Practice Impressions: Day 13

As spring practices wind down, as does the excitement of Husky practices. Despite the action slowing, Bishop Sankey made his return today, exploding through holes and the Huskies had a little role reversal for some fun.

It's not real: During one session of practice, the offense and defense switched roles, creating a very jovial spirit amongst the players and coaches. Offensive skill players lined up in coverage against defensive skill players and the big guys just did pass rushing and protection drills in different spots. In particular on the defensive end, Dwayne Washington can jam at the line of scrimmage as good if not better than any player on the team.

He's not real: Shaq Thompson is a freak. It can be said over and over again, but he constantly surprises. While lined up at wide receiver, he beat his counterpart both times, catching one in the end zone with an over the shoulder catch.

Freshman doing the deed: Trevor Walker found himself his first interception of the season, killing a potential touchdown scoring drive. The ball was thrown by Keith Price, but was tipped before being picked off.

Daily kicker: Both kickers were perfect today going 2-2. Both punters looked average.

Is that allowed: Sean Parker absolutely blew up DiAndre Campbell. It was the biggest hit of spring. The best part about it was Parker not celebrating. He acted like a senior and ran back to his position.

The chatter is back: With the biggest smack talker now gone, Desmond Trufant, Marcus Peters is stepping up and giving Kasen Williams a talking mate during practice. Up until the last few practices, Williams had been unable to find someone to talk right back at him after big plays.

He's back: Bishop Sankey returned today and resumed his role as the lead tailback with Washington as his backup. Ryan McDaniel and Erich Wilson each took the day off, spending their time on the bikes.

Quotable: Beyond the typical coach Dan Cozzetto banter, head coach Steve Sarkisian had the best quote of the day saying, "Do you want to teach or do you want to play?" This question came with a resounding play response from the players sending practice into a scrimmage. Top Stories