Fitzner Taking In Seattle This Weekend

At 6-foot-10 and 215 pounds, Evan Fitzner is a growing boy. So is his brother Bryce. Between the two of them, the Fitzner's monthly food bill probably keeps Albertsons and Vons going all by themselves. Fitzner, who is plays forward for the Francis Parker School in San Diego, spoke to about his recruitment, including news of a trip this coming weekend to a program showing big interest.

"I was down to about 200 after the high school season but I've put on 15 pounds and I'm continuing to do that right now," Fitzner said. "Usually I eat eggs in the morning, four or five eggs…also usually something like toast or pancakes and some fruit. For lunch my favorite thing to eat is Chipotle…I usually go there a couple of times a week and I'll get a burrito and two tacos. My Mom's a good cook. She'll make dinner and I have an older brother right now (Bryce) that's trying to put on weight…he's going to be an offensive tackle at Kansas State, so she's making pretty big portions for him and I guess it's been helping me out too."

Fitzner's older brother is 6-foot-7 and currently 260 pounds. He's trying to put on another 20 or 30 pounds during a grayshirt season and then enroll at KSU in January of 2014. "He's only played football for two years," Evan said of Bryce. "I played flag football in middle school…I played quarterback but I never really got that into it."

Now that the younger brother is getting heavily recruited, did he learn anything from watching big brother go through the recruiting process? "He wasn't really recruited very heavily," said Fitzner. "He has only been playing for two years. He just loved it and started playing football and he got an offer from San Diego State. He went on a visit to Kansas State and loved it out there. It helped me see what he was going through."

With over 10 offers in hand, there are plenty of schools from the high-major and mid-major conferences that think Fitzner is ready to play now. "The good part of my game is my outside shooting ability," he said when asked for a self-scout. "It's something I really work on and it's a big part of my game. I think I have pretty good hands for a big man. I move well, get up and down the court, and can handle the ball well. Part of gaining weight is to make me stronger in the post, better at marking my man and getting rebounds and stuff. But I'd say I'm pretty skilled for someone my size and the inside stuff is coming along pretty well."

So what is Fitzner thinking about when on defense and he's got to go get that key rebound? "When it leaves the guy's hand…my high school coach has a saying that you locate your man and rotate to box him out," he said. "Then you hold him off until you can go get the ball."

Fitzner's father Mark played hoops at Stanford from 1974-78, and Evan talked about his level of interest in the Cardinal. "I'm definitely interested," he said. "Not necessarily because he went there but because it's a good school academically and there are lots of opportunities. It's a good place and I've been up there a few times."

Evan added that he does not have an offer yet from Stanford. "It's kind of different," he said. "You have to get past admissions first."

He did mention Washington, California, Colorado, Oregon State, New Mexico as top schools right now on his list, and he's visiting Montlake this weekend to coincide with the Huskies' Alumni and Legends games.

"I don't really know anyone, but the coaches have seen me play and they've been talking a lot to me lately and building a relationship," Fitzner said of his interest in Washington. "They told me they want to have me up for an unofficial for the Alumni game they are having. I'm excited to come up and see everything. I've heard it's a nice place so it should be good."

So if he had to choose between Nate Robinson and Terrence Ross in the scheduled Slam Dunk contest, Fitzner has a clear favorite. "I'm going to have to say Nate Robinson," he said. "I'm a Nate Robinson fan and I saw him play when he was at Washington a lot in the Pac-12 Tournament. My Dad used to take me up and I was a big fan of him - so I'm gonna have to say Nate Robinson."

Who is Fitzner leaning on to help him go through the recruiting process? "Definitely my Dad," he said. "One of the assistants at my high school, I work out with him every day and he's been a big part of it. And my high school coach as well, coach (Jim) Tomey. He's a very knowledgable guy so he's helping me through the process as well."

Fitzner went up to USC and Stanford for their camps last weekend. He's going to UW this weekend and has no other unofficial visits planned for the summer at this point. "I've already been up to Cal, but I'd like to go check out Colorado," he said.

"I'm starting to narrow (things) down. I'm still leaving things open but I have to go and see the schools that I'm interested in before I can start to make any decisions."

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