Practice Impressions: Day 11

Interceptions are the word of the day in an otherwise lackluster practice that featured very few events. All-in-all, six interceptions were thrown, however, they came from only two quarterbacks. Overall, the offense did have a good day though.

Turnover beast: Six interceptions in one practice. It was one of those days as Jeff Lindquist and Keith Price had three apiece. Two or three of those were tipped by the wide receiver. However, it was still one of those days where Cyler Miles and Troy Williams weren't memorable and Lindquist and Price were only memorable for bad reasons. The interceptions came from Shaq Thompson, Sean Parker, Marcus Peters, Tre Watson and John Timu twice.

Flip side: Despite the negatives, Price had some nice throws, especially to Jaydon Mickens. Coming over the middle on a slant, there is no corner that can hang with Mickens and he made the Huskies defense pay today taking three in for touchdowns on similar routes. Mickens has shown the most improvement this spring.

Speed burns: Dwayne Washington knows a thing or two about speed and the Husky defense learned that today as well. Time-after-time, the soon to be redshirt freshman running back broke through the front seven and got the corner, going for long runs. In open space, defensive backs had no chance.

Happy time: The offensive line looked exceptionally well today and only had one breakdown during scrimmage play. In one-on-one pass protection drills against the defense, the offense not only won, but in impressive fashion. In recent practices, it had been more about 50-50, but today was closer to 80-20. The group as a whole seemed very upbeat with their performance.

Role reversal: For a change of pace, James Atoe switched in the one-on-one pass rushing drills and went up against Danny Shelton. Atoe very quickly got the best of the defensive tackle and reached his tackle in seconds causing a massive celebration of 300-pound offensive lineman.

Kicking department: Travis Coons finished the day 3-3 while Cameron Van Winkle went 1-2. Two of the snaps given to Van Winkle and holder Thomas Vincent were bad and had Vincent scrambling. The snapper was Evan Hudson.

Where did that come from: Punter of the day was Korey Durkee and it wasn't even close. While Coons averaged 35 yards a punt, Durkee was at 45. The big key however was the hang time. He was booming them higher than we've seen this spring and better than Coons. Even on the rollout, he got 47 yards. It was a good day for Durkee.

Faces in the crowd: Former defensive back Omare Lowe came out to watch the practice. Juanita football coach Shaun Tarantola was also in attendance. Top Stories