Trip Report - Troy Williams

There was a reason Troy Williams waited until this past weekend to take his official visit to Washington. His Narbonne team had gone all the way to the CIF state regional Open Division championship bowl game last weekend against Corona Centennial. And even though the Gauchos won 41-34, Williams brought Narbonne back from the dead.

Williams accounted for 472 yards of total offense and four touchdowns, leading the Gauchos back from a 27-8 halftime deficit. And he did it all with an injured passing shoulder.

Suffice to say, it's the last time Williams will play against Huskies, unless it's in the non-conference or in a bowl game, as Troy graduated from Narbonne Friday and at the same time started his official visit to UW. He's set to enroll for winter quarter January 7th.

"I was really looking forward to hanging out with the players even more than last time and trying to get those other guys on board that came down with me that aren't committed yet," Williams told when asked about what he was looking forward to on the visit. "And then to take it from a school perspective and go see what my classes are going to be. I had a lot of things on my mind."

The first part first. How did Williams get along with the other visitors, all uncommitted players? "I think it went real well," he said. "I think I made a good connection with Lavon Hooks and Patrick Enewally and Brayden (Kearsley). Those are all good guys - we got along good. Even Eddie Vanderdoes, we all had fun. I think they liked it a lot out there."

Williams was one of three players from California that visited, joining Enewally and Vanderdoes. "We connected real well since we're all from Cali," he said. "We were all just talking about the weather and Seattle and it would have to be something to get used to - but it was real nice. The majority of us would rather be cold than hot, so we liked it a lot."

Being with the recruits all weekend, what did Williams see that made a big impression on his fellow visitors? "I think when we went to the dorms they saw a lot of cool things…they are co-ed," he said. "The freshman dorms are like brand-new, so it was nice to know that once we get there and whoever comes, they'll be brand-new, haven't been used. That was cool. And seeing all the new facilities and the new stadium - there's just a lot of new things coming."

There was something else that made a big impression on Williams. "Everywhere we went there was food," he said with a chuckle. "They want us to get big and be able to take those hits or deliver those hits to whoever is on the field. They fed us about every five minutes, so I was stuffed. I'm pretty sure I came back with a little more weight on me."

Fellow Gaucho Sean Parker was Williams' player-host. "He was a great host," he said of Parker. "We hung out, saw some of his friends - they showed me a good time. He was just telling me to come in and ball out, make sure I'm focused on everything and stay out of trouble."

Having graduated Friday, Williams was ready to get a sneak peak at coming educational attractions. "They have a lot of support behind their kids, especially with athletics - I noticed that," he said. "They care deeply about the football program or the basketball program or whatever you play. They just want to make sure you understand what you're doing and make sure you get all your credits and just make sure you know what you're doing once you get to school."

Does Troy have an idea as to what he'll study on upper campus? "I think I'm just going to go there and see what hits me," he said. "I want to do either Kinesiology or Sociology, but I'll probably just go there and see what they have and see if I like anything better."

On the field, Williams talked about the relationship with him and current UW QB starter, Keith Price. "Me and Keith Price, we're really good friends," he said. "I've known him since the 8th grade. Every time we go out there we have a good time, he's like a big brother to me. I look up to him and he's also a good quarterback. I'm always looking forward to going up there and seeing him. He's always smiling and making me laugh, so it's always fun hanging out with him."

Obviously Williams will be on hand in April to take part in spring football. Does he expect to come in and compete right away? "I'm going to go out there and prove myself, make sure I learn the playbook and know the plays," he said. "Keith told me he'll help me with whatever I need, but basically I just want to go out there and prove myself to everybody and show that I can be just as good as anybody out there."

What has the UW staff done to this point to get Williams ready? "They are just trying to take it slow right now, make sure that I take everything in slowly," he said. "There's a lot of stuff coming at me real fast right now. They want to make sure I don't get too caught up and get confused. They told me that once I get there I'll have to adapt to it. Once I get used to it, I'll be alright."

Back to recruiting. Williams was the only UW commit there this weekend, and as such he did his part to try and convince the rest of the visitors to be Huskies. "They are all good guys and they all like to have fun," he said of the group. "We were laughing the whole time. But I think Brayden, Patrick and Lavon might…I'm not sure…they might come in the boat. I had a real good connection with them. I think Eddie was just up there taking a trip, trying to have fun. If he comes, he comes too. But I'm real high on Brayden, Patrick and Lavon. We all had a good connection."

Now back in California, Williams will try and enjoy the holidays with his family while he has the time. And he'll also be resting that shoulder. "It's good right now," he said when asked about his injured wing. "Once I get up there I'll have someone check it out and just keep continuing to go through rehab and keep icing it and hopefully it heals fast enough before I have to do anything like big-time throwing or anything like that."

But he'll be ready to let 'er fly in April when spring football comes around? "Oh yeah. Absolutely."

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