Thursday Steve Sarkisian Briefing

Washington Head Coach Steve Sarkisian addressed the press one more time Thursday before his normal Monday game week press briefing. He wrapped up his thoughts on fall camp, who has emerged as leaders, who has remained healthy and also something unique they've been doing to get themselves focused for the 2013 college football season.

Sark characterized the last three weeks as a lot of good work, with the team's identity and personality starting to show up. Feels good from an injury standpoint, but it's still been physical. The changes they've made on offense have been effective and those changes have also been helpful to the defense. He's encouraged by these three weeks, but they still need the next week to get into the nuances and the detail of the game plan.

Thursday's practice was productive. Sark said they made it a very 'game-like' practice, with special teams not scripted. Guys didn't necessarily know when they were going to be in and out of the scrimmage, so it helped them get an idea of when to be ready and how often their number will be called.

He feels better about the depth now than a year ago - they were dealing with a lot of injuries by then, but now they are pretty healthy.

Asked about balancing using starters on special teams, Sark said they have to look at the depth chart to make sure starters on special teams aren't backed up by other starters. They've identified players that will not necessarily be starters but will also be counted on in the depth at their position - but he stressed that at the critical moments in special teams they will be out there and ready.

Asked about Coons as a placekicker - Sark said on Saturday's mock game Coons will placekick and Van Winkle will kickoff. The punting will be between Coons and Durkee. Sark mentioned how he's already noticed how fresh Travis is now that he hasn't had to focus on every aspect of kicking.

On guys that showed themselves this fall and made it into the depth - Sark mentioned Kevin Smith and his dynamism. Wasn't sure he was going to be an integral piece going into camp, but has worked his way into a vital role. Had a big play again Thursday.

On leaders emerging - Colin Tanigawa, Hauoli Kikaha, Keith Price, Shaq Thompson, Sean Parker, DiAndre Campbell. Sark said he likes the balance of leadership on the team.

On Hauoli playing - He's not been held back, he's doing everything we've asked. He's a key component to their defense. And all the guys coming back from injury - it's a testament to the staff and the doctors and trainers to get those guys back. Even Lawrence Lagafuaina, who has been slightly behind the rest, has been coming on and playing a lot during the week. Sark added that in watching the injured guys coming back they might even be slightly better than they were before.

On determining redshirts for frosh - Sark said those decisions will be finalized Saturday and right now it's 'pretty clear' what decisions have been made. Said again that it may not be just frosh that might be redshirted because the roster is so deep. Asked about Tanigawa getting a redshirt year back last year and Sark said he'd have to go back and check the paperwork and compliance on that.

On Lawrence Lagafuaina playing against Boise - Would imagine so. He's not as far along but he's got over a week to continue to condition yourself. It's critical to be stout in the middle to spill plays outside, and having him in there would be critical.

So who might be out for Boise State? - Patrick Enewally is going to see a specialist for his hand so unsure as to whether or not he'd be able to come back in time for that. Erik Kohler probably not ready to be back because his foot is in a boot. Those are the ones.

Could Kohler be back by Pac-12 play? - When you're talking about a bone healing, it takes time - so you just don't know when he's going to be ready.

Wearing concussion chips? - Yeah, we're going to use them. We're working with X2 out of Bellevue. Used to work with them with compression mouthpieces and also with instruments behind the ear to gauge the impact of hits and concussions. It doesn't tell you instantly but it is a way to gather information. In this day and age, trying to remain on the cutting edge. We're fortunate to be one of the schools that is doing it. Our players are excited about it because they want to know as much as possible about it too.

On following the Seahawks' lead with yoga and meditation - We've been doing it. It's great for the big guys from a flexibility standpoint. When you can control your breathing and clear your mind and be able to focus on the next play, it's a powerful tool for those that are able to do it.

Is the staff doing yoga too? - We try our best. (laughing) Top Stories