Head or Heart for Harlow?

If he knew the answers, Sean Harlow would bottle and sell them to other high school prospects and become a rich, rich man. The 6-4, 270-pound offensive lineman from San Clemente, Calif. is dealing with a similar situation many top prospects find themselves in around the holidays; stuck between a rock and a hard place. He isn't sure which way to move.

In talking with Dawgman.com Tuesday, Harlow spoke candidly about the tug of war he's experiencing right now between two Pac-12 programs and how he's going to go about finding the solution to his dilemma.

"I'm still pretty open, actually," Harlow said when asked how the recruiting process is going for him right now. "I'm still looking at other colleges. At first it was kind of more to reassure, but now I'm kind of wavering, I guess. It's mostly between U-Dub and Oregon State…that's where my commit is right now."

That doesn't sound like a commitment, but Harlow insists his pledge is intact - for the time being. "I'm still technically committed," he said. "I've told the coaches what's up and they know that I'm looking at Oregon State. They've been trying to talk me out of really thinking about it. I have high interest in both but technically I'm still committed to Washington.

"My head is saying one thing, my heart is saying another. My head is saying, 'Go to U-Dub', my heart is saying to go to Oregon State."

Harlow spoke a little more on what his brain is telling him. "The education and degree from U-Dub is pretty much top of the line," he said. "The facilities and all that stuff is going to be great. They've had an influx of young talent and they are going to be successful in the future. That's why I fell in love with them in the first place."

But his heart has been tugging at him for a long time with respect to the Beavers. "They were my first offer, so I've always had a good connection with all the coaches up there," Harlow said. "I've been up there like three or four times so I'm pretty close with most of the kids up there now and a few kids that are thinking about going there most likely…my bond with them is pretty close. That's what my heart is saying."

When asked for particular examples, Harlow mentioned OSU players like Isaac Seumalo, Josh Andrews, Josh Mitchell, Grant Bays - as well as prospects like Jordan Villamin and Brayden Kearsley, who he believes will end up in Corvallis. "I met a bunch of them up there and they were really cool and I liked them lot," he added.

When asked similarly about Washington, Harlow didn't mention any current Huskies. "I know Dane Crane and Connor O'Brien pretty well," he said.

Harlow has already taken four visits and isn't sure a fifth one would help, but he's still debating it. "I don't think there's any school that's going to come in all of a sudden and wow me or something like that," he said, adding that he will not visit Oregon State or UW again before making his final choice. "I've been to both schools three or four times each; I know what they are all about. I know all the people and all the coaches."

So what was Harlow looking for the first go-around when he took his official visits? He had been to Boise State and Wisconsin as well as UW and OSU. "I was looking for that family feel where everyone is down to earth…brotherhood, I guess," he said.

He clearly found that in Corvallis, but what about Seattle? "I felt like they all got along together pretty well," Harlow said. "All the coaches said that what I'm seeing is different than reality. They are saying that everyone is tight up there. I was only up there for a couple days hanging out with the linemen. They all got along pretty well; I don't know how the whole team in general is."

Semester doesn't finish at San Clemente until February 1st, but Harlow will still graduate early and be available for spring ball, but wouldn't come in winter quarter at UW, for instance. He's going to take all the time he needs between now and signing day to find the answers that would align his heart and head and bring him some peace in the process.

"I wish I knew," Harlow said when asked what it's going to take for him to get to that final decision. "It would be a lot easier if I did. There are so many factors and variable I have to consider before making the final decision and signing my name on that line. I don't know what the ultimate factors are going to be, but hopefully I figure it out pretty soon.

"I was really stressed out after taking all my officials so close together, so after that I haven't been thinking about it too much, honestly. I'm just trying to relax and enjoying high school right now. It's a big decision and I want to do it with a clear head."

One thing Harlow did say that he probably wouldn't declare at the Semper Fidelis All-America game, a game featuring prospects for both Washington and Oregon State. Dane Crane, Daeshon Hall, Elijah Qualls are currently committed to Washington and prospects like John Ross, Danny Mattingly and Austin Hooper are also looking hard at UW.

"It could happen if it felt right, but I'm not really too big into making a big announcement," said Harlow.

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