NW Premier Summer Showcase Review

BELLEVUE - Dawgman.com's Marshall Cherrington and Aaron Beach were at the Northwest Premier Summer Showcase this weekend at Bellevue College, and here is Cherrington's take on a number of the weekend's top players, including UW commits Donaven Dorsey and Tristan Etienne, as well as WSU commit Tramaine Isabell and Gonzaga commit Silas Melson.

G Silas Melson, Jefferson HS, Portland, OR (committed to Gonzaga):
Gonzaga has got a good one. Melson was consistent all day and really showed his ability to shoot it from long range. He is about 6-foot-2 or so and can handle the ball as well. He is good when driving into the lane but he is very strong and athletic with the ball, so that helps him out tremendously. He seemed to get his shot whenever he wanted and showed exceptional skill on his pull-up jumper. Melson and Kameron Chatman played very well together.

G/F Kameron Chatman, Jefferson HS, Portland, OR:
Chatman could be a household name by the time he is done with college. The kid can flat out play and even though he isn't the quickest of all players, he gets whatever shot he wants when he wants. He stands at about 6-foot-7 and with his height - plus his high release - it is almost impossible to block his shot. The lefty has a very nice shot that seemed to go in whenever he chose to shoot. When Chatman backed into the post multiple times, he always kept his head up and looked for the open man as often times he would be double-teamed. This lead to multiple threes by his teammates. Chatman really has it all and will be a huge get for the college he decides to go to.

F Greyson Smallwood (2015), Jefferson HS, Portland, OR:
At best, Smallwood is still a project. He is about 6-foot-9 or 6-foot-10 (depending if you measure his flat top or not) and is very athletic. Although he is athletic, he is pretty skinny. He kind of reminds me of a younger and raw Tristan Etienne. He has the ability to alter shots in the lane and even though he doesn't all the time, people always knew where he was on the floor. His ability to finish is average right now, but there is time for improvement.

G Isaiah Wright, Borah HS, Boise, ID:
The reigning Idaho state Player of the Year turned lots of heads on Friday. Wright stands at about 6-foot-2 or 6-foot-3, is very well built and is very strong with and without the ball. He was not much of a shooter, but he could drive into the lane at will. He is very fast for his size and was consistently drawing defenders into the lane, then kicking the ball out to his teammates for open threes. He will be a very solid mid-major player.

G Donaven Dorsey, Timberline HS, Lacey, WA (committed to UW):
I had never watched Dorsey before so I was excited to see him play. I thought he was going to be thicker in person, but he was still built very well. He is super athletic and looks all of his listed 6-foot-6 height. He can get to the rim very well and has a devastating crossover. He finishes well and converted multiple and-one opportunities. It wasn't his best shooting day ever, but he made up for it by handling the ball well and getting to the rim. I don't think Dorsey was able to get in a rhythm like he wanted to, but he still showed his DI skills. A reverse tip jam was probably the highlight of his day.

F Tristan Etienne, WJ Mouat, Abbostford, BC (committed to UW):
Having seen Etienne once before I didn't expect much of a change in what I saw. This time around, Etienne was a bigger shot-blocking presence on the defensive end. He probably had 12 blocks or so throughout the day, if not more, and if he didn't block a shot, he definitely altered it. Seeing him again also allowed me to get a better feel for his size. He looks to be a solid 6-foot-9, and with his long arms he seems even bigger. Etienne also surprised many on Friday when displaying his handles. He drove down the lane multiple times and consistently used his go-to spin move. Although he wasn't finishing very well, he was exceptional when finishing the first time I saw him. With college coaching, he will be a very solid player down the road. I see him as a definite four-year player in Lorenzo Romar's system.

F Troy Conley (2015), Federal Way HS, Federal Way, WA:
The 6-foot-9 big man out of Federal Way was very active on Friday. He knew that college coaches were watching and it showed in his effort level during his games. Conley is still very raw, but he is already a good rebounder. The lefty has a tough time finishing over bigger defenders, but at this point, there aren't many taller defenders. Etienne and Conley faced off in both of the teams' second games, with Etienne getting the best of Conley. For a big man he also runs the floor very well. Conley can definitely add some good weight, but at this point in his high school career, he looks like a future D1 player. He already holds an offer from Oregon State.

G Tramaine Isabell, Lakeside HS, Seattle, WA (committed to WSU):
Isabell was very impressive on Friday. He got the crowd to ooh and ahh a couple of times while dropping his defender. He has a very nice shot and can shoot the three very well. He can get to the rim at will and it looks like he has improved a lot since last season. He stands at about 6-foot-1 and is built pretty well. The one thing I did not see from him is the passing. He had multiple teammates open at points, but instead forced up some unnecessary shots. Nonetheless, Isabell looks like a very good get for WSU.

F Eugene Artison, Franklin HS, Seattle, WA:
Artison is a very lengthy player. He was very long arms and is skinny as well. He stands at about 6-foot-7 or 6-foot-8 and is a good shooter for his size. He did not get to the lane very well and his ball handling was not the best I have ever seen from a player like Artison. However, there is a lot of potential in Artison and with some added weight and good coaching, I could see him being a D1 player. It will be interesting to see how he progresses over the next year.

G Jadon Cohee, Walnut Grove HS, Langley BC The surprise of the day was definitely Jadon Cohee. He impressed me in so many different aspects of the game and his body is perfect for the position he plays. He stands at about 6-foot-3 or 6-foot-4 and is very fast and quick. He drove right by some of the best defenders in the tournament and drew fouls like they were nothing. He attacks the rim and is so strong he finished most of the time. He was one of the hardest players to defend not only because of his quickness, but also because of his shooting ability. He can knock down the three on a consistent basis and can find open teammates on the break easily. Cohee works very well with Tristan Etienne off of the pick and roll and that is why Drive Basketball is one of the best teams in the tournament. Cohee has mid-major offers right now from Seattle U and Portland, but is getting looks from Pac-12 schools such as Washington State, Utah and California. I expect Cohee to pick up multiple offers after the tournament is over. Recently, Steve Nash picked Cohee out of a large group of players to work with on-on-one and they now talk on a daily basis. The teachings from Nash are invaluable to Cohee. This is definitely a name to watch in the future.

F Jason Todd, Jackson HS, Mill Creek, WA:
Todd is still trying to find out his true position and if he is a wing or a forward. He looks like a prototypical small forward at this point and you can see he has been working on his ball handling and shooting. Although he didn't play the best he has played in the past on Friday, he still made some impact on the games. With continued improvement and figuring out what to do with his 6-foot-6 or so frame, I could see Todd being a mid-major steal.

G Will Ferris, Newport HS, Bellevue, WA:
Ferris is the definition of a player flying way under the radar. He is a deadly shooter and stands at about 6-foot-1. He has almost unlimited range and has a very nice shot. He can play the point guard and shooting guard positions while showing elite vision at the point guard position. When he gets hot, he is scorching and is very hard to stop. He is also great at driving down the lane and kicking it to open player on the wing. He can improve on his strength and his pure speed, but other than that he is a very complete player. I see him in the future at a small D1 or mid-major school.

G Armond Davis, Foss HS, Tacoma, WA:
Another pleasant surprise of the day was Davis. He is an extremely athletic wing with very long arms which he uses to his advantage on almost every play. With his long arms and tall body, about 6-foot-5 or so, Davis can pack it down whenever he feels like and can finish at a high-level of ability. He threw down a couple of dunks that had the gym buzzing and he wasn't even playing on the main court. He had an off day shooting the ball, but has shot much better in the past. He is getting a lot of looks right now from a bunch of good schools and I expect him to pick-up at least one offer after the tournament ends.

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