Austin Plans Out Thoughtful Process

On the surface, it would seem Jordan Austin is the perfect high school football recruit. The 6-6, 280-pound offensive lineman from Claremont, Calif. has size, quickness - and most importantly, grades. Austin has a 4.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale and is already NCAA Clearinghouse-eligible.

With five current scholarship offers and more on the horizon, Austin's recruitment will certainly one to watch in the coming months.

Austin earned his first offer from the Colorado Buffaloes when the kid known as 'Spanky' showed up at a camp in San Diego and wowed the CU coaches with his ability a year ago. "I didn't have any contact with Colorado any time before that," Austin told "I guess they saw great things in me so they offered me."

The Buffaloes have since changed coaching staffs, but Mike McIntyre has let Austin know that the scholarship offer still stands.

Pulled up to varsity as a sophomore, Austin started and played his junior season for the Wolfpack with the CU offer. With a left-handed quarterback, Austin is entrusted with protecting his blind side as a right tackle. "I know he's got a lot of trust in me and I have a lot of trust in him, so it works hand in hand," Austin said.

Does he play both ways for the Wolfpack? "I'm mainly an offensive player," said Austin. "When they do need me for defense I pop in there."

Austin's offer list stayed at one until this spring's May Evaluation period when he paid visits to schools like USC, Stanford, Utah, Arizona State and San Diego State. "It really started coming out of nowhere," he said of the recent rush of scholarship offers. Austin's offer list currently stands at five - Colorado, Washington, Fresno State, San Diego State, and Harvard. "At a certain point of time in May when I started going to junior days and people got a chance to see my growth - I had put on 40 pounds but it was a healthy 40 pounds - it was a plus for me. Then they contacted my head coach and they saw my transcripts. It started really speeding up for me and I feel really blessed."

Dan Cozzetto offered Austin on the phone - and just like the Colorado offer it caught the normally prepared Austin off-guard. "I was really, really surprised," he said. "I gave the offensive line coach a call just to check in like I always do. He pretty much extended the offer to me. They had been talking to me for a while and told me an offer could be close - I didn't know how close at the time. To hear it, I was ecstatic personally. I was definitely really excited to pick up such a prestigious offer - with Colorado and Washington now, I have two Pac-12 offers now. I was ecstatic."

Now that the Huskies have thrown their hat in the ring, Austin is doing his part to educate himself on what the Washington experience is all about. "I'm starting to learn more about the background of the offensive line coach," he said. "I've been reading through some of his bios and I've seen that he's been coaching a fairly long time, which would feel pretty good to get coached by someone who has been in the game for that long if I make the decision to go there down the line. I've done some research on their facilities and their campus and their academics as well, and it looks like their facilities and their academics are fairly exceptional. My quarterback, his brother goes to Washington and he was telling me all the stuff they have there. I've just heard a lot of great things about it.

"I'm definitely planning on making a trip this summer to see what their campus looks like from a first-hand perspective. I definitely would try to get up there for one of their camps if I can…if I can get up there for an unofficial and then go to a camp the next day I'd try to knock two birds out with one stone. But that's still in the planning process."

Austin added that he has plans to camp at an ASU at Cal Lutheran and also a camp at Cal in early June.

The intriguing part of Austin's recruitment will be his plan to enroll mid-year. "It has always been in the back of my head," he said. "I always knew I could take care of some classes and some requirements over the summer. Now that I'm thinking about it more, I see how much more competitive the athletes are (in college), so I know that if I get there in the spring time I have a higher chance against the incoming athletes because I already know the playbook and I'll get used to the school. By the time the fall camp starts I'll be ahead of the game so it will only benefit me."

So will that speed up the timetable for making a college choice? Austin is taking a pragmatic approach to that question. "We're not exactly sure," he said. "We've talked about both sides - the positives and negatives. Personally I'll probably make my official trips between September and October and November. I'll try to get up to the officials after my high school games. I want to make sure I can get my officials done as early as I can so I have time to sit down and pray about things with talk with my parents and my mentors and see where the best fit is for me."

There's one offer on Austin's list - Harvard - that is clearly different from all the others. Austin told Scout that his parents have already asked him the question of attending college with the academics in the forefront as opposed to football. There's no question Austin takes this question very seriously. "It's a large part of me," he said when asked about the role academics will play in his decision-making. "My number-one dream is to go to the NFL but we also know that the NFL only lasts so long. Even if you are a 10-15-year franchise player it ends at a certain point and you still have to support your family. You still want to do something with your life. I know I want to get into criminal investigation and forensic science to possibly join the FBI or CIA after the NFL if I'm blessed enough to get to the NFL."

So all that being said, has Austin been able to answer his parent's question? "I always told them I didn't know," he said. "Right now I'm still thinking things out and researching things out to see where I need to be. There's a lot of things I need to thing about right now. There's so much coming in…I'm just really enjoying the process right now. When the time comes I know I can make the decision to go to that kind of school or that big-time football school. I know I have a limited time, but when the time is right I'll be able to make that decision."

Austin, when asked if he had a college leader in the clubhouse right now, didn't name one. "I just want to play football because I love the sport so much," he said. "I'm really interested in any school that's interested in me. But schools like Arizona State, Washington, Texas A&M and Cal - those types of schools are definitely high on my list."

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ED NOTE: Jordan was offered Friday shortly after this story was published. Top Stories