Donaven Dorsey Q&A spoke Thursday with Donaven Dorsey, a 6-6.5 shooting guard from Timberline High School in Lacey, Wash., and Dorsey was the main reason the Blazers made it to the Tacoma Dome and the 3A State Tournament for the first time in a while - scoring 27 points to help upset Mercer Island. We talked to Dorsey about playing in state and also got a recruiting update from him.

What is your height and weight?: "My height is about 6-6.5 and I'm about 185 (pounds)."

Did you have a growth spurt or has it been a steady climb? - "It's been kind of like a steady climb. Ever since freshman year I've been growing about two inches a year."

So how long have you been 6-6? - "I've been 6-6 since the start of basketball season."

Do you think you're done growing, or is there room to grow? - "I think I still have more to go."

How has your season gone? This is the first time Timberline has qualified for state in some time, right? - "Yeah, the first time in like 30 years."

What was the atmosphere like around school when you qualified for state? - "Just…it was wild. Like everyone was congratulating us…people you don't even know congratulating you and teachers and administration and everyone was happy for us, so it was a good feeling."

Do you known any of your statistics this year? - "It was 21 points, 10 rebounds and four assists (per game)."

What have you gotten better at from last year to now? - "I would say improving my body. I've got a lot stronger by getting in the weight room and working out every day. And just my IQ of the game, trying to make my teammates better. I can't go anywhere without my team."

So if school ends at 2 (pm), when do you start thinking about working out? - "2:15."

Now that the high school season is over, who are you playing AAU ball with? - "I'm playing with ICP Portland. Inner City Players. And we have a lot of good pieces on our team, a lot of Division-1 talent…just ready to get after it."

Who else is on that team? - "Kameron Chatman, who is an ESPN Top-60 player for the class of 2014 and Silas Melson. He wasn't the state player of the year for Oregon but I think he qualified for it. And we have a new Russian kid that joined the team. I can't pronounce his name. He's a solid 6-7.5 and 220."

So what prompted you to go play AAU ball in Portland? - "My Dad knew the coach from previous years and stuff like that and he always seemed to want me on his team the most, so he kind of reeled me in."

Has recruiting kicked in to the point where it's starting to be a pain in the butt? - "It's not really a pain, you know. It's a fun process when you get to talk to college coaches and stuff. It's definitely manageable. I'm really enjoying it, my parents are too. We're just kind of weighing the options."

Who sent you the first recruiting letter? - "My first, my very, very first recruiting letter was from Washington State."

Who was the first college coach you ever talked to? - "The first college coach I ever talked to was probably…I think it was an assistant coach from Cal who I talked to, coach Travis (DeCuire)."

And who gave you that first scholarship? - "My first offer was from Portland State."

And how many scholarship offers do you have right now? - "I have five offers."

Can you tell me who they are? - "Obviously Portland State…Gonzaga, Washington, Washington State, and Oregon State."

Is anyone on that list seem to be making you a priority more than the others? - "I would say the top-3 who are recruiting me the hardest are Oregon State, Gonzaga, and the University of Washington."

Have you set up a timeframe for when you are going to make your decision? - "I was thinking about making my decision probably at the beginning of my senior year, so before the season starts."

Which coach or coaches are recruiting you for Washington? - "It's all the coaches."

What's your relationship like with the staff? I know you've been to a few games already… - "I go to the games to support them and stuff. And I guess you can say I have a strong relationship with them because I've known them a long time and they actually…even though they are recruiting me they'll still tell me the things that I need to work on so I appreciate that. I have a good relationship with the University of Washington staff."

Do you have a favorite school right now or are you leaning toward anybody? - "Not at all. I'm trying to keep my options open right now. No school is leading right now and no school is behind."

Who is helping you most in the recruiting process? - "My parents first of all, because they raised me and I always want to make them proud. They have a strong influence on what college I'll go to. Also my AAU and my high school coach because they are the people that have to put up with me during high school season and AAU season and have helped me to get to where I am right now."

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