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Dawgman.com spoke Sunday night with Azeem Victor, a 6-foot-4, 225-pound linebacker from Pomona, Calif. He traveled north this weekend with future teammate Joe Mathis for an unofficial visit to Washington just days before he'll sign his letter of intent with UW.

So you might be on television on Signing Day? - "I don't know exactly what channel it's on, but it's the same one that has the Wayne Brady Show. We'll be signing at my school."

Who will sign first? You or JoJo? - "It's going to be me."

When will you sign? - "7 am."

Why was it important to go to Washington this weekend? - "It gave me motivation for me to keep fighting and finish school. We're in the last stretch of it."

What was the highlight of the trip? - "They threw a big old fat party for us. Keith (Price) was there. There were a lot of people there."

Who did you hang out with? - "Basically everybody. Keishawn (Bierria), JoJo as well…Troy (Williams), Trevor (Walker), Jermaine (Kelly) - all the guys."

So you hung out with Keishawn Bierria? - "Yes. He had a great time, I could tell."

Did you talk to him about coming to UW? - "I don't want to pressure anyone into coming. The decision is on them to figure out where they want to be for the next four years."

So what's your philosophy about recruiting for Washington? - "You have to be cool with guys, get to know them a little bit. And then slowly start mentioning U-Dub. You can't just…I don't just ask someone if they are coming to U-Dub. I don't want them to feel that's the only reason I'm talking to them."

Was there anything this trip that you learned about UW and Seattle that you didn't see during your official visit? - "EJ Burger! It was close by the school. EJ burgers…and that sauce! I'm going to try and go there whenever I can."

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