Trip Report - Lavon Coleman

Being from Lompoc, Calif., Lavon Coleman had never witnessed weather like he saw this weekend in Seattle while on his first official visit - to the University of Washington. But not even the cold could shake the 5-11, 210-pound running back's commitment to the Huskies, despite thoughts that he might still like to take a couple more official visits.

"It was good, but it was super cold!" Coleman exclaimed. "God knows why it was that cold, but it was extremely cold. It was fun though. I had fun with a lot of the players.

"I had a coat, but I wore shorts, so I was kind of stuck. I was freezing. I still go through it. We weren't outside too long, that was the good thing about it. Usually we were just inside and chilling. Outside of that I really didn't feel the cold, but it was a pretty cold experience when I first got there. It never gets that cold in Lompoc!"

Coleman was supposed to wait to take his official visit to Washington the following week but decided to move it up a week. "I haven't taken any officials and signing day is coming up soon - so I wanted to go up there and visit U-Dub, actually take an official visit because I hadn't done that…just chill," Coleman told on Sunday. "It was fun. I hadn't been on a recruiting trip, so being on one that like that - perfect!"

Deontae Cooper was Coleman's UW player-host. "We talked about chilling, playing games, having fun with the teammates like Shaq (Shaquille Thompson) and Austin (Seferian-Jenkins) and them," he said. "That's pretty much what we did." He mentioned Corey Waller and also David Ajamu and Azeem Victor as the two prospects he hung out with the most.

So what did the UW players show Coleman during his 48 hours in Seattle? "They showed me college life," he said, matter-of-factly. "We didn't do too much. For the most part we were just chillin' in the rooms…we went out a couple times just to see how it is but it was too cold to go out and do much. But we did enough to where I was like, this is fun. I didn't do too much, you know - because I have four more years of it, so why let it all go now? It was fly."

And their message to the incoming prospect? "Expect to win," he said. "That was the main thing - expect to win. But I ain't trippin'. I expect to win too. I want to play against 'Bama in the BCS."

And was there one thing, a highlight, that stood out to Coleman during his visit? "The girls," he said. "They are so much different from high school girls. Oh my goodness, there was such a big difference. I didn't do anything bad or anything…just the conversations and the lifestyles they live up there are a whole way different than how they do it in Cali."

Recently there was a switch in coaches when Joel Thomas accepted the running back coaching position at Arkansas. Johnny Nansen moved from the defensive line and will now be coaching Coleman in college. "It's all good," Coleman said of the switch. "Coach Nansen and me were already fine before and now it's even better because he's my coach. It didn't even affect nothing. Once I found out it was coach Nansen I was straight. Yeah coach Thomas left and I would have loved to have been coached by coach Thomas, but I still have coach Nansen. I already knew coach Nansen before coach Thomas left, so I still have somebody at U-Dub with me and it's not that bad."

Coleman also had to throw his two cents in regarding Husky Stadium. "Oh my God it's going to be so loud when you play in that stadium - it's going to be ridiculous," he said. "I can't even imagine…for a minute I had a flashback, a fantasy of playing in there. Oh my goodness it looks so beautiful."

So on a scale of 1-10, Coleman rated his visit a 10 even in spite of the frigid temperatures. "The cold didn't even really affect me," he said. "I was always moving anyway, so I was straight. I was surprised by it. I went there in the summer and for sure it wasn't that cold!"

Coleman did say he's got one important question he still needs to ask the UW coaches before signing with the Huskies in February. "I'm going to ask them if I can take an official to UCLA and Fresno State - but I don't know," he said. "I probably doubt I'll go. I don't know. But I'm firm, man. Our class and the way we are and the kind of coaches we have - there's no doubt that we should win. We should all stick together, and that's my thing. Even if I take official visits I'm still U-Dub - you know what I mean?"

He noted the running back coaches at both schools and proximity to home as factors for considering official visits to those schools.

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