Romar advises Wilcox on impending decision

Even though Washington's main signing day for men's basketball started Wednesday, junior guard C.J. Wilcox has 12 more days to make up his mind before choosing his college and pro fate. College players are supposed to decide by April 16th - the day before signing day - but the NCAA allows pro prospects the ability to wait until the NBA's April 28th deadline for early entry into this year's draft.

"He has up until April 28th," Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar confirmed Wednesday. "He is still undecided, and I can promise you it won't go past April 28th."

Romar also confirmed that Wilcox, from Pleasant Grove, Utah, has received a draft analysis from the NBA Undergraduate Advisory Committee, which consists of general managers and player personnel executives from 20 pro teams. "I think C.J. is really weighing the feedback," Romar added, who said he agreed with the opinions laid out in the undisclosed analysis. "Last year with Terrence Ross it was anywhere from 12 to 18, something like that. He went eighth, but that was due to how things went in the draft. They average it all out."

When asked about the pressure the early entry deadline puts the college programs under, Romar's answer was a pragmatic one. "I think there are very few cases where you really don't know, don't have an idea until the 17th that a guy may go or not," he said. "I think your recruiting…one of the reasons Mike Anderson, we weren't recruiting Mike Anderson early but we weren't sure what was going to happen with C.J. So you try to plan ahead of time in the event that that happens. If you wait and wait and all of a sudden it's the 17th or 16th and your guy decides to go - I think it's too late. If you're going to try and replace a guy that's that good, you're not going to find that guy. That has to start earlier."

Romar's role in Wilcox's decision has been the same as it has been for all the former Huskies who made the early jump from Montlake to the NBA. "I try to provide them with as much information as possible from as many credible - and I emphasize the word credible - sources that are out there…the decision-makers, not the guy at the barbershop," he said. "We try to get as much information from those guys and present it to them.

"I would say close to 100 percent of the time guys have made the right decision."

Romar also re-iterated that he does not try to 're-recruit' the player back to the school - even if he thinks it may be in that player's self-interest. "It's a tough position that I'm in because players want to talk to people that are going to tell them what they want to hear," he said. "Everyone wants to come out; everyone wants to come out after their first game their freshman year if they could. They would go out of high school if they could. So as soon as someone shows them love…it's kind of a no-win.

"If you were to look at the guys over the years that came out early, I don't think any of them would say coach really recruiting me and talked me into coming back. I think they would say coach pointed out the pros and cons and it was my decision. I'm pretty sure to a man they would say that."

Romar is confident Wilcox will reach the decision that's best for himself and his family. "C.J. has an unbelievable support system at home," he said. "And whether he goes or stays - whatever he decides to do, that thing has been thought out and has been done the right way. They are being very realistic with it and I have all the confidence in the world whatever he does he's going to make the right decision."

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