Huskies impress Lewis

Since committing to Washington back at the end of June, things haven't slowed down much for Eastlake (Sammamish, Wa.) LB Drew Lewis. The talented defensive prospect spent last Saturday evening at Husky Stadium, taking in practice and also doing a little recruiting of his own. caught up with him recently and he updated us on how his visit went as well as what his plans are this fall...

"I had a great time," Lewis told "It was a lot of fun and I've seen a lot of the progress on their project, so to see the facilities almost done was really cool. I loved it."

Lewis also spent time on the sidelines watching practice and said that he has started to picture how he fits into the mix.

"It was fast, up-tempo, I liked it," Lewis said. "Coach (Peter) Sirmon told me they like me because I'm not really like the guys they recruited at the position last year. Most of those guys are bigger, like 6'4 and they already weigh a lot, but for me, they like that I can blitz, cover backs and tight ends and even drop into zones and cover (slot) receivers.

"They want to use me in a lot of different ways, so it was fun watching what they do and how they do it."

As far as some of the other kids on campus, including Belleuve's Budda Baker and Marcus Griffin as well as Fife OL/DL Kaleb McGary, Lewis said he threw in his two cents, but didn't get into pressuring guys.

"That's not what I do or my personality," Lewis said. "I just talked to them and hung out with them. I did sorta talk to them about Washington though and why I committed, but they all know how great U-Dub is because they live here, so there isn't really anything new I can tell them about them place.

"When we went on the tour of the facilities, that was really eye-opening because none of us had seen it recently and to see it pretty much done, it's just amazing. The other guys loved it too."

As far as recruiting is concerned, Lewis said he's still solid in his commitment to Washington, but that he still, at least at this time, wants to take some visits.

"I am happy with my decision to be a Husky, but I also am interested in seeing some other schools," Lewis said. "I've also had Boise State talking to me a lot, so that might be my next offer. I know they like me and I'm supposed to talk to them soon, so they might be another offer."

When asked if he plans on being at Husky Stadium for Washington's season opener vs. the Broncos, Lewis said he does expect to be there.

"It's going to be great there and I'm planning to be there for sure," Lewis said.

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