Kearsley talks about two in-home visits

One of the top linemen on the entire West Coast, one that plays with an attitude, is Aloha (Beaverton, Or.) OL Brayden Kearsley. It wasn't long ago that he had the Huskies out of the race, but the Washington coaching staff has gotten back into the race and even drawn up to the top with their most recent in-home visit...

"I'd say it was just a great visit overall for me," Kearsley told Tuesday evening. "Coach (Dan) Cozzetto and coach (Tosh) Lupoi had a great power-point presentation for me and we just talked about depth charts and what a good situation it was for me to come in there and challenge for playing time.

"They talked a lot about the NFL and how many players have gone to the NFL with the pro-style system and that was really great because obviously I want to go the NFL if I can. That's my goal and they know what major I wanted to go into and we talked a lot about their sports medicine program there and how great their medical school is.

"They both just sold their program and what the school had to offer me. So it was pretty great.

"It really impressed both me and my parents, so it was great and then after they left, I got a call from coach (Steve) Sarkisian and we talked about things for about 15 minutes.

"He just talked about the direction they are taking their program and that they really like me a lot and the way I play the game. He really showed me how much he really wanted me to join their program."

Kearsley also had visitors on Tuesday night from Arizona State and they too impressed the Beaver State lineman.

"They were really up front about things and truthful, that was something that I really felt comfortable with them," Kearsley noted. "They talked real truthfully about the school. They were just real honest with me about things and their presentation really impressed my parents."

Kearsley has offers from schools across the country, but has whittled his list down to a top five of, in no order, Washington, UCLA, Arizona State, Oregon State and BYU, the school he committed to early in the process and who will remain a factor to the end.

"All five of my top schools are going to be playing in bowl games, so they have things going on, but I want to visit two schools in January and two in December and then figure out when I will visit the third.

"I'm not really set yet on dates, but I have an idea on them. We'll see what ends up happening with those."

So overall, did Washington make up ground?

"I would say yeah, they have definitely leveled the playing field," Kearsley said. "They were great in their presentation to me and just how they sold their program, as well as the medical school and all of the things that their university has to offer me.

"I'd say it's definitely going to be a tough choice for me since I have five great schools that I am choosing from and all of them seem to be heading in the right direction so mostly I am just going to check everything out, build relationships, even better ones than I already have, with the coaches and then I will decide what I want to do sometime in late January."

We will continue to keep track of Kearsley's progress and will update news as it breaks with him.

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