Trip Report - Cameron Van Winkle

As the top specialist on Washington's recruiting board, Mount Si (Snoqualmie, Wa.) K Cameron Van Winkle, saw an early offer and made the decision to become a Husky last spring. Now, less than 10 weeks from enrolling at Montlake, he finally took his official visit and he told he was shocked at how blown away he was...

"It was amazing," Van Winkle told "I'm actually still in shock how impressed I was with it all. I had been to U-Dub so many times, I thought I had seen and done everything, but honestly, I was really amazed by everything I did and saw."

Van Winkle's host was Jake Eldrenkamp. Even though both of their schools faced off on a yearly basis, he had only met him once before.

"He's a really big guy," Van Winkle said with a chuckle. "But he was really cool with me. He showed me around and gave me a good feel for what it is like to a Husky student and player."

Van Winkle also said the food was probably the most impressive thing, as well as where he will be living.

"The biggest thing for me was the food," Van Winkle said. "They fed us well. We went to the Space Needle for lunch on Friday and that was cool and then some barbeque place for dinner that night. Then they fed us well on Saturday for lunch, we went to some great restaurant downtown and then a couple of other places. It was a lot of really, really good food.

"I also was impressed with how great the dorms are there. When I was with Team USA, we stayed in dorms for like two-and-a-half weeks down in Texas. It was okay, but I was a little worried about where I was going to be staying once I went to Washington, but then I saw all of the new dorms and where I'll be staying and it's going to be great. I can't wait."

Van Winkle still plans to enroll at Washington in March, in time to take part in spring ball and he said that was a big part of his trip as well.

"I spent time with all of the coaches and they said they were excited to see me come in and compete," Van Winkle said. "They already have two good kickers there, so it'll be tough, but it'll be a good competition and let the best player win."

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