Fall Practice Spotlight: Day Two

SEATTLE - The Washington Huskies practiced again inside the cozy confines of the renovated Husky Stadium, and Day Two was a lot like Day One - fairly uneventful. There was no major news coming out of Tuesday's two-hour-plus workout, but still plenty of notes about the team and how they are progressing as they work toward their season-opener versus Boise State on August 31st.

Austin Seferian-Jenkins Talks to The Media: The junior tight end became tabloid fodder this summer after pleading guilty to DUI, which cost him a night in jail. But Seferian-Jenkins, who spoke to the media for the first time Tuesday since his arrest, talked in a penitent voice about being grateful for the opportunity to get to play football again (he was suspended shortly after his arrest in the spring) and it's only been a lesson for him that he'll never repeat but it's also been a great lesson for his teammates too. It's unclear whether or not Seferian-Jenkins will miss any game time as a result of the incident; UW Head Coach Steve Sarkisian said he already has a thought for what he's going to do but will keep it in-house until Washington's August 31st game versus Boise State. Here is a video of Seferian-Jenkins talking to the media Tuesday.

Injury concerns: The beauty of this note is that there aren't many knocks at all to talk about. Shane Brostek showed up to practice with his left foot in a boot. He practiced all of Monday, so we're unsure what the long-term issues might be (if there are any). Jaydon Mickens looked to have suffered an arm/shoulder injury Tuesday, as he was held out for most of practice - but again, it didn't appear serious. The three players that did sit out at times Monday - Dwayne Washington, Kevin Smith, and Cleveland Wallace - all practiced for the full Tuesday practice.

Special Teams Starting To Take Shape: Thomas Vincent looks to be UW's number-one holder right now, with Ryan Masel as their snapper. The battle for the kicking spot between Travis Coons and Cameron Van Winkle was joined in earnest Tuesday; Coons was 2-5 with his long from around 43, while Van Winkle was 4-5 with a long of 53. He also made one from 48. To be fair to Coons, one of his misses was due to a poor snap/hold combo.

In the punt game, it's Korey Durkee and Zach Grossnickle who went head to head. Durkee has by far the bigger leg but has a longer run-up and - just like last year - is wildly inconsistent. Grossnickle is definitely more the 'steady Eddie' type with a one-step kick. The two players that were returning punts today were Marvin Hall and Jermaine Kelly.

Sark on a Different Levl: Of course the coaches are supposed to know everything that's going on so they can coach the players, but Steve Sarkisian showed why you should believe him when he talks about being antsy and pissed to go play this fall. During one of the periods where the quarterbacks and receivers work on routes, he not only was continually pushing tempo and pointing everything out so that everyone knew exactly what the call was and what was supposed to happen, but he showed visible disappointment and frustration more than a few times when receivers ran the wrong routes, or even when some of the trainers weren't on the script at the right times. Even some of the media folks that were on the sidelines got a friendly earful when an overthrown football nearly took their heads off.

"You gotta keep your eyes on the field, you two!" he humorously yelled as he jogged to the other end of the field. "I'm going to be watching you." Believe Sark when he's got his finger firmly on the pulse of everything that's going on at practice.

Hurry Up Creates Communication Chaos: Chaos seems to be the right word, because whenever the offense is in hurry-up (which is most all the time now) the coaches on the sideline are constantly barking out orders. And when you've got Sark, Tui, Johnny Nansen, and Jordan Paopao all yelling things out to the field at the same time, it definitely takes on the feel of organized chaos. And as soon as the play has ended they're already five seconds into making sure everything is covered for the next play. There is time to barely think, let alone take a breath.

Tough Choices at Running Back: When Dezden Petty and Eric Wilson left, it appeared Washington might be in difficult straits as far as a back-up to Bishop Sankey - especially with the health of Jesse Callier and Deontae Cooper up in the air. But not only are Callier and Cooper looking very solid throughout the first two days of camp, but Dwayne Washington, Ryan McDaniel, and Lavon Coleman are all showing glimpses too. That's five legitimate options behind Sankey now, and McDaniel is a shadow of himself at just over 200 pounds. He came to UW 18 months ago as a 225-pound downhill runner, but now he's trim, quick and a much different guy. If anything, Washington appears to be the big 'change-of-pace' back at 220 pounds.

Newcomers finding their roles: While most of the roles for the true freshmen heading into camp were well defined, that wasn't necessarily the case for the defensive backs. But Jermaine Kelly and Patrick Enewally look to have stuck at corner, while Kevin King has joined fellow frosh Trevor Walker at safety.

Quarterbacks Look More Comfortable: The play of the day notwithstanding (I'll get to that last) the quarterbacks looked a lot more comfortable Tuesday. They were completing passes at a much higher rate - also due to the receivers having a much better day catching. Keith Price had a steady day throwing the ball, but Cyler Miles' day was a lot more up and down. One thing is for sure; he has to make up for a lack of arm strength with anticipating some throws, but he does some of them very, very well - especially the sideline routes. He seems to have a knack for putting the ball right on the money along the sidelines.

Play of the Day: Price, while having clearly the best day of the quarterbacks, did have a hiccup. During the final team period, he stepped back to pass and tried to thread the needle to Kasen Williams down the middle. But Travis Feeney had the route locked up and picked the ball in stride. It was a pretty play for the sophomore linebacker and showed that he's very much back from rehabbing his shoulder all spring.

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