Underclass Day Impressions: Cody Baker

There was a reason Washington wasn't calling their Feburary 9th recruiting event a 'Junior Day'. They are already looking at prospects for the 2015 recruiting class, and Cody Baker is a local one they've already identified. The 6-foot-4, 245-pound defensive end from Eastside Catholic High School on the Plateau spoke to Dawgman.com recently about the UW invite and what he saw.

"U-Dub sent me an invite through my coach (Jeremy Thielbahr) and he gave it to me," Baker said when asked how he found out about the Underclass Day.

Baker is not just a good young football talent; he's always been a big fan of the game too. "I grew up watching USC a lot," he said. "I like U-Dub and Wazzu a lot. I want to go Pac-12. Those are my top-three teams."

So what happened when Baker got to Montlake for the Underclass Day? "We got there and they showed us all their highlights on the big screen in the basketball gym," he said. "Coach Sarkisian, he was speaking and he was telling us about the life of a football player at U-Dub, transportation, food, gear - it was interesting. It was pretty cool. We saw all the facilities like the libraries, their hangout spots - we even got to go to Husky Stadium and see all the construction. That was interesting. We saw the dorms too. It was great."

The UW coaches talked to Baker about his immediate future. "They want me to come up to their camps and their spring practices and stuff to check it out," he said.

And his initial impression of seeing Washington up close? "I liked it," he said. "I liked it a lot. I thought it was a really good spot to be for sure."

Baker doesn't have any other immediate plans yet for underclass days or camps. "I might be taking a trip to California and checking out schools like Stanford and Cal and USC, places like that," he added.

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