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It's been eight months since Washington and Boise State played in the MAACO Bowl Las Vegas, and the two teams are right back at it again to start the 2013 college football campaign. The Huskies and Broncos square off at 7 pm Saturday night in the newly renovated Husky Stadium.

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A Conversation with Caves and Prater from KTIK in Boise:
I spoke with Caves and Prater during their daily afternoon show on KTIK 93.1 FM in Boise, talking about the BSU-UW game and the new Husky Stadium. Click HERE to listen to the interview.
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A Look Back At Husky Stadium:
With the unveiling of the remodeled Husky Stadium one of the big talking points this weekend, we thought it was important to provide a retrospective on the old Husky Stadium.

A Look Back At Husky Stadium
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Full Sark Show Notes:
Elise brings the show in from the RAM (about time they did it there!) and introduced Bob Rondeau and Sark. Elise told him how he should be happy because of the proximity to UW and Sark mentioned how there were some friendly faces in the crowd too.

First, Elise talked about the energy surrounding the new stadium. Sark said you go through the grind of camp but today there was a different feel. Good team meeting in the am. A different spark in the air. They all know it's game week now. Came out of camp relatively healthy, and there's a real sense of urgency. Can't wait to get going on Saturday.

Elise mentioned how there's a chip on their shoulder and Sark said even when it was lighter practices he had to almost step in and tell his guys to be smart about it because they were so aggressive. They are chomping at the bit to get started and aren't happy about how last year ended. They want to prove that this team is capable of doing big things.

Bob encouraged fans to come out to the RAM. They are in the bar, lots of room for fans to come in. Bob wanted to talk more about the stadium. He asked the crowd if they had been in the new digs. Sark joked about wondering where his keys went. BR talked about how Husky Stadium is going to 'blow your mind'. Track gone, stands right on the field, Sark's office overlooking Lake Washington and the Cascades. Sark said that especially early in the morning…Bob joked about him getting there that early and Sark joked back about maybe it's because he never left… the view across the stadium is incredible - not just from an aesthetics point of view but also from a functionality standpoint. It's a great experience for us and it's going to be the same for the fans. Fans in the west end zone are only going to be 12 feet from the field…it's going to make Husky Stadium even more intimidating.

Bob asked if Sark had a 'head-shaking' moment about the build, and Sark said the first time he saw the south deck and just looking straight up it feels incredibly tall and daunting. Also mentioned the east Husky Hi Def and also the Touchdown Terrace. His word for the project is 'WOW'.

Bob said you feel the differences right away but it's still amazing to see how much they got done for the money spent. Sark said it's a credit to Scott Woodward and work within the budget and the fans that contributed, as well as the crews that put it all together. What he loves is the 520 commute and seeing the jaws of the stadium. When the team saw the jaws while on the bus Saturday during their mock game they went nuts.

Bob joked that when Sark first took the team inside the stadium he had to do the Gene Hackman 'Hoosiers' moment to make sure they understood the field was the same dimensions, etc… Sark said they did that, and did it on purpose to try and confront the distractions head on so they can then move past it.

Bob said they've known for a long time Husky Stadium needed help from a structural standpoint, but now that it's done, how is it going to help in recruiting? Sark said that we were recruiting pretty good before this. It's an amazing university, city and experience anyway. But now with the new stadium and facilities, it's the icing on the cake. We'll find out this weekend with a bunch of unofficial visitors. It could have an impact, but we'll see. We'll use it, but we'll not neglect the other aspects of the UW experience that have already worked so well for us.

Elise brought the show back in, asking Sark about the tunnel and if it will retain its special quality. Sark said that the tunnel is very special to all Huskies, so they really tried to incorporate the idea of the dawg is loyal to the pack and the pack is loyal to the dawg, and you'll never run alone. That's their mantra, and it's in the tunnel. Also trying to incorporate the 'Expect To Win' mantra they'll touch right before they leave the tunnel to get on the field. Sark said he was getting goosebumps just talking about it. Taking the field with the smoke going and the adrenaline pumping…said he can't wait for 7:03 Saturday night when they'll be going out of the tunnel.

Bob mentioned the history of other teams in the tunnel and how that legacy is gone because the other teams won't be going down it anymore. Sark said they aren't deserving of going down the tunnel, and that got a huge applause. Said he wants it to 'remain a mystery' to other teams.

Bob also talked about the amenities, and Sark said they didn't put in a player's lounge on purpose; they built the locker room bigger than normal so they could all stay in there and do things together. There is a 'W' in the middle of the locker room that no player can touch until they come together on game day before they leave to go on the field.

Bob asked Sark about the arms race and if he thinks it'll ever end; Bob mentioned the 'owner' of the team down to the south and got some applause for that…Sark said for them, they want to stay classy, stay efficient and create an environment where they feel comfortable. If they make it too nice then he has to harp on them to keep it clean. It's a nice balance to keep them a tough, hard-nosed football team.

Bob asked about the uniforms for Saturday, and Sark said they will remain traditional. Applause for that. Said they want to continue to embrace the UW tradition.

Elise brought the show back in with the final offensive play of the 2012 season, a Keith Price pick by BSU's Jeremy Ioane. Bob brought in a sound bite with Keith today talking about the game and how that game haunts him. He's excited for Saturday. Sark said that they talked about their inability to finish at the end of the season. They had been pretty good at it, so then it was a shock when it did happen - and Keith took the brunt of it on him. It left a bad taste in their mouths and Sark wanted to make sure they didn't forget it. They put the scoreboards of the two last games with a sign in the middle saying, 'What are you doing about this today?'

Bob brought up how the media has talked about Keith all the time and he became a weekly talking point. He finally said how Keith decided he wasn't going to take the brunt of it anymore. Sark said he had to remind him that he's not alone in it and he could count on him. He's been a lot more confident and relaxed this fall. He hasn't been perfect, but that's what camp is for. The guys are feeling his energy and confidence again, and that's vital for the offense and for the team.

Elise talked about Sark's evolution from pro style to more up-tempo…Sark said that it has been an evolution. When he inherited Jake Locker, he had to give Jake the best chance to be successful yet still do what he believed in. So he started to mold the offense to the personnel they had, and each year it's been slightly different. When they struggle on offense he has a tendency to get over-analytical. When they were at their best was in the no-huddle when they weren't thinking about it as much. It minimized some of the pass rush and also allowed Bishop to run in space. So having more opportunities to go no huddle felt like the best way to maximize the players they do have and their strengths. The end result has been bigger 'big' plays and a quarterback making better decisions. It's also allowed the freshmen receivers to handle a pared-down vocabulary.

Bob talked about Sankey…had the third-best year by a UW RB ever, yet it felt kind of unheralded. Not sure he got the respect he deserved. Sark said he's pretty good. He's not just a good runner but a great receiver too. Getting better in pass pro. Also had the highest GPA on the team coming out of spring and was named a captain. There are guys coming in behind him that can hopefully share the load. Bob played a sound bite of talking to Bishop and running the no huddle.

Bob talked about running the no huddle and the conditioning that it takes. Sark said those that have been the most effective haven't been necessarily the most talented. But the conditioning is critical, not just physically but mentally to be able to focus while winded.

Elise brought the show back in with a question from the mic - James Ryan. Said he's jacked up, been waiting a long time for this. 42-year old Dawg fan, seen a lot of big games - and there was always a sense of teams coming to Husky Stadium and no one was going to beat UW. Question: How can they get that back? Sark said they are 11-2 at home the last two seasons, and they recognize the advantage they have at home with smart, rabid fans. Without a doubt they talk about it, but the off-season talk has been how do they bottle up the home experience into a 'can of whoop-ass' and take it on the road? But they always talk about protecting the home turf.

Bob asked about continued success defensively, and Sark thinks they can be even better. They are athletic, angry and mature. He likes the group. They continue to create turnovers and continue to defend the red zone. Now they have to defend the spread, which is another benefit of running up-tempo on offense. All the defensive coaches have done a great job prepping the defense for a great season.

Bob brings in a sound bite from Hauoli Kikaha, who was named a junior captain, talking about life as a spectator…Hauoli said all you can do is try and help them out in any way he could. He's looked as good as ever. Sark said that if you came out to practice, there's a handful of guys that stand out - and number 8 stands out. He's had a great camp. Also with Colin Tanigawa - two guys that haven't played for a year that were both named captains, so that speaks volumes as to how important they are to the team.

Elise brought the show back in talking depth chart…only one true frosh as a possible starter in John Ross, which is great for depth. Sark said that Ross is the fastest player he's coached since Reggie Bush. Long arms, great hands - so he brings a lot to the table. He added that because of the depth they have so many options in terms of personnel packages on offense it's something they really haven't had a lot of since he's been here. Very exciting as a play caller and also game-planning because they have a much better chance of being able to attack an opponent's vulnerabilities.

Bob asked about ASJ. Sark said that the point he's trying to make is that discipline is going to be handled internally, and they've been consistent about that since he got here. ASJ's incident became public, but they will still hold true to what they believe in and what they've done in the past. This isn't for the world to know, but just for the team.

Bob joked that he didn't think Sark would break ASJ's finger as part of the punishment. Sark that, until the break he was having as good a camp as he's ever had, but broken bones have to heal and he hasn't been cleared yet. But when he's at his best and blocking like he was doing before the injury, it a fun thing to watch.

Elise brought the show back talking about Boise State and concerns. Sark said that he couldn't narrow it to one thing. They have a nice passing attack, a slew of WR's they throw to so they have to be prepared for that. Defensively they try to eliminate big plays and keep everything in front of them. On three occasions they settled for field goals instead of TD's, so that was a big factor. They need to capitalize in the red zone and minimize BSU on offense.

Bob mentioned that Chris Petersen is 84-8 as a head coach. Sark - They'll be ready to play. It's going to be a tremendous ball game.

Bob and Elise take the show out wishing Sark and the team well for the game.

End of Show.
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John Timu Monday Press Conference Video: Click HERE
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Hauoli Kikaha Monday Press Conference Video: Click HERE
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BSU Two-Deeps Announced:
Here is the BSU two-deep depth chart, announced by Boise State Monday morning.

BSU Two-Deeps

8/26 1:04 pm
Sean Parker Monday Press Conference Video: Click HERE
8/26 1:03 pm
Keith Price Monday Press Conference Video: Click HERE
8/26 1:02 pm
Bishop Sankey Monday Press Conference Video: Click HERE
8/26 1:01 pm
Colin Tanigawa Monday Press Conference Video: Click HERE
8/26 12:15 pm
Steve Sarkisian Monday Press Conference Notes:
Put together by Scott Eklund, HERE is a condensed version of topics discussed by Sark during his Monday game week press conference.
8/26 9:10 am
UW Two-Deeps Announced:
Here is the UW two-deep depth chart, announced by Washington Monday morning.

UW Two-Deeps

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