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SEATTLE - Lorenzo Romar spoke Monday with the media after Washington bowed out of the first round of the NIT to BYU in Provo, Utah last Saturday. The Huskies finished their season 18-16 overall, including 9-9 in Pac-12 play, good enough for a sixth place conference finish. They were 11-7 at home, 5-7 away and 2-2 on neutral courts.

Romar spoke with the media this morning, and here were the main notes from the chat.

Never could put it all together in one night…too inconsistent. That was the story of our season. When the season ends, always go do an evaluation to see what we could have done better. Have to point to something I didn't do to make sure everyone was on the same page to do things more consistently. So I have to always point the finger back on me.

We showed at times we could do things at a high level. But to do them all the time - that falls on me. I expect us to be better next year, and much more consistent. I'd be very disappointed if we weren't much better.

Losing Mark McLaughlin hurt quite a bit because he can really score the ball and he scores in a number of different ways, so he doesn't always have to be hot shooting. But he wasn't here, so we had to rely on others. We tried to guard against fatigue and burnout at the end by going to Europe and trying to rest guys but you always wonder when you don't have as good a season as you expect. Teams always have deficiencies; it's a coach's job to identify them and play around them.

We will not have a depth issue next year. It'll allow us to pressure and run for longer periods of time. We have not been able to be relentless in our attack the last two years. We have guys returning and guys coming in that will make our team immediately deeper. Don't think we had the personnel and depth this year to really get into people the way we have before.

We didn't count Austin Seferian-Jenkins in our depth from the beginning because we just didn't know what he was going to do. If we had him, that would have been a bonus.

Check the statistics for forced turnovers and steals - about as low as we've been since I've been here = not nearly relentless enough on defense. We didn't have a lot of transition this year, which could account for nearly a third of your offense.

In the half court offense, we got just as many good shots this year as in years' past - just didn't put them down. So poor shooting with poor transition offense = poor offense.

Brad Jackson: Coach Jackson had such good insight into the game…when he's making suggestions you don't feel like he's just making it up. You don't feel like it's being done emotionally, and that's great. He's had so much experience dealing with so many different situations…you may look at the season and wonder, but he's so good at what he does.

Perris Blackwell: Perris Blackwell can make baskets. If he was on our team this year we would have won more games. A little taller version of Jamaal Williams. Has a nice touch around the rim. A lot of players have to catch and think about what they want to do; he just catches and goes. Good rebounder and brings good toughness. Just a good offensive basketball player. If Aziz and Kemp could play together, Perris and Kemp can play together. He's strong enough to guard taller guys but can also venture out to the perimeter if he needs to. He's smart enough to know how to play the game and be a featured guy. He's had big games in college before. He'll be ready to go.

Martin Breunig is going to transfer. He wants an opportunity to play more and we fully support that decision. He'll be with us for spring workouts. He's a great guy.

Andrew Andrews is going to be a big part of our future. I look at him as a scoring point guard. Like Will Conroy early on, he wanted to score. Scored 32 at Gonzaga. Took a while to embrace the point guard aspect of his game, but once he got it, he really got it. I think Andrew is an 'all or nothing' guy, so I think he deferred more - and I think that's maybe one reason he didn't shoot the ball better. Next year he'll have a much better feel for that. I'm anticipating a big jump to next year that way.

I believe Nigel Williams-Goss and Andrews will compliment each other well. Talking about two tough guys and both can guard 1, 2 and 3's. Both have a very strong will that impacts the final score. Both are going to be terrific next year.

Wilcox going pro: My talk with C.J. went well. The paperwork has been turned into the NBA underclass committee. Can't believe how accurate they've been in the past about draft position. It's uncanny. We'll wait, get feedback and then evaluate from there. I don't think he's leaning on doing anything right now other than waiting for the feedback.

I do think he's going to base his decision on what the committee tells him. Completely unlike Isaiah, for instance. Nate was the same way. But other guys, like Brandon Roy and Jon Brockman wanted to know.

Jernard Jarreau: Thought Jernard made great strides this year as a frosh and I think he could make even bigger strides. He has a great work ethic. Redshirting was a great move because he was behind in strength and experience but now he's coming into his own. Going from 6-3 to 6-10 in high school set him back in some areas, so getting that extra year really helped. Not a whole lot of guys running around with his skill set.

Shawn Kemp: Kemp averaged nearly 8.5 points a game his last dozen games or so - and that's my gauge for freshmen. If they average 8 ppg, that means they are on their way to being pretty good. Shawn is one of those guys that catches it and then puts it in. He doesn't need a handoff to make it happen. He's got great instincts, as well as being very strong and athletic. Another guy that is poised to make a big jump. Between Andrews, Jarreau and Kemp, already talked about three guys that should make jumps to immediately help our offense next year.

Gilles Dierickx: Gilles is skilled. Good passer, really good hands. In terms of the high post offense he can help us because he makes good decisions. He has a year of experience at this level so he's going to compliment our guys well. A guy like Mike Jensen could venture out to the perimeter and one of the reasons we could pressure in the past was of because of guys like Jensen and Bobby Jones being able to get to the perimeter…Gilles isn't as skilled defensively that way but is functional. He won't be a liability that way.

Hikeem Stewart: Hikeem is going to make the jump up because he had to go up against our guys all the time and I think he really got a lot out of that. He brings energy and enthusiasm and is definitely very willing to work at it.

Linked to UCLA job and dealing with that and recruiting - It's been my position in the past; people know me and how I do things. Our players don't even ask me about it now. Recruits ask, but every situation that's ever come up - even if I've only had conversations with others … UCLA has come up before a couple times - they asked me last year - and it's natural that it would come up, but I always deal with it the same way; be truthful and up front about what's going on.

Howland Fired: I'm not surprised based on things that have happened at UCLA. You didn't ask me if it was right, though. There was plenty of negative press, and I don't know if that came into play, but there are really high expectations there. But there was peripheral things there too, and maybe that came into play too. Firing a coach that's been to three-straight Final Fours - that's some serious expectations. There are some programs with high expectations, but the fans forget just how difficult it is to meet those expectations. Getting to a Final Four in any year is incredibly tough to do. A coach like Pete Carrill is considered one of the great coaches of all-time, yet what did he do in the NCAA Tournament? There was no outcry at Princeton. But if expectations are sky-high - like at UCLA…

And just for the record - no one from UCLA has contacted me about the job. I'm not looking around. I haven't asked one person to contact USC or UCLA on my behalf. 

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