ScoutTV: Azeem Victor

LAS VEGAS - It's not a long drive from LA to Las Vegas, so a lot of Washington fans headed to Sin City the last couple of days to watch the Huskies play in the MAACO Bowl Las Vegas. One fan in particular showed up - Azeem Victor, a 6-foot-4, 225-pound linebacker prospect from Pomona - who happens to be committed to UW. spoke with Victor while he was in Vegas about his commitment.

Here's some selected quotes from the video interview. Victor confirmed that he'll be visiting Washington officially the weekend of January 11th.

On coming out from LA to see the Vegas Bowl - "I'm very excited about being here."

Height/weight and style of play - "I'm 6-4, about 225. And the way I play? Pretty violent."

On transition to linebacker - "It was challenging at first learning the schemes and stuff, but overall it was a good outcome."

On his previous SDSU commitment - "My commitment with San Diego - they were the first to offer so I was kind of taking that and running with that. But Washington took it away."

On Peter Sirmon recruiting him to UW - "Coach Sirmon, he's a real cool guy. I like how he taught me how things were going to go at Washington. I just felt that connection with him, and that was the most important thing."

On getting recruiting by his position coach - "Yeah. The good thing about that is that coach Sirmon is the linebackers coach, so I get to know the view of what I'm going to be doing and he's the person I'm going to be working with. So I thought that was a very, very good thing."

On the discussions he had with his family when committing to UW - "My family, they are very supportive and they are ready to go wherever I go. I was talking to my Dad and he was telling me that Washington is a very good place, and if I don't want to go there I must be crazy."

On being recruited to play middle linebacker - "At first they didn't know where to put me, but once they saw me and saw my size, they decided I would make a big impact at middle linebacker - so I'm good with that."

On his plan going forward - "Right now I'm just training and getting flexible. The coaches said they want me to get flexible, so that's all I'm doing…that and school."

When you think middle linebacker, what are you thinking about? - "I think about Ray Lewis and how he plays."

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