More Quotes - UW Alumni Game

SEATTLE - We were able to capture a number of former alumni on camera Sunday after the UW Alumni Game, but we also tried to get some more quotes on their experience, what it took to get them back to Hec Ed and what they think will be the future of the game going forward. Here's what a bunch of them said...

Justin Dentmon:
Was it what you thought? - "Not really. I thought I would get up more shots than I did, but I made them when they counted."

How much fun was it to be back in front of this? - "Man, to play with all this…to play with all the greats…seeing the alumni is great but the fans are the best."

What did coach say the first time he saw you back here? - "He just said after the game, 'Man, you can play! You have improved a lot. So it was all good."

Who was the MVP of trash-talking out there? - "There wasn't any trash talking. The referees were like, 'Are we going to play around or are we going to play a game?' We were going to play a game. So that was the biggest problem."
Bobby Jones:
Did you get here about three minutes before tipoff? - "Yeah, I was talking to some people in the back, so I got onto the court about three minutes before tipoff but I was here maybe a good 10 minutes before I got to the hallway. I cut it pretty close."

What happened? - "I had quite the trip. I came from Rome to Detroit, had plane problems so I had to stay in Detroit, and I left at about 8:30 am from Detroit to Seattle. When I arrived around 11 I had to get my keys to my house, run a couple more errands, see my daughter and then I came straight here."

At any time did you think it wasn't going to be worth it? - "Not at all. I would have been extremely upset if I couldn't have made this event. This is a great start to my summer and I just got (to America) yesterday."

Who were happiest to see? - "I'm happy to see everybody. Obviously the guys I played with in college, but I'm happy to see everybody. I see some of these guys playing pickup anyway, but just the atmosphere and the fans…the purple…that's what it's about. I'm just happy to be here enjoying it."

What was it like to walk out of the tunnel again with a 15 jersey on and a full house? - "I ain't gonna lie; I got a little chills to be honest. Just playing here in pickups during the summer is one thing, but to actually be on the floor here with a packed house is the closest thing I'm going to get to being back in college. And I loved college, so it was an unbelievable feeling."
Will Conroy:
What it what you thought it was going to be? - "It was great. I never thought I would play here again. This time I didn't get to kiss the W on the way out but I got to get the thrill again, so that was fun."

Not a lot of trash talking out there? - "The refs called it a little too close today for myself, but I can't say that's why we didn't win."

How was it out there? - "It was great. The young guy - they are quick, they are fast, they get to the rim…I've got to salute coach Romar and his recruiting. Those guys are in the NBA for a reason."

What was it like to come out to a full house wearing number 5 again? - "It was great, and you saw how many number five jerseys there were in the stands…that was great too, although I don't know how many were mine or Justin Dentmon's. I'm sure he had a couple fans too, but it was awesome."

So I'm guessing you'd be back out here next year, even if they had to wheel you out? - "You know I will. You know I will."

Surprised it sold out? - "Very surprised. But it was a good, fun game - so that made it even better."

Who were you happiest to see? - "All the guys, all the guys. It was great seeing all the guys, I can't pick out just one guy."

It must have been special to see Bobby (Jones) after the trip he made - "And he didn't want to play…I had to beg him to play!"
Quincy Pondexter:
How did it feel out here? - "It felt amazing. To be on this home court and to play with so many guys that we grew up playing with, growing together and to see where we are now - it was a great event."

So are you going to head up to the North Gym after this and put up some more shots? - "No! I landed at eight and I was here at 9:15, working out for two hours. So I was kind of exhausted during the game."

What's it like playing with Tony (Wroten)? - "Yeah, he's become a great player. It was great playing with Tony Wroten. I'm glad we're both from this same university and we have to keep developing great players."

How did you get here? - "I left at 5:55 am in Singapore, took a seven-hour flight to Tokyo and an eight-hour flight here. It's been a long journey for the last 24 hours, I think I'm gonna crash a little bit. I wasn't in coach, thank God. I was part of NBA Cares, so they took care of me."
Tre Simmons:
Did you ever think you'd get a chance to come back and play here again? - "Nope. I thought my last time playing a game was Arizona - my last time playing in Bank of America, it's not Alaska, it's Bank of America - but it felt great to play with a sold-out crowd. I was just a little older, cramping up a little bit but it was still a good game."

You guys play all the time together but how different was this event? - "There was a little bit more excitement. Usually when we're playing we don't have this big crowd, playing in front of 10,000 people. So this was a little bit more…everyone had a little bit more energy."

A lot of talk before the game, but not much during. How much after? - "There wasn't as much talking as I thought there was gonna be. But for sure it's coming. Maybe not tonight, maybe it'll be next week - but it's coming."

Who did you see today that made you smile? - "A lot of people. I can't just really point out just one person."
Jon Brockman:
How was it out there? - "It was fun. It was good to get out there and bump up against some of the old players I used to practice against every day."

So you're calling them old? - "Some of those guys are old. I'm getting old myself, though - so…"

It looked like you were having fun out there with Spencer (Hawes) - "Yeah. He was mad at me because I told him I was gonna play light and I don't know what he was thinking because I only have one speed."

You didn't play light on him - "No, I didn't play light."

What was it like to get introduced like that again? - "It was awesome. I was just like…blown away by the fan support and the people that came out. I had no idea it was going to be sold out. It was a very fun event and I hope we can keep it going."

And what about getting mobbed for autographs by the kids after? - "This right here…this is what makes it fun."
Isaiah Thomas:
Rumors you were going to get 44 today…fell a little short but still got the MVP - "Yeah I fell a little bit short but I was just trying to do the best I could in the game. I didn't want to take it into my own hands to force the issue. I wanted to play team basketball and come out with the win. And we did that."

If there was an award for having the most fun, I think you would have gotten it - "Oh yeah! I did. This atmosphere is unbelievable. I didn't expect nothing close to this. This is something we hopefully do every year."

What was it like to come out wearing number 2 again to a packed house? - "Like I said, it was unbelievable. You never get the love you get quite like in college basketball. Coming out and being introduced…Washington is the best school, period. I hope we do this every year. I'm gonna be on Romar about doing it next year too, because this is something the fans can see each and every year, especially with the NBA players here and the Sonics not having a team it's something the fans can see."

I was surprised not to hear a lot of trash talking out there - "There was none, because they know! They know. We're the young guns."

Who is 'they'? - "Will, Nate, Brandon Roy…all them. They know. They weren't going to come in here and blow us out like they were talking before the game. We just wanted to win. We did everything we could to win."

Talk to me about your camps - "Isaiah Thomas, this is my camp - from June 24th to the 27th down in Tacoma, Washington. Try and sign up for it, but if not just stop on by and see how we run things."

Where can people go to find out more information? - ""

I've been out there; you have fun. You show up and stay there - "Once I show up, I'm there the whole time, because it's fun. The kids make me laugh, the kids make me have fun - and it's for them, so I try and be around them as much as I can."

And what about Jamal (Crawford's) summer league…who is on your team? - "I don't know who is on my team!"

I thought you'd be out recruiting! - "Nah, I haven't recruited that much, but I'm going to try and get some of my Sacramento teammates up here every few weekends."

And surprised to see Darnell (Gant) winning the Slam Dunk Contest? - "Yeah, especially with Terrence Ross out there too, but I know he can jump. It was up in the air and he got it, so we kept it in the family." Top Stories