Trip Report - Joe Mathis

Since he's been to Seattle three times, Upland (Ca.) DL Joe Mathis, told he wasn't exactly surprised by anything on his official visit this weekend, but he did say some things impressed him on his visit...

"Oh yeah, the visit went really, really well," Mathis told after returning from his visit. "I had already been up there a couple of times, so there really wasn't anything that was new for me, but it was still really great to be up there, see them practice and also all of the tours and academic stuff we got to see was great.

"Josh Shirley was my host and I've known him for a long time, so we hung out a lot and just had fun. I got to hang out with the other players and really get a feel for what their daily lives are like which is cool."

Mathis said there wasn't really one thing that stood out, but did talk about one aspect that impressed him.

"I don't think I could say one thing was better than anything else," Mathis said. "I loved everything about the visit, but the academic stuff, the support they give to their students, it was really pretty cool and I liked it a lot."

Besides Mathis' visit to Washington this week, he visited Utah back in October and will take an official trip to Hawaii this weekend. After that, he said his decision will be made in early January.

"I'm announcing at the Army All-American Game (January 5th) so I'll take this last visit and then make my decision and announce at the game," Mathis said. "I'm still looking at everyone and it will come out that day, not before then."

We will continue to keep track of Mathis' progress and will update news as it happens with him.

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