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Dawgman.com spoke Wednesday with Hardy Nickerson, head coach at Bishop O'Dowd High School in Oakland Calif., who confirmed that one of his players - Kevin King - will be signing with the University of Washington a week from now.

Nickerson, who played collegiately at California and professionally with Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay, Jacksonville and Green Bay, also confirmed that the 6-foot-2.5, 170-pound King - a cornerback - did not take an official visit to Washington State and has only officially visited UW.

We asked him about King as a player and what Husky fans should look forward to when King dons the purple and gold in August.
A lot of UW fans are also Seattle Seahawks fans, and they see big corners like Brandon Browner and Richard Sherman and then see that Kevin is a tall cornerback. Does he have that kind of potential?: "I don't know how big the corners are with the Seahawks, but at 6-2.5 and still growing, Kevin's ceiling is…the sky is who knows. His upside is tremendous and he has the potential to become a dominant corner."

What are Kevin's strengths? - "I think if you asked every corner, no matter what level they are playing at, all of them would tell you they want to get faster. I think Kevin, his strengths are his size, he's got great feet, he's got great hips…he's long. He's got long levers, long arms. He's very tough to play against. He's going to present a lot of problems for a lot of quarterbacks he plays against. The windows they throw through are going to be very small, if at all."

And the things he needs to work on? - "It's just a matter of maturation and a matter of getting reps. The more reps he gets the better and better he's going to get. And that's with every player, I think. As he plays, he's going to get better and become more and more of a dominant player."

Can you comment on his coachability and personality? - "He's very coachable. He's got a great personality. As a corner you have to have a thick skin. You've got to have the ability to not let things affect you and come back. If the receiver has caught the ball come back the next play and go lights out. He's that kind of guy. Physically he's as athletic a player at the cornerback position as I've been around."

So does he remind you of anyone you played with in college or the NFL? - "Athletically he reminds me a lot of Rod Woodson. Just the ability to control his body, being able to run close…just having the total package."

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