Crunching the Numbers: 7/8/2013

All the freshmen have enrolled for the summer LEAP program, it's time to once again crunch the numbers to see where Washington is for the 2013 season. The news of Nathan Dean's departure was certainly tough to take, but does the offensive line have enough in terms of returning starters to mitigate that loss?

And what about the defensive line? Plenty of attrition during the spring, but will those numbers be brought back with the return of healthy players? And could there still be some defections before fall camp? We'll break down the numbers below and then get into some specific notes on how the 85 total may be additionally affected before, and quite possibly during, Fall Camp.
Scholarship Breakdown - Offense:
QB - 5
RB - 7
FB - 2
TE - 5
WR - 9
OL - 15
Total - 43

Quarterback (5):
17 Keith Price - Sr.
6 Derrick Brown - So.
10 Cyler Miles - RFr.
5 Jeff Lindquist - RFr.
Troy Williams - Fr.

Departing Players: 0

Expected Number (Currently Enrolled): 1 (Troy Williams)
Running Back (7):
25 Bishop Sankey - Jr.
24 Jesse Callier - Jr.
32 Deontae Cooper - Jr.
23 Kendyl Taylor - So.
12 Dwayne Washington - RFr.
31 Ryan McDaniel - RFr. 38 Dominic Boddie - RFr. walk-on

Departing Players: 1 (Dezden Petty, Erich Wilson)

Expected Number (Currently Enrolled): 1 (Lavon Coleman)
Fullback (2):
28 Psalm Wooching - RFr.
43 Cooper Pelluer - Jr.

Departing Players: 2 (Jonathan Amosa, Cole Sager)

Expected Number (Currently Enrolled): 0
Tight End (5):
88 Austin Seferian-Jenkins - Jr.
84 Michael Hartvigson - Jr.
80 Evan Hudson - Jr.
82 Joshua Perkins - So.

Departing Players: 0

Expected Number (Currently Enrolled): 1 (David Ajamu)
Receiver (9):
8 Kevin Smith - Sr.
15 Antavius Sims - Sr.
2 Kasen Williams - Jr.
19 DiAndre Campbell - Jr.
4 Jaydon Mickens - So.
16 Marvin Hall - So.

Departing Players: 3 (Cody Bruns, James Johnson, Jamaal Jones)

Expected Number (Currently Enrolled): 3 (Demore'ea Stringfellow, Darrell Daniels, John Ross)
Offensive Line (15):
64 Colin Tanigawa - Jr.
72 Micah Hatchie - Jr.
78 Michael Criste - Jr.
75 Erik Kohler - Jr.
59 Ben Riva - Jr.
70 James Atoe - Jr.
76 Dexter Charles - So.
60 Shane Brostek - So.
65 Siosifa Tufunga - So.
62 Ross Dolbec - So. walk-on
61 Ben Teichman - So. walk-on
52 Jake Eldrenkamp - RFr.
69 Cory Fuavai - RFr.
63 Taylor Hindy - RFr.
67 Michael Kneip - RFr. walk-on

Departing Players: 2 (Drew Schaefer, Nathan Dean)

Expected Number (Currently Enrolled): 3 (Andrew Kirkland, Dane Crane, Coleman Shelton)
Scholarship Breakdown - Defense/Specialists:
DL - 16
LB - 11
CB - 8
Safety - 5
P/K - 3
Total - 43

Defensive Line (16):
55 Sione Potoae - Sr.
99 Josh Banks - Sr.
71 Danny Shelton - Jr.
93 Andrew Hudson - Jr.
22 Josh Shirley - Jr.
52 Hauoli Jamora - Jr.
97 Lawrence Lagafuaina - Jr.
57 Drew Schultz - Jr. walk-on
44 Pio Vatuvei - So.
42 Cory Littleton - So.
91 Connor Cree - So.
95 Jarett Finau - So.
90 Taniela Tupou - So.
66 Damion Turpin - RFr.

Departing Players: 3 (Semisi Tokolahi, Talia Crichton, Corey Waller)

Expected Number (Currently Enrolled): 3 (Marcus Farria, Elijah Qualls, Joe Mathis)
Linebacker (11):
50 Thomas Tutogi - Sr.
37 Princeton Fuimaono - Sr.
10 John Timu - Jr.
58 Jamaal Kearse - Jr.
41 Travis Feeney - So.
7 Shaq Thompson - So.
47 Scott Lawyer - So.

Departing Players: 3 (Nate Fellner, Blake Rodgers, Evan Zeger)

Expected Number (Currently Enrolled): 4 (Sean Constantine, Connor O'Brien, Azeem Victor, Keishawn Bierria)
Cornerback (7):
18 Greg Ducre - Sr.
12 Travell Dixon - Jr.
21 Marcus Peters - So.
3 Cleveland Wallace - RFr.

Departing Players: 3 (Desmond Trufant, Adam Long, Darien Washington)

Expected Number (Currently Enrolled): 3 (Jermaine Kelly, Kevin King, Patrick Enewally)
Safety (6):
1 Sean Parker - Sr.
13 Will Shamburger - Sr.
14 Taz Stevenson - Sr.
32 Tre Watson - Sr.
39 Thomas Vincent - So. walk-on
9 Brandon Beaver - RFr.
Trevor Walker - Fr.

Departing Players: 3 (Justin Glenn, Anthony Gobern, James Sample)

Expected Number (Currently Enrolled): 1 (Trevor Walker)
Punter (2):
46 Travis Coons - Sr.
46 Korey Durkee - So.

Departing Players: 0

Expected Number (Currently Enrolled): 0
Kicker (1):
46 Travis Coons - Sr.
48 Cameron Van Winkle - Fr.

Departing Players: 0

Expected Number (Currently Enrolled): 1 (Cameron Van Winkle)
Overall Analysis:
Getting Down to 85: With 43 scholarships on offense and 43 on defense, the program is currently at 86 scholarships. They need to get to 85 before the beginning of fall camp in August. Defensive lineman Jaimie Bryant is still set on enrolling for winter quarter, so that takes the number to at least 86 for 2014 - assuming they stay at 85 for the 2013 season.

If Andrew Basham can square his academics by the time the season starts, it would mean at least two players would have to bow out via attrition. While we're not sure Basham is far enough with his academics to make that happen he still stands an excellent chance of being able to join Bryant as a mid-year enrollee, jumping the 2014 number to 87.

Acceptance Versus Qualifying: It's important to understand the distinction between being accepted into school and being cleared by the NCAA Clearinghouse. As long as a prospect has the requisites covered to pass through a Clearinghouse review, which is comprised of making sure the correct classes were taken and passed to produce an acceptable core GPA and an acceptable standardized test score - the school has already made the determination to accept their application.

So the natural extension of this is denial of enrollment for certain signees whose Clearinghouse materials have been flagged for unusual activity. That could mean a bunch of classes retaken to help boost a core GPA; it could be a massive improvement in a standardized test score, like the SAT or ACT. Expect a handful of 2013 signees to have their transcripts and Clearinghouse files singled out for such actions, much like an IRS audit. It's not that they've necessarily done anything wrong; it's just that those in charge of finding fraudulent information are trying to make sure that everything is on the up and up - all the i's have been dotted and t's have been crossed.

All of that is a long-winded way of saying - there are still plenty of players who have enrolled for the LEAP program that could be pulled out of school or fall practice while the NCAA combs through their Clearinghouse information one last time. It happened last year with Dwayne Washington; by the time he was ultimately cleared the freshman athlete had already lost the time required in fall camp to try and make a push for playing time in 2012. Expect it to happen with a handful of players this summer/fall, and it's here where I believe UW could suffer the attrition needed to get to 85 by the time Fall Camp rolls around.

NCAA Clearinghouse issues plague every Division-1 program - it's just a fact of life the programs have to deal with. The only thing you can hope as a head coach is that they deal with these issues in a swift and expeditious manner. Is that how the NCAA works? Not really, so if you're a college football fan you cringe every time a player is pulled out of practice or out of school with a flagged Clearinghouse file because it can take weeks - or even months - before that player knows his fate.

Injuries Can Impact The Total Number: James Johnson's retirement announcement in the summer underscored how fragile the status can be for those players coming back from injury. One day they can be on their way back, rehabbing and feeling good about their chances for a full recovery - and the next they are finished from collegiate competition.

It would not be surprising to ultimately see some UW players returning from multiple knee injuries - Deontae Cooper, Hau'oli Jamora and Colin Tanigawa are three such cases - to also declare their retirement. I'm not saying it's going to happen, but one knee tear is difficult enough to recover from, let alone more than one knee tear.

There is an option to allow injured players to finish out their schooling and get their degree in exchange for relinquishing their remaining eligibility. By doing that, a program can take those players off their total number.

If, hypothetically, Cooper, Jamora and Tanigawa retired with Johnson, that would put their number at 83 - two under the limit. So there is some wiggle room. Right now all of the players injured from last year are expected to be back very close to, or right at 100 percent health heading into Fall Camp, so Washington fans have to be very hopeful that every player set aside due to injury in 2012 can come back and contribute. Besides the NCAA Clearinghouse hurdles, injury attrition is the most likely culprit when looking for places where the Huskies can trim their roster.

Even more Attrition: James Johnson, Jamaal Jones, Darien Washington, Erich Wilson and Evan Zeger have all left since the end of spring football, as attrition always takes place in the spring and summer months. It was expected, as Washington definitely needed to thin the herd with a full class of 21 set to enroll this week (Troy Williams, Trevor Walker, and Cameron Van Winkle were already at UW for Spring Football).

But like Wilson's departure from Montlake to San Jose State, the loss of Nathan Dean came as a shock to the system because it was unexpected. The Huskies have really struggled the last 4-5 years to pick up quality tackle prospects, and they are always the most coveted. There's a school of thought that believes you can always move tackles inside if they don't work out, but it's obviously much harder to move guards outside to play out on the edge. The 6-foot-5, 282-pound redshirt frosh from Juanita High School may not have been a regular contributor to the offense in 2013, but he was biding his time in line and ready for a breakout the following season. He would have been a perfect backup/replacement for Ben Riva at right tackle.

HERE is the updated 2013 roster. We will update jersey numbers, heights, and weights when the official fall camp roster is released. Top Stories