Sarkisian Reviews the 2013 Class

While there were many twists and turns as well as ups and downs to the 2013 recruiting cycle, the Huskies received 20 letters from prospects (two had already signed and are enrolled) and head coach Steve Sarkisian and his staff couldn't be more excited...

On Cameron Van Winkle: "I think we were really able to address our kicking needs by getting a guy who has a big, powerful leg that can be utilized not only on field goals, but kickoff scenarios. A kicker from Mount Si who tremendous leg as we touched on, he will be here for Spring Quarter so he will get 9 practices in his belt and will compete for some spots."

Dane Crane: "We really wanted to try to find a center for our future. Dane Crane is a young man who we identified as a real potential All-Conference, All-American type center. He is a guy who's got football in his blood. His father played collegiate football in this conference. Great kid, great leader, he really is one of the leaders of this class when you start talking about guys that guys related to and wanted to be around and that's what a center is supposed to be. That's what he is supposed to be."

Andrew Kirkland: "We went down to Portland, Andrew Kirkland is a young man who came to camp with us this summer and went against some of the best pass rushers on the West Coast and continued to dominate in training camp and earned it. He had a lot of people chasing him down the last couple of weeks. He held them off to stay on board with us which is really exciting."

Coleman Shelton: "Coleman Shelton, you talk so much about the recruiting process and so much about recruiting this day and age is about early recruiting and guys getting offers as sophomores and juniors. This was a unique story because this was one where the process was almost like the old school one where you watch the kid's senior film, you watched him compete in a very competitive league and division in Southern California. He's a fantastic player. Quite honestly, he was under recruited. We saw him, we had earmarked him, we were hopeful we could get to the end where we could bring him in late and sign him. We were able to do it. He's a young guy, he has plenty of room to develop, really excited about what Coleman brings."

David Ajamu: "David Ajamu's a big, physical tight end. A position for us that we are going to have to develop over the next couple of years to continue down the road of the tight end position. We love his length; he is an extremely competitive young man. He is physical, we like what he brings."

Darrell Daniels: "Darrell Daniels, 6-4, 220 pound kid who ran in the high 10.6's and low 10.7's last year in the 100 meters. I expect him to run real fast again this year. He can really go. I'm excited about what he brings."

John Ross: "John Ross, a little bit different. 5-11, 180 pound kid who is fast, will probably run in the 10.5's this year down there. Very elusive, excellent return man."

Demore'ea Stringfellow: "And then Demore'ea Stringfellow, a real high football IQ, 6-3, 215 pound wide out who if he walked into the room, he looks like an NFL wide out today. Just a physical statured kid, comes from a very good program at Rancho Verde. That group in itself has a chance to have an immediate impact for us."

Lavon Coleman: "Lavon Coleman, probably a typo here and my fault. I was at the home visit with him last week; he is weighing 220 pounds now, tailback, 6 foot, 220 pounds. Exactly what we were looking for in this class to get a bigger, physical back to compliment some of the other backs we have in our program. it's cool to address that need."

Troy Williams: "I can't say enough about Troy, I've been recruiting him for 3 years. He is an extremely gifted young man. Quick release, strong arm, runs very very well. He is not a runner. He is a passer first for sure but can run. We are still researching it but I think he is the first young man to ever be named the LA city player of the year, two times in a row which is a tremendous honor for him. Extremely competitive young man, back to back championships at Narbonne, already enrolled in school so we are pumped to have him."

Andrew Basham: "Andrew Basham, a local man, 6-4, 305, you watch his films, there are times he is playing middle linebacker, he is that good of an athlete. He has a nasty streak to him. It was great for us to get a local kid with these talents here. Looking forward to him joining us."

Marcus Farria: "Marcus Farria is a kid from Arizona, originally from Louisiana, got caught when Katrina hit, moved to Arizona with his mother. I'm excited to watch him rush the passer. He brings some things we might not have in our program right now. He's a guy who committed to us in the summer and from one school after another that pounded on him, stayed true to his word and at the end, was the first guy that faxed in his letter of intent this morning at 7:01 which is a pretty cool story for him."

Joe Mathis: "JoJo Mathis, 6-4, 250 pounds. Relentless is the best word I can describe him as, very good pass rusher. I think in the US Army All American game, had a sack and a half against some of the best players in the country. Again, a natural born leader is something we like out of him."

Elijah Qualls: "And then Elijah Qualls at 6-2 , 285 pounds, rushed for over 1500 yards as a running back at Casa Grande High School there in Petaluma. Very athletic young man so he is going to be an interior defensive lineman but when he gets those matchups on guard to rush the passer, a big key for us to develop that aspect of our game, he can do that."

On the linebackers, Victor, O'Brien, and Constantine: "At the linebacker spot, length and size was the key for us, we felt like we have some of that going with John Timu, Shaq Thompson, Travis Feeney, we want to continue down that road. To get Azeem Victor, 6-4, 230, Connor O'Brien at 6-3, 230, Sean Constantine at 6-2, 230, we addressed all of those needs that way and all of these guys are big strong physical guys but have length."

Keishawn Bierra: "Is a kid who I've been in love with as a player since I went to a Narbonne football game earlier this year. I felt like, and Troy is probably watching this, no offense Troy, I felt like he was the best player on the field with probably 15 division-1 football players on the field. It was just a matter of time for us to get him in the mix. I think he is a great fit for us that way.

On the Secondary: "In the secondary I think one things stands out, you look at the length, 6-1, 190 for Patrick Enewally, Jermaine Kelly at 6-2, Kevin King at 6-2, Trevor Walker 5-11, all long, very good cover guys, physical so that was key. We've had our issues here in the past on defending the spread offense and so what do we need to do, how are we going to be better at defending the spread? Guys that can win one on one matchups in pass rush when teams are only blocking with 5 linemen and getting 5 guys out in the routes. Linebackers that have length that can cover more ground that have the ability to make tackles in space. And defensive backs that can not only cover in man-to-man settings but have the physicality to tackle on all those bubble screens and quick hitch screens. I think we really addressed that aspect of it on the defensive side of the football." Top Stories