Commit Q&A - Joe Mathis caught up with Joe Mathis, a 6-foot-4, 260-pound defensive lineman from Upland, Calif., and he talked about his verbal commitment to Washington Saturday during the U.S. Army All-American Bowl, as well as what UW fans should know about him as he gets ready to enroll at Montlake in the summer.

On his first commitment to Washington back in October, 2011 - "My junior year they were my second offer…I'd been liking Washington since I was younger because I like the Huskies, the dog Huskies…so I might as well commit! So I committed and then other schools showed me love and stuff and I was like wow! As a junior getting an offer from Alabama and USC, so I was getting star-struck. When coach Martin left I thought it was a good time to de-commit, so I de-committed and it went from there. But it was crazy. I never thought Washington would be in it and then coach Tosh Lupoi came and I went up to see Washington and I fell in love with it."

On how he's different now from then - "I changed a lot. As a junior you get all these college looks and everybody wants to be by you…you get the big head. I got the big head. That's why I de-committed, but after I thought about it Washington was the best place for me and the place that feels like home. You just have to grow up in life, and I got a wake-up call."

On his re-commitment - "I re-committed to Washington in November."

On it being hard to keep it a secret until the Army Bowl - "It was real hard. I had to catch myself. It was really hard."

On starting to reach for the USC hat before picking the UW hat at the Army Bowl - "It was a hat-trick because I hate SC. I put SC in there on purpose."

On schools still recruiting him - "Yeah. After the game when I went to the hotel there was Florida and Florida State and Alabama and all these other schools were there. I told them I was with Washington and I was done with recruiting."

On what UW fans should know about Joe Mathis? - "They should know that I'm an outgoing guy. They might see out on the football field that I'm a mean dude and real brutal and stuff, but off the field I'm a cool guy. I talk to fans. I'm not an a-hole like some other college players are. I'm just a really cool guy."

On if he's going to turn into a recruiter now for UW? - "I already have some guys that are ready to commit…I can't say no names…"

Jermaine Kelly committed… - "Yeah! Well, I've got some more coming that you guys really want."

On what is next for him - "I'm coming up in February. I graduate in June but I'll be up there in a couple months after June." Top Stories