Practice Impressions: Day Four

There is nothing like the sound of pads hitting each other in the night. The Washington Huskies fourth practice of the spring finally featured that as the UW football players were in full pads for the first time. Although there were only a few big hits, it turned out to be a very noteworthy practice.

Doing the special work: First noticeable event at practice was the coaches putting an extra emphasis on punt return blocking. In four separate groups, the coaches broke down key elements in how to take a gunner out of the picture. With that, running backs and wide receivers were also put through blocking drills of their own.

Thump is back: The first big hit of the spring was delivered on Evan Hudson by way of safety Sean Parker. Hudson was coming across the middle, dropped the ball and nearly allowed Parker to secure the interception. After that, Will Shamburger delivered the hammer on DiAndre Campbell in front of the defensive sidelines causing a large celebration to erupt.

Back-to-back: Immediately after his big hit on Hudson, Parker secured the play of the day, picking off a deep pass from Keith Price. The pass was intended for James Johnson, but was overthrown, giving Parker the easy pick.

The ugly: Besides Price's interception, the Huskies had two other botched plays. First, Jeff Lindquist attempted to hand off the ball to Ryan McDaniel, but in the interchange, the ball was fumbled and recovered by John Timu. Later in the practice, Cyler Miles failed to catch a snap in shotgun. The center on the play was Siosifa Tufunga. Coach Sark noted after practice how this was the first practice of spring where the snaps weren't as consistent as they had been in the past.

Not everyone can be called Shaq: Shaquille Thompson is a monster. Like the original Shaq, the football version is just incredibly dominate at times. In one case during a drill designed for running backs to pick up on coming blitzes, Shaq plowed through Dwayne Washington in impressive fashion. At times, he appears to be on a different level than his cohorts.

Sudden change: Near the end of practice, winds began to pick up significantly, forcing the practice to go inside for safety reasons for the camera crew filming practice. As players were running to the Dempsey Center, the chant of "sudden change" was prevalent.

Defense unite: Although the offense has been impressing most in the high-tempo offense, the defense won the battle tonight, limiting the offense to just one big play.

Quick hitters: - No changes for the one's on the offensive line. - Josh Banks saw work with the one's on the defensive line. Sione Potoa'e was trading off with him. - Thomas Vincent was holding for field goal attempts. Evan Hudson was snapping. - Brandon Beaver and Darien Washington were in yellow. - Erik Kohler getting time at center during one-on-ones. Walk-on Ross Dolbec saw work at left tackle and Jake Eldrenkamp was at left guard during the same one-on-ones. - Hau'oli Jamora, Pio Vatuvei and Lawrence Lagafuaina all got work in despite not wearing pads.

In the crowd: Stanley Daniels has officially moved back to Seattle from his home in San Diego. Also in attendance was Greg Walker, who is currently on spring break from Brown where he is going to medical school, and Kai Ellis. Top Stories