The 12 Plays of Christmas: No. 3

With the holidays upon us, is counting down the top plays of the season, with the No. 1 play to finish out the year. So who is next on the list? We're down to the top three, so these are the cream of the crop when it comes to the top Washington plays of the season.

This one was huge for the Huskies. Down 10 points with less than three minutes left in the third quarter, Washington roared back to within a field goal after Bishop Sankey raced 61 yards to daylight.

Sankey's score brought Washington back from the dead, but it was Kasen Williams' 35-yard scamper down the sidelines two drives later that electrified the CenturyLink crowd and put the Husky faithful into raptures. It was the play, coupled with Desmond Trufant's interception the following series that 'blacked out' the Cardinal once and for all.

For Williams, the 35-yard catch-and-score highlighted a day where the sophomore from Skyline caught 10 passes for 129 yards. He was Keith Price's good luck charm all night long, and when the Huskies needed a first down on 3rd and 2 with just under five minutes left in the game Price leaned on Williams once again.

At first it looked like an innocuous quick pass to the sidelines designed to pick up a few yards to keep the chains moving. But Williams used his considerable size and strength to out-muscle Stanford corner Terrence Brown by dropping his shoulder and leaving Brown in his wake. As the UW sideline went nuts, a moment of madness; Williams bobbled the ball!

But Kasen quickly gobbled the pill back up without losing stride. All that stood between Williams and the end zone was Stanford safety Ed Reynolds, who jumped on Kasen and tried to corral the UW wideout before scoring. Another moment of madness; Williams was stripped of the ball by Reynolds as he crossed into the end zone, but the play was ruled a touchdown.

It was Williams' top play of the year and really highlighted all the strengths of his game; his size, ability to play behind his pads to shed defenders and stay on his feet no matter how many guys are hounding him.

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