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Dawgman.com spoke Sunday night with Joe Mathis, a 6-foot-3, 249-pound defensive athlete from Upland, Calif. He traveled north this weekend with future teammate Azeem Victor for an unofficial visit to Washington just days before he'll sign his letter of intent with UW.

Why was this unofficial visit important? - "So I could finish off my last decision and where I'm going to sign, make sure that's the right place. I already knew everything, but I wanted to hang out with my future teammates and all the commits and stuff - just see how they are. It went real nice."

Who did you hang out with? - "Jermaine (Kelly), Azeem (Victor), Ryan Turman, Trevor Walker and Troy Williams and the Robinson twins. We just hung out the whole time. We went out with a couple of the other football players. That was pretty much it. We just chilled."

What did you find out during this trip that you didn't know on your official visit? - "You're gonna need a car out there, because that's a long walk to the stadium!"

Did you see the basketball game? - "That's my third basketball game, pretty much. It was cool."

Did the coaches clarify anything in terms of where you'll be playing on defense? - "They are going to move me all around the field."

What is your current height and weight? - "6-3, 249."

So playing some linebacker won't be an issue? - "I played linebacker all during high school until last year. I don't mind it."

So what's on your agenda from now until Signing Day? - "I'm talking to Eddie Vanderdoes, Nico Falah, the two twins from San Diego…I'm trying to get our recruiting class good. Right now it's going good. You want to play with great players so it's important to have a good recruiting class."

So who will sign first? You or Azeem? - "I don't know. I really don't know. But I'm trying to sign around 7."

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