Ajamu stands out at Tanoa Bowl

It's been a good holiday season for David Ajamu. For the 6-foot-5, 230-pound tight end prospect for Shelton High School, he's set on signing with the University of Washington in February. Ajamu also stood out for Team Washington in their 38-20 loss to Team Utah in the 2012 Tanoa Bowl Saturday night, catching a number of passes, including one for a touchdown.

Ajamu and teammate Ralph Kinne also took part in a wedding this past week for another former Shelton teammate. He had to miss practice and the media day, but it was well worth it. "It was good," Ajamu said of the wedding. "It was our trainer. He trains us - me and the running back - his name is Jacob Barrett. He played at Shasta (College) in California."

The missed time didn't slow Ajamu and Kinne down at all during the game. Ajamu made a difference for Team Washington passing the ball, and Kinne was named the Team Washington Offensive Player of the Game. "It was fun," Ajamu said of the game. "I wish I could have had a few more of those long plays…I had the two safeties high and they would go to my left side so I had the corners open all night…but it is what it is.

"Everyone just wants to come out and have fun, everyone wants to score, everyone wants to showcase…it's a good experience. Me and all the players…I know half the players from Utah because I met at camp. Just me and everybody, it's an experience I'll never forget."

When he scored his touchdown, Ajamu threw up the Dubs, signifying his love for the Huskies. "It's fun knowing that I can start doing that because I'm a part of that family…represent. I'm wearing the purple gloves and I rocked the U-Dub long-sleeve tonight…just representing for my school," Ajamu said.

Ajamu verbally committed to Oregon State in the summer but switched his commitment to Washington just before Thanksgiving after UW Head Coach Steve Sarkisian offered him a scholarship. "When I first started, I didn't think I was even going to go to college in the beginning," Ajamu said. "And after I got a little offer and then a bigger one and a bigger one…they just kept coming and coming over time. It was a long time. The recruiting process is a very long period, and once I got that Oregon State offer I jumped on it because I didn't want anyone to take my spot. I jumped on it. And then after a couple games and some more camps U-Dub saw me. They came out, I went to a game, Coach Sark offered me in person and it went from there."

Ajamu has an official visit planned to Washington a little over a week from now. "I emailed coach (Joel) Thomas because I saw on Facebook that he was leaving and he's my recruiter," said Ajamu. "I called him and I didn't know if I was allowed to talk to him but he said I could call him. He said it was best for his family if he goes over there (to Arkansas). I talked to my tight ends coach (Jordan Paopao) and he told me that he's going to pick up where (Thomas) left off. So it's nice to have the tight ends coach recruiting me too."

During the Tanoa Bowl, Ajamu was used as an H-Back, out at the end, and even out wide. Is he expecting to be used that way at Washington, much like the Huskies currently use Austin Seferian-Jenkins? "I like to be able to do anything coach says, I like to be versatile," said Ajamu. "Whatever he needs, I'm going to do it. I'm that type of guy…pack the lunchbox and do the job…blue collar. Whatever they want me to do, I'll do it."

Speaking of versatility, Ajamu also plans on showing that he can be a solid recruiter for the Huskies as well. His Shelton teammate Kinne plans on walking on at UW, and he said he's going to do his part to try and get as many top-rated players to Montlake as possible. "I met Demorea (Stringfellow), I know Ralph (Kinne)…I know a lot of the people," he said. "I think it's going to be nice coming in with a class that you know. It's going to be fun coming in July when we go up there."

Evaluation: After seeing David Ajamu play at the Tanoa Bowl, it's easy to see why there's some hype surrounding him being the next Seferian-Jenkins. There are videos below that attest to it. The biggest thing is that Ajamu doesn't come in as a ready-made college player the way Austin was with his size. Ajamu is legitimately an inch shorter and at least 20-30 pounds lighter than Seferian-Jenkins was coming out of Gig Harbor High School. But all the other attributes - speed, hands, footwork, work ethic - are all there in abundance. So once Ajamu gets to UW and has a chance to redshirt to get bigger, faster and stronger, he'd be lined up for playing time immediately in 2014 along with Michael Hartvigson and Evan Hudson, assuming Seferian-Jenkins leaves Washington after the 2013 season to declare for the 2014 NFL Draft.

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