Burger Boy Q&A - Nigel Williams-Goss

Dawgman.com spoke with Nigel Williams-Goss, who was picked Thursday to play in the McDonald's All-American Game on Wednesday, April 3 in Chicago at 9:30 ET on ESPN. It's the second all-star game he's been picked for in three days, as Williams-Goss will also play in the Jordan Brand Classic April 13th in Brooklyn.

It's Valentine's Day and Nigel Williams-Goss is certainly feeling the love. We caught up with the 6-foot-4 point guard from Findlay Prep in Las Vegas as he was getting ready to join his team for a trip down to play in the Ricky Daniels Dallas Showcase. The future Washington Husky talked about being named a burger boy today, as well as his relationship with Lorenzo Romar and going for a possible high school national championship this year at Findlay Prep. Right now the Pilots are on cruise control, sporting a 27-0 record with at least nine more games to play for that coveted perfect season.
When he found out he was a McDonald's All-American - "I got a little letter in the mail probably like two weeks ago and it had in it your congratulations letter…so that's when I found out.

On not being able to say anything - "They said on the sheet in bold print in like five different places that you couldn't say anything until after the selection show or anything like that. And that was probably the hardest part - not saying anything."

Did you slip up at all? - "Nah. I was pretty good about it. I wanted to tell people, but you know. I also wanted my friends and coaches to be surprised when it came out. So I did a pretty good job of keeping it a secret."

Who is the most proud to see you become a McDonald's All-American? - "Definitely my Mom and Dad. They sacrificed everything for me, they basically put their lives on hold for me and moved to Vegas with me just so I could make my dreams come true. So to be able to accomplish something like this, I know it was a great moment for them as well."

When you're done playing in the McDonald's game, where is the jersey going? - "My school is definitely going to get one and I'm definitely hanging one up in my room as well."

Did you hear from any of the UW coaches after the announcement? - "It's funny because coach Romar was one of the first…I have to say he was one guy I did talk to and he already knew. I told him when I first found out, so I definitely got a congratulations from them."

On your relationship with coach Romar - "It goes back so long. I've been going up to their Elite camps since I was in the eighth grade and that's when we first started our relationship. We've developed it for around four years. We just get along well and our personalities are real similar. Our approach - and not just in basketball but our outlook on life as well - is really similar. So I'm just very proud to be going up there and start playing with them."

On going up to UW's Elite camp when he was in eighth grade and almost not being allowed to play - "I haven't heard that before. I was only in middle school and I was playing at their senior Elite camp and I was the only middle school kid that was there. And I did pretty well, so I never heard that rumor before…but it might be true!"

On where Findlay Prep is off to now to go play - "We're actually on our way to Texas. We play in Texas tomorrow night."

On his friendship with Jahmel Taylor - "Jahmel is a guy I've known since probably the fourth grade, when we were playing AAU and we were real, real young. He actually came up to Portland when his AAU team was in town and he stayed at our house and stuff like that. So I have a really good relationship with him and we both played with the Double Pump AAU organization. He's just a really good guy and he's definitely going to help the team a lot."

On if the term 'junkyard dawg' is an accurate way to describe Taylor's game - "Yeah. Definitely. He plays hard, he plays with a lot of passion and he competes every time he's out there."

Anything else UW fans need to know about what you're doing right now? - "Just trying to finish the season strong. We're still undefeated, so just trying to keep the winning streak alive and hopefully win this national championship."
Nigel Williams-Goss picked for the 2013 McDonald's All-American Game (video)

Nigel Williams-Goss picked for the 2013 Jordan Brand Classic

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