Adams Talks About UW Commitment

BELLEVUE, Wash. - When Trey Adams announced his intentions to verbally commit to Washington in their football offices Sunday in front of his whole family and Steve Sarkisian, there was one coach barking to be let in. He was knocking like crazy, pounding on the door, but it wasn't Dan Cozzetto doing the knocking as the 6-foot-7, 270-pound tackle from Wenatchee pledged for the class of 2015.

It was another UW coach bursting at the seams to celebrate with the Adams family.

"We had my whole family in there…my WHOLE family," Adams told during the Rough Diamonds Camp at Interlake High School. "We went to a big meeting room and were talking and then I just said, 'What do I do? I'm ready to commit. I'm committing.' The whole place went crazy. Everyone was crying.

"Coach Marques Tuiasosopo came in, he busted down the door," Adams added with a chuckle. "He was banging on the door and then a couple more guys came in. They were just happy for me."

With all that took place for Adams and his family the last 48 hours, it's easy to believe a few days might go by before he realizes what the decision means for his future. "It hasn't sunk in yet, it's going to take a while," he said, his face beaming.

All this hoopla actually started a couple weeks ago when Adams was offered by Washington State. "It was kind of weird, honestly," he said of the Cougars' offer. "I wasn't really expecting an offer, and then I got one. Apparently after your first offer more come, so I just waited. I knew I was going to U-Dub next weekend and I thought that maybe I could get one and I did."

Adams came to Montlake just hoping to impress and let the chips fall. "I felt really good," he said about his Thursday performance during the UW Fundamentals Camp. "I was probably one of the bigger guys out there and I knew a lot of the kids there and I knew I could get under them. It was just a good day."

Then Friday came, the first day of the UW Rising Stars Camp. Instead of going up against guys like 2015 Eastside Catholic standout Cody Baker, Adams found himself matched up against players like Qualen Cunningham, Matt Dickerson, and UW 2014 commit Don Hill from Boise. "It was different, but I just stuck to coach Cozzetto's teachings," Adams said. "He's such a good teacher. He really helped me. I learned a lot of stuff, I was able to counter all their moves."

Adams can't wait to pick Cozzetto's footballing brain from now to 2015 and beyond. "I like him a lot," he said of the UW Offensive Line Coach. "He gets stuff done. He's not messing around, so that's nice."

So how did the UW scholarship offer come about? "The day before my Dad actually knew they were going to offer me, so that was kind of weird knowing that," Trey said. "The next day I was pulled into Sark's office and we talked for 15 minutes and he offered me. That was really crazy. My Dad cried a little bit and I was just shocked. I've always wanted to go to school at U-Dub.

"I've always been U-Dub. My Grandpa played at U-Dub, basketball in the 50's. My uncle went there. I've always liked U-Dub."

But instead of accepting on the spot, Adams wanted to make doubly sure his family was on board with whatever decision he was prepared to make. "I just stepped back a little bit, because there's only one more school that I might have chosen, and that was Oregon," Adams said. "But U-Dub has always been there. My sister goes right across the street at SPU (Seattle Pacific), and we have family here. It was kind of an easy choice to make.

"We just talked about how close and easy it was, how I've always liked it and how my sister is right across the street. I've always been a U-Dub fan and I wanted to get the class of 2015 going. I know they offered two other linemen, so I'm going to get them going too."

Once the Washington State offer came, Adams was thinking about the future and an early pledge to help speed up the process. "I thought I would commit early, get it done, and then get focused for Husky Football the next two years," he said, matter-of-factly.

Adams will play left tackle for Wenatchee this fall and that's the position UW is recruiting him for.

The Wenatchee big man is all too familiar with UW home football games, and he's excited to see even more this fall. "I'm going to go to some of the games with the tickets they are going to give me," Adams said. "That's going to be pretty sweet."

The newly-renovated Husky Stadium has already caught the eye of Adams. "I took a tour today," he said. "The old stadium was great - the loudest. This stadium going to be… (shakes his head). I went to Oregon and it matches Oregon. It's going to be the top stadium in the nation. It's going to be great."

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