Coach Kiesau on KJR

The guys from - Kim Grinolds and Chris Fetters - spoke Friday on SportsRadioKJR with UW WR Coach Eric Kiesau, who talked about his guys, the three true freshmen coming in next week, his teaching methods, and much more. Below is a quick recap of the main talking points.

- Kasen Williams and improvement - Big thing for him was the attention to detail. He's already good because of his ability, but now he's got some experience and it's his time. A lot of the great wide receivers may not have super speed, but they understand the game and the details of the position to take advantage.

- On what he brings to the receivers spot in terms of points of emphasis - Wants to make sure they are doing things right at the line of scrimmage and then down the field at the top of the route to gain separation. He's got a PVC pipe about 4.5 feet high to help emphasize dropping their hips to get in and out of breaks quicker. It's adjustable for the taller kids, but he wants to force them to drop the hips.

- On the incoming freshmen and why he fell in love with each - They are all kind of different in their own way. Daniels is 6-3 and he can really run. Very athletic and physical. Ross is an electric player. Lot like Marvin Hall and Jaydon Mickens. Once the ball hits his hands, he goes vertical in a hurry. Similar to DeSean Jackson. Stringfellow is another big, physical specimen. All three bring different strengths. A great dynamic group.

- On the rest of the current receivers outside of Williams - Biggest thing he wanted to create in spring is competition. That's what you want. Coaching becomes easy when they are all pushing each other. Great to see Kevin Smith step up and have a productive spring. Kendyl Taylor too, considering he's bounced around WR and RB. Keeping an eye on Marvin Hall and Jaydon Mickens. The last week of spring they really shot up in terms of their development. Campbell - Mr. Reliable. Always runs the right route, makes the right decision. Great group all the way around.

- What are the chances the young guys could play a lot? - All depends on how much they want it. If they want it that much, they can do it. And I'm going to give them every opportunity to do that this fall.

- But is any one of those true frosh ready above the others? - Hard to say at this point, but in terms of just true, raw football ability I'm looking out for John Ross. He just gets the game. He has a great IQ. But we'll find out what they want when they get here, but on the phone they all say they want it right now.

- On the X,Y,Z positions - Because we're going up-tempo, the X,Y,Z positions don't really matter anymore. Now it's based on the side of the line you're on. If you are on the left side to start, you're going to stay there because there's no time to switch sides while going up-tempo.

- Which guys are telling you they are going to score the first touchdown in Husky Stadium? - All of them? But really, probably the guy that is talking the most about it is Kasen. He's always in my ear about it. It's going to be a big day for all of us.

- On the Barbershop by the new locker room - I'm not afraid to try a new cut. Hopefully I'll be the first coach in there to try it out - I mean, how often do you have something like that in your locker room?

- On the connection between the QB and WR in recruiting - It's a huge piece of the puzzle. The receivers see the kind of quarterbacks UW has and the reverse is true too. Sometimes the QB's see the kind of receiving talent at UW and they want to throw to those guys. So it works hand in hand.

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