25% of the game time last week while putting up 56 points. The Husky offense will eat up more clock while still putting up plenty of points. Next stop, Apple Cup.

Prediction: Washington 42, Colorado 10
Jay Torrell – Scout.com Creative Print Director:

This could be a DVR game for me because if there is any chance the Buffs hang with Washington I don't want to see one minute of it. And if at any point during that time we are losing, I will destroy my phone and start following something less stressful like the Fiscal Cliff. I see a fairly conservative game plan with a heavy dose of Sankey and ASJ. No need to do anything special. If the Dawgs can't beat the Buffs straight up, then the whole storyline of the off-season changes dramatically. Huskies 37 - Buffs 20

Prediction: Washington 37, Colorado 20
Scott Eklund – Dawgman.com Recruiting guru:

As Mr. Miagi said to Daniel-sahn..."you stay focused". No matter what is going on around them, no matter their perceived weakness or strength of their opponent, if Washington stays focused the rest of the season, they should be able to win any game they play. The offense is starting to come together and the defense continues to gain confidence. Even the special teams is starting to show some signs of life. Washington should walk (or run) to a victory over a floundering Colorado squad. If head coach Steve Sarkisian continues to feed Bishop Sankey and Keith Price stays error-free this should be a 21-plus point win. I expect that to be the case.

Prediction: Washington 41, Colorado 17
Chris Fetters: Dawgman.com Editor-In-Chief:

Almost forgot about this prediction, because a UW win is considered such an afterthought. It shouldn't be - that's why they always play the games. But by ever metric and every measure, if the Huskies don't win this game comfortably it will be considered a shock. Hell, UW is only averaging 15 points a game on the road but are favored by 20 in Boulder? That tells you a lot more about CU than it does UW. All the regular game day rules apply: Don't turn the ball over; play smart special teams; eliminate the big play; stop the run and establish the run on offense to set up play action. This week of practice has been a solid one for UW, so I really don't expect them to overlook the Buffaloes - at least until halftime.

Prediction: Washington 41, Colorado 7
Kim Grinolds: Dawgman.com Business Operations:

It's been a while since there's been an easy game especially on the road. It's about time for one of those, and I fully expect it on Saturday morning in Boulder. I look for the game to be over by halftime and the backup quarterback to finally get some time.

Prediction: Washington 48, Colorado 13
David R. Samek – Dawgman:

This team is feeling good about itself, but they know better than to look ahead. Especially when they look in the rear view mirror and see how many times they've really crapped the bed on the road. This game is against a far inferior opponent who has nothing to lose. Washington will struggle, but Bishop Sankey will get it going on the ground and lead the Huskies to a closer-than-it-should-be victory. No complaints from me about that, a road win is a road win, and this one puts the Huskies at 7-4 headed to the Apple Cup.

Prediction: Washington 21, Colorado 13

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