Practice Impressions: Day Eight

In a damp and rather uneventful practice, the pads were back on and big hits were happening on both sides of the ball. With that, the energy level was extremely high, even among the coaches, as the Huskies made very little mistakes today.

Getting them going: Head coach Steve Sarkisian got everyone pumped up early on as he was seen celebrating with players during a punt coverage gunner drill. The environment was very lively and seemed to be a very good team bonding part of practice.

Offensive player delivers the blow: The first big hit of practice came as Josh Perkins, working as the gunner, blew-up Brandon Beaver, trucking right through him.

Not much change: From left to right, the first-team offensive line feature Micah Hatchie, Dexter Charles, Mike Criste, James Atoe and Ben Riva. Cyler Miles also continued to see time with the second-team offense as did Ryan McDaniel.

Faster: The defense put an extra emphasis on quick substitutions today and appeared to want to push the tempo even faster than the offense at times.

Breaking it down: In positional training, the offense spent a good amount of time having the quarterbacks go through progressions. Even if they didn't throw the ball, the focus was on checking through with each option.

Only two: Sacks today came from John Timu on Keith Price and Josh Shirley on Jeff Lindquist. In both cases, the quarterbacks had no chance and were immediately under pressure.

Turnover Thursday practice: Coach Keith Heyward spent time at the beginning practice working with all defensive players on the art of stripping the ball. This mentality transferred over to the game simulations as the defense made the attempt on nearly every play and managed to get one ball loose.

Jekyll and Hyde: Keith Price had an up and down practice. At the beginning, he seemed very inaccurate with his throws, however, as the practices waned on, his accuracy increased and he looked like the best quarterback out there.

Big talker: Gregory Ducre was the talker of the day, and for good reason. With several shutdown and aggressive plays out at corner, the future senior had a great day in coverage. He also delivered the blow of the day with a big hit of Psalm Wooching.

Just one: The only interception of the day came off a tipped pass thrown by Miles. Thomas Tutogi was on the receiving end of the deflection.

Catching special teams: Receiving punts today were Marvin Hall, Jaydon Mickens, DiAndre Campbell and Kasen Williams, who was the only one to drop a punt.

Kicking for the posts: Travis Coons was perfect again today going 4-4 with a 49-yard field goal long. Cameron Van Winkle was 2-4 and missed his attempt from 49.

Play of the day: Miles without a doubt made the pass of the day with a 65-yard bomb to Hall in the endzone for the touchdown.

Tough end: A rough way to end practice, Lindquist had struggles on the final handoff, leading to a fumble recovery by Jamaal Kearse. Top Stories