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SEATTLE - Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar, Abdul Gaddy, Desmond Simmons and Colorado State Head Coach Larry Eustachy spoke post-game after the Rams upended UW 73-55 at Alaska Airlines Arena Saturday afternoon.

UW Head Coach Lorenzo Romar

Opening statement: We talked to our team about Colorado State was I thought leading the country in rebounding, plus 17, if that's correct, going into this game. And we talked about that might be the #1 key is matching their physicality. We failed miserably in that area. Twenty-four offensive rebounds in any game is just…you just give yourself…you put yourself in a tough position to win a game like that. They just out-physicaled us. In spite of that, we're still up six points in the second half to a good, veteran team. But sooner or later, if we're not keeping them off the boards, it's hard to hold them off. And they finally got loose and then they got hot.

On if Colorado State had more energy during the 15-0 run in the second half: Well, there came a point when they had more of it. Like I said, we had our opportunities. We had some transition opportunities, we had some easy shots maybe that we didn't put in the basket, a couple of free throw opportunities. You can only not capitalize against a team like that for so long. Whether it was the 15-0 run after a timeout or something else after it, but sooner or later something like that was potentially going to happen because they just had their way with us on the backboards.

On if anything is going to change on how the team is rebounding: Keep working at it. After the first game we talked about it and we came back and we were pretty good. We didn't get out-rebounded again until Ohio State. So, a couple games we out-rebounded the teams. And again, they're the number one team in the country rebounding, if that's correct. And that's very good, but we couldn't allow them to be that good.

On how critical Scott Suggs is: I don't think it would have been that…made a difference on the backboard. I don't think Scott Suggs would have made a difference in terms of rebounding. Shawn Kemp may have helped. Where Scott would have been able to help is on the defensive end and probably score some points for us. We didn't have a lot of options tonight in the second half.

On if the team plays with a lot more confidence with Suggs playing: Fifth year senior, co-captain, one of the top scorers, co-leading scorer on our foreign tour. It would help to have him. No doubt. But, we don't. So we've gotta make the best with what we have.

On Suggs' injury: Initially, we thought that's what it was (strained arch). It's plantar fasciitis and that, you have to sit out. He's been in a boot all week. Hasn't done anything. We thought it was a good chance he wouldn't play, we're just hoping he can come back soon. Before this eight game home-stand started we thought some kind of way if we could just patch the effort together and weather the storm until Shawn gets back, and then Scott gets back, then we'd be okay, we'd be off and running. But we still have some games before those guys are going to be able to come back.

On if it's the same foot Suggs hurt last year: No, it's an entirely different injury. Entirely different injury.

On a timetable for Suggs' return: It's week-to-week to day-to-day.

On if he could be available for Wednesday's game against St. Louis: Could be. We don't know.

On CJ's big fall near the end of the game: Tailbone. You never know about that until the morning, but right now we think tailbone.

On the rebounding woes outside of Aziz: Desmond Simmons is our next best rebounder at 6'7, then it kind of drops off after that. But Aziz, he's averaging a double-double but we can't expect him to get every rebound in there.

On Gaddy's demeanor during the second half: Abdul doesn't change a whole lot in expression. Whether things are going poorly or things are going great. His demeanor doesn't change a whole lot.

On Gaddy's reaction to his short free throws and poor defense on screens: We could start to go around the room and name different guys that made mistakes that way. We, as a team, collectively, just didn't, we didn't respond to their physicality.

On the message he sent to Gaddy down the stretch: Just had to be tougher, tougher in these situations. Bounce back.

On the offense, other than C.J. Wilcox: Andrew Andrews scores better than he has shown. He's not been able to get the ball to go down, but he's a better scorer than that. Everything that we've done, practice, foreign tour, practice last year, he's scored better than he has. He just hasn't been able to get the shot to go down. We played Ohio State, #4 team, #3 team in the country. We played Seton Hall, who's not ranked but they're a pretty good basketball team. Albany beat us. Loyola Maryland is a good team. Now, with those four games we had four guys averaging double figures, so it's not like we've had one guy just scoring the whole time. Tonight, CJ was the one that could put the ball in the basket. We had to rely heavily on him, but in other games, guys stepped up and scored. Like I said, four guys in double figures and Desmond was 8.3, so he was close to being double figures.

On where the team goes from here: Come back, regroup, understand that we can't continue to say, "it's early in the season," because it won't be after a while. But it is early in the season. I think our guys will come back with more of a physical presence and continue to work hard. We're gonna be alright, we got guys coming back, we got guys coming off injuries that are gonna be able to help our team. So we gotta continue to work, continue to get better.
Abdul Gaddy

On what's going through his head after the loss: Next game. I put this one on myself. Captains are not supposed to play like that, on both sides of the floor. And so I think we just gotta rally up. We just gotta come together.

On Colorado State's 15-0 run in the second half: Yeah, they made a run and we didn't rally up. That's my job. That's my job to bring us together and make sure guys know where they're supposed to be, offensively and defensively, and make sure that we maintain our lead or at least maintain the fact that we can stay in the game.

On the message coach Romar was sending to him towards the end of the game: He was just telling me that you can't let your offensive woes affect you defensively. And me playing offensively, not playing well, it went into a play where I laid on a screen and one of the guards hit a three. He took me out and he's like, "captain's not supposed to play like that." And I heard his message and I'm learning from it and it won't happen again.

On the struggles of the perimeter defense: I think we were just helping too much. We weren't moving, getting a hand up early. Just little things we gotta fix.

On if the team can play through the injury of Scott Suggs: Yeah. We're fine. We just gotta rally up. We just gotta come together. We have great team chemistry and it's a minor fix. We'll be ready for St. Louis. We just gotta get that swagger back about us. Just go out there and play. That's the main thing, just go out there and play. Don't put too much pressure on ourselves just because we're 2-3. Long season, just take it one game at a time. If we take it one game at a time, focus on St. Louis, ain't looking at nobody else. Look at St. Louis, and then we play that game hard, win or lose, and we go to the next game.

If Romar talked to them about the Husky team that started 2-3 the year before Gaddy's arrival: Yeah. He said that team rallied up. And he had great leadership. You know, he had a guy in Jon Brockman who was one of the toughest guys in the country, he rallied his team up and they came together and they turned it around. They ended up being the #4 seed in the NCAA tournament. Not saying we're that team, but we know what we're capable of and we know that it's possible. So we just gotta get tougher. The rebounds, we got killed on the rebounds and that's not us. We got two of the toughest guys in the country in Desmond and Aziz that we feed off them and that shouldn't happen. We probably won't ever let that happen again. We just gotta rally up.

On if he's looking to be the Brockman-type influence on this team: Yeah. I mean, vocally. I lead the team vocally and talking and doing whatever I can in the game, and that's make sure I do my job on defense and offense. Me, as a captain, I just can't play like that. And I think younger guys seeing me play like that, it made them go down and that's just not what captains do. That's what coach Romar's message he sent to me was that, you feed off your leader.

On how shocking it is to lose two straight home games for the first time in his career: Very shocking but it can happen, nothing's impossible. I think it's just something you learn from. It's kind of like something you just gotta get through. I've experienced a lot of things in my career and this is just another one, so we'll turn it around and be just fine.

On if they overlooked Colorado State heading into the game: Naw. Naw. We just…in the second half, we weren't ourselves. For the last 16 minutes we weren't ourselves. I think it's just we wear down, I don't, I really don't know, but we just gotta turn it around. We'll be fine.
Desmond Simmons

On if Colorado State's offensive rebounding: Definitely. We just weren't the physical team tonight. That's what it was all about. They were more physical. They were more determined to get the offensive rebounds than we were, and it showed. And that's something we gotta definitely focus on.
Colorado State Coach Larry Eustachy

Opening Statement: I don't think they (our team) have had that since they've been here. Going to a place like this and winning. The turning point, we took a timeout, we were down six, we really challenged them and said we could finally turn the corner with an attitude that we know what it takes to win and that's stop after stop and we were pleased. Then we were fortunate to hit some shots that I haven't seen us make since I've been the head coach here so it was well deserved by our guys. They worked very hard to do something like this.

On Washington: They are like us. They can't afford foul trouble or a Guy Hurt so (Scott) Suggs out really hurt them.

On our short timeout: I just said this is your M.O. This is what you've done since you've been here. You go on the road and you don't win against teams like this so when are you going to change your attitude. You have the game, it's not a great game but they are playing the way you are teaching them. I thought Greg's (Smith) shot and three-point play was the turning point.

On making your 3-pointers: We did this without Wes (Eikmeier) our best shooter, well he made a layup but he was 2-for-9 going into that. If we shoot it like that we can be a really, really good team. If we play the way we played and make baskets then you get this kind of score.

On rebounding: Pierce Hornung had eight offensive rebounds. We had more offensive rebounds then they had as a team. That's who we are. That's why we won. That's what we have always done everywhere we have been. The guys are excited. They are buying into the way I think the game should be played and it's nice when they are rewarded with something like this.

On if he was surprised with the result: I like this group of guys. I didn't know what going into this game we would do. We try but I didn't think the score would be this. We are all learning. This is not an easy situation for coaches and players, we don't know each other, but ya 4-0 is nice. I think (Aziz N'Diaye is great, he is going to be on an NBA roster. I think (Scott) Suggs hurt them. I think it changed their rotation. But when we shoot like that we can hang with anybody. I think we are an exciting team. We are in the infant stages still but we are only going to get better.

On the big run with Iverson on the bench: No (it didn't surprise me). Gerson (Santo) was terrific. He played 16 minutes and was a big factor, he had three rebounds. This is a different team than last year. You are adding Iverson, Daniel, Jon and Gerson, it's just a stronger team depth wise. We have been good on the road so far with these guys.

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