Impact Report: Trey Adams

It may have been a no-brainer for Trey Adams, but when the Wenatchee left tackle verbally committed to Washington for the class of 2015, he fulfilled a huge need for the Huskies two full years before he'll ever step on campus as a student. Finding quality tackles is not easy, but when they are right in your back yard you'll take them any way you can get them.

What kind of player is UW getting? - Trey Adams is a true left tackle, meaning he doesn't do anything else right now for Wenatchee. But the 6-foot-7, 270-pound Adams already has plenty of game experience under his belt for the Panthers. He carries his weight extremely well, which means he could play at 6-foot-7 and 300 pounds in college without a sweat. With two more high school seasons ahead of him, Adams has plenty of time to mature into his body - so what he looks like now could be light years from where he ends up when it's time to enroll in the LEAP program in July of 2015.

Adams runs well, engages defensive linemen and shows enough nasty right now to hint at the building blocks required to be a top left tackle at the Pac-12 level. During the recent UW Rising Stars camp, Adams was lined up against some of the best defensive ends in camp, guys like Qualen Cunningham, Matt Dickerson, Don Hill, Michael Mathewes, John Jackson, and others - and he didn't back down or shy away from the competition, even though they were all a year ahead of him. In my opinion, that was the last thing the Washington coaches needed to see about Adams before they felt comfortable enough offering that early. Once they saw his competitive fire and confidence in taking on some of the best defensive linemen on the west coast, the rest just fell into place.
What kind of lineman does Adams project to be? - Again, Adams is a true left tackle, but can do a lot from that position, including pulling (which he does right now at Wenatchee) and down blocking. Given that projected Pac-12 left tackles are extremely hard to find on the west coast to begin with - and even harder, obviously, to locate within the borders of Washington State - that made Adams' commitment even sweeter for Washington. But there's no question he will start his Washington career out at left tackle and go from there.
How does Adams' commit impact the numbers for 2015? - As of right now Washington has 23 juniors still on their roster, so the 2015 class could be a very big one numbers-wise - but since we're projecting two years in advance obviously a lot can change from now 'til then, so please take the projection as just that. So far, two 2015 prospects have already made verbal commitments to UW - Adams and Long Beach (Calif.) Poly defensive end Joseph Wicker. The Huskies are set to lose a ton of offensive linemen from their 2010 'Cascade Front': Colin Tanigawa, Ben Riva, Erik Kohler, Micah Hatchie, Mike Criste, and James Atoe. Clearly UW would love to put together a strong 2014 offensive line class, but Adams' commitment already gets them off to a good start. Considering there are already two more in-state offensive linemen that have already been offered - Henry Roberts from Bellevue and Newport's Calvin Throckmorton - the Huskies could be off and running with a stellar offensive line for 2015 even before the 2014 class has put pen to their letters of intent. Washington will certainly have room to take them all.
Will Adams' commitment stick? - We found out about Adams' love for the Huskies around the same time UW offered him. And he was quoted by the Wenatchee World that he had wanted to be a Husky since he was five. His room is apparently purple and gold everywhere, but it's not Panther purple and gold…it's all U-Dub. His grandfather played UW basketball in the 50's and his uncle went there as well. His sister currently attends Seattle Pacific, and he also has more family in the Seattle area. Even though Adams only sat on the offer a day before accepting it, this decision had been in the works for over a decade. The chances he decides to go somewhere else are basically nil, and in fact he's already working on players for the 2015 class to join him.
Keeping the local studs home - Adams is just one of many in-state standouts we know about for 2015. Including Adams, UW has already offered six prospects from the state: Adams, Austin Joyner, Chico McClatcher, Roberts, Throckmorton, and Benning Potoae. Landing those six to start off a huge 2015 class would be a real coup and would also show the Huskies are serious about keeping the local studs home. They have a real chance of doing just that too, and expect Adams to be at the forefront of the recruiting efforts. He already mentioned how his early commitment means he'll now have time to get others to join him. There are a lot of in-state studs that could end up with UW offers by the time Signing Day 2015 rolls around: Ross Bowers, Brett Rypien, Myles Gaskin, Keynan Foster, Michael Mack, Erik Rottsolk, Thomas Toki, Cody Baker, Dylan Ledbetter, Jared Pulu, Dehonta Hayes, and Jayson Williams are just a handful.
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